4:30 am comes early

by Carol Browne on November 25, 2014 · 2 comments

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Oscar on the fridge!

Today I learned that if you want to be disruptive at work, just casually mention to anyone in the nearby vicinity that you are going to Las Vegas tomorrow and see what happens. Way to get people to stop working and talk to you! WEWT! This method proved fruitful as I learned just today that the airline we’ll be traveling on does 50/50 draws once the plane take off. Way to get your gambling in the very second your trip begins! I like it! Excess right off the hop! I picked up some American cash just in case this happens to us tomorrow at 8:30 am.

In other news, I had a lovely dinner tonight with some quilting buddies – and a new real life friend, even though I’ve been sharing instagram comments back and forth with her for at least 6 months. I have had nothing but good luck meeting internet friends in person. Really lucky.

See you tomorrow. I’ll be in the desert! With palm trees!


Planning meeting

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Traveling buddies

So that went well. We met up tonight to plan a few things to do together while we goof off in the desert next week. Breakfast at the Paris is about the only thing we nailed down. Everything else? We’ll play by ear. That’s a good plan if you ask me.

Two more sleeps. and I’m going to sleep fast tonight AND tomorrow.

Tomorrow I have the pleasure of picking out the flowers for the upcoming graduation ceremony. I will be going right to the florist so I can see all the pretty choices of Christmas arrangements, boutonnières, and bouquets. I am really looking forward to that. For some reason, I’ve always had a fantasy of running a flower shop. For a little while, I tried to find work in that field and did work for a week or so at florist on the North Shore. Sadly, after 1 week, I never got scheduled again, so I guess I didn’t cut it. A few months after, I met someone who used to own his own flower store. He said it was very stressful because he had to constantly manage the timing of the flowers. With inventory that could die within days of receiving it, he said he would wake up in the middle of the night, worried, he had too many flowers and couldn’t possibly sell them all. Of course, I had never thought of that part of the business. All I think of are the good smells and the pretty things.

I’ll be happy to start my day off with pretty things and good smells tomorrow.


The Supervisors

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Quality Assurance

They seem to be watching me all the time these days whenever I’m in the kitchen – looking for any opportunity to jump on some unsuspecting food stuffs. I made the mistake yesterday of leaving a container of ricotta cheese open on the counter. I only turned away for a second, and in that time, Donner had his whole face in the container. UGH. These two are little pigs. I blame the wet food. However, I have become much better at cleaning as I go, so my kitchen cleanliness has improved immensely! And having no dishes to do right after dinner is really the way to go.

Today we ate pancakes and ran errands – including taking a container of change that had over 1800 pennies in it to the coin counter machine at the bank. We dragged that ugly container of pennies (and other small change) around for over 10 years. That little errand paid for breakfast this morning. Not bad. Ha! That was only 10 years in the making.

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Great dress and hair

I’m late to this weeks Throw Back Thursday, but here I was, in all my glory for a family wedding back in the day. I think this was for my aunt’s wedding. Or it could have been my grandparents’ wedding. My grandpa remarried. Nope. Pretty sure this was for my aunt. I have to say, the hair and dress were perfect! If I remember correctly, the dress was velvet.

Speaking of dresses, today at worky work, one of the fashion students told me she was doing alterations to a $5,000 dress. A Valentino. Can you imagine that? She works at the high end department store in town. I didn’t ask her, but maybe that was a wedding dress? A fancy, fancy wedding dress.

I can’t seem to go one hour without bringing up our upcoming trip to VEGAS! WEWT! I have heard rumours of some sort of craft fair extravaganza and it looks like that could be a part of this trip. We’re spending a couple of days with some pals (who are also going to be there at the same time as we are) and with any luck, I’ll get the details from HER and we’ll see those sights. What on earth will a Las Vegas craft show be like? I can’t wait to see!

We won’t be going until next Tuesday, so be warned. I’m sure I’ll be mentioning it again.


Warm Blueberry Soup

November 19, 2014

Mike and I have been celebrating Faturday since about April 2013. All week long we only eat meat, veggies and beans and legumes (it’s called the 4 Hour Diet). We did this in order to lose some weight and feel better all around. Since that time, Mike’s lost many pounds and since I don’t weigh […]

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Just another day at the office

November 19, 2014

There is never a dull moment around these parts. Right now we are planning a graduation ceremony, a company Christmas party and another portfolio show (that will be in January). PHEW! Such parties! Such celebrations! After a long day of party planning, I came home and cleaned out the front closet. I have HAD it […]

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Spreading the joy

November 17, 2014

You may remember that I found the coat of the century at the thrift store last week. Not only was it the coat of the century, but it was the deal of the century as well. Best $25 I’ve ever spent! I found this on Wednesday and wore it to work AND Quilting Bee on […]

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Feeling crafty

November 16, 2014

Here is yesterday’s purchase from the vintage, junking Christmas flea market we went to. I love the shape of the Christmas ornaments and the packaging. These are going to look great on our white Christmas tree. I was tempted to start decorating the tree, but exercised restraint. Instead, I tried them out on the cedar […]

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Twice in one week!

November 15, 2014

I realized today while seeing Lysa (ALSO twice in the same week! AWESOME!) that Faturday makes us very productive. By 1:30 this afternoon, we had already eaten breakfast, gone to Ladner, voted in the local civic election, visited Cynthia and Norm (shown above) at the cutest little craft fair in South Surrey. If you’re able […]

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What happens at quilt guild…

November 14, 2014

…doesn’t stay at quilt guild. I just won’t let it. What did the one quilt guild person say to the other quilt guild person? “What a nice knitting bag you made!” Really? A knitting bag? I guess it could be. However THIS is what it’s really for:

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