Today I learned…

by Carol Browne on March 27, 2015 · 0 comments

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Sunset on Commercial Drive

…that when you change the sheets on the bed, it’s better to do it earlier in the day rather than late at night. I felt myself getting very sleepy and the blankets were so heavy and I was so tired that I needed to take a little break. Safe to say I didn’t get nearly as much laundry done as I had hoped. But I did get a nice little rest before Mike got home from work. He’s working the late shift again, so I had time to  make Mikes’ mom’s “family favourite” meat loaf for dinner and have a snooze. I’m telling you, eating dinner at 11:30 pm is not a bad thing at all. I can get it all done and have a nap. Well, everything but all the laundry.

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Rainy flower stand

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Flower stand

Man. Did it ever come down today! I took some photos over on Granville Street, safe under my umbrella. I somehow got a photo completely out of focus, but totally liked how it turned out. Wonky, splotchy bits of colour and an umbrella! And you can see the lines of the rain coming down.

Could I do this again on purpose?

Probably not.

Here’s the flower stand in focus.

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White blossoms

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White blossoms on a tree

Today I took advantage of the balmy, sunny weather and actually walked for about 45 minutes. Why all the walking these days? I have no idea. It must be the Spring. The air smells great, there are tulips popping up and it didn’t rain today! But, it won’t last. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow like HECK! All the more reason to get out in the sun today.

In my travels, I found this tree full of white blooms and the blooms were within arm’s reach. I could get up nice and close.
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The Spring Ledge

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The entrance ledge

Our entrance is a skinny little place and there’s no room for a proper shelf. Instead, I used a ledge that’s about 3 inches wide and decorate it for holidays and themes. It was way past Valentines Day when I decided to bring out the wooden tulips  and a baby chick made from Swarovski crystal. Also, the letter B. But I think I brought that out for Chinese New Year. I was a little bit late for the first day of Spring 2015. Just a little bit.

Mike and I are both represented in this ledge and so are the kitties. That’s  me with the crown on and I’m holding Oscar. He’s a fancy cat and says, “Miau” not “Meow” like Donner does. Donner is super meowy and out yodels Oscar for breakfast and dinner these days. He’s pretty yelly.
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Black and white. Only sometimes.

March 22, 2015

My wedding photos are done and the bride has seen the photos. I’ll be putting some of my favourites in my flickr portfolio page shortly. This was my second or third wedding…and my first official wedding reception. I was in charge of making sure people had their photos taken with their fake moustaches and I […]

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Sewing and photo edits

March 21, 2015

I had a great day of waffles (with Nutella, bananas, & strawberries),  sewing and then photo edits. I worked quite a few hours on last week’s wedding (not shown) – I think I should let the bride and groom see the photos before I post them here. Just know, I would love to show you. […]

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Sort of like snow.

March 19, 2015

My in-laws sent over some photos of the weather they’re having in Nova Scotia. BRUTAL! Snow up past the windows! Piles and piles of snow. Something crazy like 72 centimetres in 6 hours. They are snowed in. For realz. I was thinking of those poor souls today. I have to say, it was miserable and […]

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Chinatown at dusk

March 18, 2015

I had a photoshoot tonight in Chinatown, which was lovely. On my way home, I took some photos on the very quiet street to the skytrain. It was a peaceful walk, which I didn’t even realize until I started typing this just now. Most of the shops were closed, but the Gum Wing was open.

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I pretty much forgot

March 17, 2015

I pretty much forgot that today was St. Patricks Day. I was in interviews for most of the day. It’s that time again. Another batch of artists ready to pound the pavement and I’ll be knocking on doors along with them. I’m seeing lots of demo reels this time around. It’s very cool. Anyway, I […]

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Did someone say, “bacon”?

March 16, 2015

Monday is a late night for me, so dinner is always quick and easy. Tonight? Bacon and eggs. And once the bacon started cooking up, the cats could not contain themselves. They were very intrigued by the cooking smells this evening and I had to keep taking them off the counter…first Oscar…then Donner…and Oscar flanked […]

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