Right now, I’m making baskets

Making baskets. Thanks Oscar!

I’ve been making baskets for an upcoming craft show in Vancouver called Artful Sundays. You can see Oscar above helping me. He loves hanging out in the craft room with me whenever I head up there to sew.

An assortment of baskets

I’ve been sewing a few a day for the last few weeks and they are adding up. Most of them are made from old ties and scarves people have given me with gusto! There are also a few shirts thrown in for good measure. I’ve had A LOT of fabrics donated lately, enough to sew at least 4,000 baskets. If I stick with my current plan, I should have nearly 30 for the show on Sunday.

This will be my first craft show, so wish me luck! If it goes well, I just may do another. But for now, the show on August 7th is it.

My buddy, Tami Thirlwell, will be selling her watercolour paintings there as well. And we’ll be there, rain or shine under tents. Here are the details just in case you’d like to come out and see us:

Britannia Community Centre
1661 Napier St, Vancouver, BC V5L 3X1

It would be great to see you there!


Smells like Spring

Magnolias before the storm

Spring is in the air and in the trees and even in the clouds.

Mike and I went for a short ride this afternoon on a bloom hunt. We found some cherry blossoms – white and pink – and these nearly spent magnolias.

I love how the sky turned out in this photo.

And here’s a photo of Mike I took our little expedition:

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Constantly cleaning up. Riveting.

I really wish I had more excitement to share at this time. But, I don’t. All I’ve been doing is cleaning and rearranging, hanging up things on the walls, and purging things. I am just driven to do this.

This does not make for interesting blogging. And I’m quite late to the Life Changing Magic of Cleaning up party – side note: I read about half that book about 6 months ago. So I get the gist. I don’t know that this has anything to with what’s happening at our house right now.

With all this focused cleaning going on, I’ve not been doing much sewing. I’m a little bit stuck on that front, but I have some plans to overcome this. Same on the photography front. I’m in a ditch right now with that, too.

I’m counting on the cats to help me with this.

Today, Donner and I hung out for a bit:

Me & Donner

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Sunburst without the papers

Sunburst! Papers are out!

The sunburst pieces are all sewn together and the papers have been pulled out of each rectangle. The easy part is done. Now, I have to appliqué this huge sunburst on the background. Of course I picked grey. It had to be grey. It’s the dark, Amish grey I like so much and the sunburst looks great on it. It could also be that the skies have been very grey lately. Actually, today, not so much. We got a break from the rain and I opened up all the windows to let the fresh air in. Tomorrow it will be back to grey skies and rain. Perfect for sewing after the job searching done.

Job search is job search-y. Nothing to report there. I’ve also got some more temp work coming in up this week and next, so that’s good. ONWARD!

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iPhone stands

Not the best option.

Today’s project was seeing if I could use my phone as a lamp. Why?

  1. I need more light by my side of the couch so I can sew while watching, “The Affair”. Side note: the first season of, “The Affair” was pretty great. We’re now on the second season, and it’s pretty much become a soap opera. AWWW! Sad. It had so much promise! SO MUCH!
  2. Instead of just buying a lamp, I decided to use what I have and make my own. Also, I don’t really have a spot for a proper lamp on my side of the couch.

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Just another day…

Oh. Hello.

I got to go out to Maple Ridge today to take photos for Lysa Flower‘s website. We had a great time. We did some portraits and shots of her studio. And we went for pizza at a Maple Ridge locally owned pizza place called, Papa Leo’s Pizza.

Side note: That was the most delicious Cheese Pizza I’ve ever eaten. Just plain, old cheese. Yum.

ANYWAY, as we’re ordering the pizza, the Pizza Man said, “Hey! You’re that lady in the paper. I saw you on the paper at the gym. I remember the glasses.”. HA! Celebrity sighting! And I was there.

Just in case you missed it, Lysa was on the FRONT PAGE of the Maple Ridge Times as she has a quilt in Quiltcon in Pasadena and the show is next week. SO AWESOME! This is a very big deal in the Modern Quilting world. The conference is huge. Very exciting for her and for our guild. We know someone famous now.

