Just finish something already.

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Paper pieced and some hand stitchingI heard somewhere that when someone has all sorts of projects started it’s some kind of way to ensure that person always has something to do. THAT just may be the case for me. So today I figured I should finish something after making a few more quilt-as-you-go blocks. I started by binding a reject block from this quilt as I had somehow cut it half an inch too small. I thought about trying to cheat with the pattern when sewing it together, but changed my mind. I don’t think making alterations to this quilt is going to make it come together any easier. I’ll appreciate this when I have 35 blocks all the perfect size. I only have 10 more to make.

As I was digging around for some fabric, I found this paper pieced coffee cup I made a very long time ago. In fact, I think I made this when we were living in Burnaby, so that makes it nearly 2 years ago. SO! Since I was binding this other block, I made extra binding fabric and bound this one as well. I will also hang it in the kitchen.

Our kitchen is going to be full of quilty things. Yay!

Mike has been out gallivanting with Jason at a BC Lions game all evening and he will be bringing treats home. This is me waiting patiently for donuts. A raspberry filled jelly donut, to be exact.



Reserved, conservative, and quiet…

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Winners! Or so they thought.

Quilting Bee was AWESOME tonight! We celebrated being a guild for 4 years and we did so with a healthy competition. We had to sew an 18 X 18 inch quilt in an hour AND we had to use 20 pieces in the quilt AND after this photo was taken, we had to bind it as well.

As you can see here, Cathy, Colleen and Charlene were in overdrive tonight and won the competition in the end. The photo above was when they thought they had won – but those tough judges threw us a curve ball and we had to bind the quilts in order to win. Just know we all worked very hard, but the team above won AGAIN! They were the champions and won the trophy. Cheggit:
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“Wash when skanky”

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Wash when skankyWash when skanky. Those are words to live by.

I’m not quite sure how these things happen, but my buddy, Lorie, emailed me out of the blue yesterday to see if I would be interested in a shirt she found in a thrift store. She sent me a photo and I said YES! PLEASE! YES! A thousand times yes!

You’ll see why in a moment.

I was ready to try it on and/or cut it up and put it in a quilt. But I checked the size and realized it would probably fit Mike perfectly. SO, the shirt is in the dryer right now and when it’s dry, I’ll have Mike try it on. If it fits, Mike’s got a new shirt. Yay! And DARN. But it’s an excellent shirt. Just wait and see.

Along with the shirt, Lorie sent me a package of note cards, with my name on them! What? How? She only told me about this shirt on Monday. It turns out she owns a shop called, Haute Note and she made me these
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A night in.

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Planning? Pshaw.

I got to come right home after work today and do chores. Glorious, glorious chores. I made more lunches for tomorrow (I turned yesterday’s tomato soup into some chilli), put on a pile of laundry and did the dishes. I also put fresh sheets on the bed and pulled out the duvet! It’s that time again. Well, sometimes it’s that time again. Last night it was hot at night, but I can feel a little bit of chill in the air tonight, so duvet it is! Worst case scenario, we just kick off the comforter.

Sometimes, just staying in and doing stuff around the house feels like the best thing in the world.

Once I got those things in order, I started going through the photos from August’s quilt guild meeting. That month just flew by and this Thursday is our 4th Anniversary since our little guild’s beginnings. I need to pick up a few things for the party – such as a door prize! And a fat quarter for one of my guild members. We have a Secret Santa situation happening this meeting and I have to pick out something for my pal. Dressew tomorrow! They have lots of quilting fabrics there now.

I was reading something about planning (BARF. I should really stop reading LinkedIn. Ah boo! But you know I am a sucker for any kind of “self improvement” articles and books) today and I think I will be able to focus on sewing in the evenings for the next little while. Mike’s shifts will be changing to nights next week, so this means a static work week for him (Yay!) and I’ll be home in the evenings. SEWING TIME!

I will focus on finishing things. Not starting new things. Over and over.

Wish me luck!


Are you feeling okay, little seagull?

September 9, 2014

Yesterday in between volleyball sets, I walked down to the water where I found this little seagull. I was hoping he felt okay because he was just sitting on the rocks (right near the sea) and didn’t seem to be worried that I was getting very close to him. Oh no. Not another sick bird. […]

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There’s a lot of THIS during volleyball

September 7, 2014

I may never get a gig shooting a volleyball game for saying this, but boy, there sure is a lot of standing around in the sport of volleyball. Clearly, this is not a volleyball blog. I headed down to Kits Beach this afternoon in support of the first Intercollegiate Volleyball Tournament hosted by the school […]

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Party in the yard

September 6, 2014

This afternoon Mike & I went to a birthday party in Boyd’s backyard. Clearly, we partied like it was his birthday. Don’t be alarmed! While it looks like we had a bunch of rappers come by the party for entertainment, we did not. These are our friends! If they were a band, this would be […]

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A Fall Fern

September 4, 2014

It’s been a banner day. All I seem to be talking about lately is food and clothes, so what the heck? I’ll keep with that for today. Also know that several Interior Design graduates have found work as Junior Interior Designers. Incredible. The Fall is really shaping up. Today I lucked out and found these […]

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Working the night shift

September 4, 2014

I filled in for the evening person today and had the luxury of starting work at 1:30 this afternoon. This allowed me to get up at my leisure, do some laundry, make some chai chia pudding with cashew milk and do a bit of sewing. After cutting out my bogus first try at a collar […]

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I forgot about Cabbage Rolls

September 2, 2014

I met this donkey yesterday at the meat shop and listened to him make happy, loud crunchy sounds as he munched cob after cob of corn. He and his buddy were really into the corn. They pulled the husks off with their teeth sometimes, but mostly, they ate the corn husk and all. CRUNCH! Tonight […]

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