A couple of NOOOOO!s

by Carol Browne on August 26, 2014 · 0 comments

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CRAP. It's happening.I tried to ignore it, but I couldn’t. See that tree turning orange in amongst the green ones? NOoooooooo! It’s happening all right. Time for Autumn. Also of note, the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival is happening September 8th. Just over a week away. NOOOO! But mooncakes! YUM. Time to hit up TNT Grocery store for treats.

In addition to Fall starting (too early), I did boring things like renewing our insurance and putting in my passport for renewal. Unwilling and unable to stand in a huge, long line for over an hour (half hour lunches don’t really bode well for the long line up at the passport office) I threw my application, new photos (where I look very tired) and my nearly expired passport in an envelope in and sent it in to Quebec where Passport Central is located. You know what that means? No passport for about 3 weeks. No Trader Joes. No Kohl’s. NOOOOO! What have I done?

AND, to wrap up the day of Noooo’s, THIS:
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Planning shmanning

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I’m not much for planning things in advance. Not even a little bit. For work, I like to show up and see what the day has in store for me, which is probably why I find the portfolio shows tough to take care of. You can’t really do that all in one day.  Same with the weekend. Same with dinner. What’s in the fridge? Oh. I hope you want eggs tonight. In fact, if I had thought about this even a little bit, I would have used this photo for yesterday’s post and yesterday’s photo for this post.

But today, it dawned on me. Mike & I are celebrating our 16th wedding anniversary on Friday. This week! For some reason, I started thinking about what I should wear on Friday.

Really? On Friday?

Since it is a celebration, I should definitely bring out the blue dress. My blue toenail polish is still in excellent shape, so I will wear my sandals, too. I will also wear the pink lipstick and my rose perfume. This is great. Wardrobe planned. HOWEVER…

I wore my blue dress LAST Friday for a fashion show. Now what do I do?

What would Kate Middleton do?

After much thought, I think she’d wear the blue dress.

Must be Friday! I’ve got the skull dress on.

Skull dress it is.

Thank goodness. This is back to NOT being a fashion blog again.


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Love and mushy stuff at the hatchery

by Carol Browne on August 24, 2014 · 2 comments

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AWWW!I went off the beaten path today out in Surrey and found a very cool venue. It’s The Semiahmoo Fish & Game Club.

I’m not sure if this place is open to the general public (I was there for an event). It doesn’t look like it. I think it’s only open to members. There’s a few paths around the pond and the creek with signage very few feet identifying trees and other plants. And some left overs from last night’s wedding. I’m assuming it was last night. Because these signs were up today. And so were these baby fish.

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From my seat

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All the people!

Mike and I went to Evan‘s fashion show last night and I took just a few photos from my seat. We had great seats! Right up front.

As a general rule, I’m not too keen on black and white photos – I really prefer colour – but since there seemed to be a black and white theme to the show last night, I joined in.

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Lysa drew my birthday present

August 21, 2014

My buddy, Lysa, draws all sorts of pretty things and somehow, I got lucky enough for her to draw me this birthday present. I hung it up in the kitchen so it’s the first thing you see when you walk in our place at the front door.

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Tamaters and flowers

August 20, 2014

Meanwhile, out in the garden… I know. I haven’t been paying much attention to the garden this summer. But, that neglect is paid off. Look at the roses!

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Bokeh in the Trees

August 19, 2014

Tuesday’s usually a later night for dinner and stuff (we stay in Vancouver to hang out with friends). Tonight I will attempt to make some kind of cooked meal in the crockpot to take to work for lunch tomorrow. Now that we’ve got a trip to go on, I feel I should make every attempt […]

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Following the path

August 18, 2014

I was just on this path for a little while yesterday in Lynn Valley. It looks as though we have booked a trip to Las Vegas in November. The last time I was there, I was with my parents – that was before the 5th grade. What were kids doing in Las Vegas? Playing games […]

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The view from up here

August 17, 2014

Mike & I headed over to the North Shore today to visit a pal who just bought a lovely new place in Lynn Valley. His place was very close to the Suspension Bridge, so we toodled up to the park, along with many, many other people. I hate to sound like an old person, but […]

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“Just Like Grandma’s”

August 16, 2014

I think Johanna and I are becoming afternoon tea connoisseurs. Today we went on an adventure about 15 minutes away from where we live – all the way to Delta. I thought the tea house was actually in Surrey, but it is not. It’s located right across the street from Surrey in Delta. Of course […]

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