I just hope I don’t get all nervous around her now. You know how I get around famous people.

The day ended with many photos of beautiful quilts and cupcakes.

It really doesn’t get any better than that.

Spring in the air

Oscar breathing in the fresh air

We spent a low key long weekend in these past few days – except Mike worked a couple of them.

BORING! But we watched a show all day yesterday and this morning called, The Affair. It’s very intense and has eaten up a good chunk of my, “AWAKE” time. We finished season 1 and must move on to the second season. Immediately.

I went into Vancouver for a meeting today in my interview clothes and it felt like spring. I think I can lose my job interview scarf for the next interview. Spring was definitely in the air.

It was so lovely, I swept off the backyard in bare legs and flip flops! I opened up all the windows to let the freshness in. The kitties were right by the windows as soon as I opened them. The air actually felt warm. What? CRAZY! It’s not even Valentines Day yet!

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Three little, one big.

3 tiny blocks, 1 big one.

I knocked off 3 teeny blocks – that one on the bottom left? WHOA. Those were teeny pieces. I had to cut 1 inch pieces to start with for that block. Yay! Getting them done!

And to get a break from the tiny, squares, I finished up the great big fox from last weekend. He’s an Arctic Fox in a field of strawberries. I haven’t decided yet if I want to put another row of yellow stripes around him, but I just might. This would be a lap size quilt if I go that route. I’ll think about it for a bit before I commit.

In other news, good thing I checked to see what time the Chinese New Year parade starts tomorrow because we’d be a week early if we did show up tomorrow. I could just picture us, standing in the rain, waiting for the Lion Dancers to come, and waiting…that would be sad.

But then I remembered that time the Olympics tried to bump/cancel the Chinese New Year parade in 2010 and the Chinese parade people were all, “HA! The Chinese New Year Parade stops for no one. Not even you, The Olympics!” and The Olympics was all, “Okay. Fine, Chinese New Year Parade, but you have to start at 9 am on Sunday.”. Then the Chinese New Year Parade said, “DEAL!” and high fived The Olympics.

At least that’s how I like to think it happened.

So, yah, Chinese New Year parade is NEXT Sunday at the very civilized hour of 11 am in Chinatown.

Tomorrow? I’ll sleep in a little, finish the laundry, and go see some friends in Burnaby.


Today on Granville Island

Today at Granville Island

Today I ventured out to Granville Island. It poured rain for the majority of the time I was there, and, even though I left at 3:00, I was stuck in rush hour traffic all the way home. STILL! It was a nice visit and I enjoyed some fresh fruit from a far away land (I think it was California) and visited the quilt store. I refrained from purchasing any more fabric, books or patterns, but I was very tempted to buy some shiny, turquoise Italian thread. Somehow I managed to stay strong and didn’t buy it.

I came home and made another 3 inch block with the fabric I do have. At this rate, I won’t need to buy thread or fabric for YEARS!

Our current TV show of choice these days is called, Fresh of the Boat. It’s a show about a Chinese family that move to Orlando and run a steak house. It’s hilarious. It’s full of rap! And two, cute little Asian kids. They are adorable.

AND I cleaned the top of the fridge off. Wow. It was dusty and hairy up there. The cats love laying up there, I think because of the heat. One more thing ready for Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year is next Monday – February 8th. On that day there is no:

– taking out the garbage,
– brooming (vacuuming) or
– washing your hair that day.

I am all over Monday.

Let’s have a proper brew

Yorkshire Tea

We are spoiled for any other tea. I tried to give Mike some dirty old tea I found in our cupboard and was met with strong disapproval. I had to agree with him. After the taste of Yorkshire Tea, crappy cupboard tea was just not tolerable. Happily, the British Store is just up the street from us, so I was able to rectify our tea mini-crisis. Crisis averted. And I had 2 cups today. Delish.

In between all my delicious tea drinking, I sewed up another 3 inches. It’s the first 3 inches I’ve sewn in like 2 weeks. I am pretty far behind in my daily block sewing party.

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