Completed cobblestones

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Completed cobblestones

Recognize this fabric? It’s Cynthia‘s from about 2 Christmases ago. DREAMY. I am SO happy to be making cobblestone blocks with these fabrics. They’re being used! And the blocks worked out (super easy) and this is going to be a very happy and bright Christmas quilt when I’m finished with it. It will be like Christmas exploded on the bed when I’m through with this quilt. I can’t WAIT. I’ve been day dreaming at work about sewing it. Just finding myself sighing and wishing I was home sewing and sewing and sewing. Oh well. I’ve got this weekend. I can fit in some time to sew. I sewed 2 hours tonight and got all 24 blocks done. Now I have to sew some other squares together, cut them into triangles, and then somehow attach them to these.

I’m sure I can do this. The trick is NOT to rush. Not get impatient trying to finish too quickly. I’ve done that before and the results are not good. Just keep swimming! Just keep swimming!

I also want to add a band or some squares of gray. I think every quilt I make from now on will have some component of gray in it. Like the Amish.

This week has flown by and this the first weekend in a couple weeks I’m not going to any events.

Other than Faturday. I will be celebrating HARD on Saturday. We’ve got such plans.

Just you wait and see!


Full Indie was fully fun!

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Yes! Games!I came because of work, but stayed for the fun!

I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed this whole gaming event thing. What started as a work thing – attending the Game Jam last weekend – turned out to be really lots of fun. Tonight I was able to play some of the games that the teams developed over 48 hours at the regular gaming meet up called Full Indie. They made games that worked very well and had amazing graphics, too!

I watched people play the game, “My Dad Can Beat Your Dad” – a punching game, a samurai fighting game, and others. I would have played them, but the line ups to play were huge! This event was very popular. I know over 300 people were registered to come, but it felt like plenty more. I did get a chance to try THIS, though!

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All that bronzer

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So much bronzer!I’ve made some mistakes in my life, like misrepresenting pigs yesterday. I have it on good authority now that a person who worked with pigs for 37 years did NOT have his ears or his nose chewed off in a frenzy of pig snorgling. Apparently, pigs are easily trainable and are very nice to humans. *PHEW*. I am very glad to hear this. However, some are feral and some are just not taught about proper human ears and nose etiquette, and you can’t very well blame an animal if they just don’t know NOT to eat human body parts while the human is still alive. They’re animals! And the tiny ones are cute and soft and won’t eat moving, human appendages full of cartilage. I’m glad we got this sorted out. And I am very, very sorry to any pigs I hurt or offended. I will think twice before writing a panicked blog post about the possibility of being swarmed by pigs like sharks in feeding frenzy.

Oh no. Now I’ve offended the sharks and I’ve watched enough Discovery Channel to know that they don’t even really like the taste of humans. See? More bad info. I can’t stop contributing to the bad information out there.

Speaking of bad choices, look at all the bronzer I was wearing in 1995(ish). That’s a lot of brown make up. I did enjoy wearing that make up at the time because I loved having a tan, despite the fact it was the dead of winter in Canada. I bought the container of small, round, bronze and brown coloured balls at The Body Shoppe and brushed the make up all over my face and neck and concentrated very heavily over my eyes. I also had a lot of blonde hair back then.

This photo popped up in my facebook feed today thanks to Pete! ZOMG. I didn’t realize these photos existed. It was New Year’s Eve at Pete & Kelly’s house back in the day.

Which Mike pointed out was 20 years ago.



Today’s horrible fact

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Okay. Are you ready for this? I learned a little fact about adorable, pink, peegs. But first, I love the window displays over at Holt Renfrew – the very fancy dress, pants, shoes and purses store. And coats. And make up. Trust me. Everything is fancy over there.

 More fun! Less Fuss! I agree. And the next sentiment is very suitable for this horrible fact coming up.
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If you turn it on its side…

January 25, 2015

…you can’t really tell all the seams don’t match up. Certainly from this distance you really can’t tell at all. Heh. Quilting Guild is SO smart. I think unofficially, I’ve chosen my theme for 2015 – Use What I’ve Got. I’ve been collecting all sorts of fabrics in the last few years, but haven’t been […]

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Global Game Jam 2015 – Vancouver Edition

January 24, 2015

I had no idea THIS would be what 325 people would look like last night when I set up the signage for the Global Game Jam at UBC (The University of British Columbia). I got there around 8:30 pm and it was in full swing. Even though there were SO many people, it was strangely […]

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Charm squares

January 23, 2015

I started working on a new, scrappy quilting project tonight because I’m waiting for some fabric to come so I can finish up my kitty challenge quilt. I must tell you, I’m afraid I won’t finish the cat quilt, or this quilt for that matter. I’ve got plenty of partially started projects in my closet […]

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So, that went well.

January 22, 2015

Worky work alert! Tonight’s portfolio show was a success. Employers! Alumni! Friends! Work pals! Many of our alumni are working now, so it is SO good to see them and hear what’s happening. Also, *PHEW*. In some cases, they are already referring their fellow grads for jobs. Seriously. It’s happening. AND, animation and VFX is […]

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Valentines on the ledge

January 21, 2015

I hung up a decorative ledge in the entrance of our house. Our place is a little bit odd that way – when you come into our place, there’s a hall and it’s very skinny, so there’s no where to really put stuff down. Stuff just ends up in the kitchen or in our dining […]

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Mini daffs at night

January 20, 2015

A long, long time ago, back in the 1900s, I lived in a blustery, wintery city in Alberta. And one time in February, I hopped on a plane to visit my aunt & uncle in White Rock. They took me to Granville Island and I could not believe the flowers that were in bloom in […]

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