Aerial Views

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Aerial Views

I’m not sure what I like best about these photos. It could be the heart print of my nightgown, or my blue toenails (that polish has lasted a long time) or Oscar looking like a koi fish at Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden – which reminds me, we need to go there for Halloween. SPOOKY times! I think koi fish win.

I found this mini ironing board today on my lunch hour and lugged it back home on the skytrain tonight. I think it will work perfectly in our living room on a $10 side table we have in the shed. I’ll dig it out, clean it up and give it a try.

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Sunday, the day of…

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1) dishes

2) laundry

3) a little bit of sewing

4) cutting up Christmas fabric into 5 inch squares

5) sorting out my Christmas fabric bin and wondering why I put Elvis fabric in the Christmas bin. I mean, other than that one piece of Christmas Elvis fabric?

6) checking my ello page – I’m still not sure what that’s all about just yet. So far it’s kind of like facebook, but there are no ads

7) editing photos – I love this part. Very relaxing

8) watching all the netflix and SHAW on Demand. Whoa. So much Futurama today. Good thing there are 10 seasons to watch. We won’t run out any time soon. And we watched The Knick. That’s a lot of blood, guts and bowls of opium

8) researching how to make a wonky star block for a quilt and if it’s possible to do it by hand instead of machine. I think it can be done

8) drinking tea out of excellent mugs:

Sounds dull, but next Sunday is the set up for the last portfolio show of the year, so I’m resting up for that.

Serious rest is required.


Community service

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The dumping of the shoesOver the last few days, we noticed someone had left his or her shoes on one of the lawns near our place. After several days of seeing them out in the rain, we decided to bring out the snow shovel (ew! Don’t touch them with your hands! GROSS!) and put them to rest in the nearby dumpster. Mike did the heavy lifting while I documented our community service.

RIP dirty, old shoes.

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Using what I’ve got

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Bonnie and her bird and ocean quilt

I hit a bottle neck with my quilt guild photos last month, and now I need to get caught up for 2 months. I usually sit down for a couple of hours and do it in one big batch, but lately my schedule’s a bit choppy and I need to do the photos in chunks. It won’t take too long. I should get them done on the weekend.

Thankfully the guild is patient with me because this is not the first time I’ve been…very…slow….with my photos.

Since I’m on a portrait kick, this approach will work well for me. Quilting Bee is FULL of portraits and it’s nice to go through each photo and pull out some I didn’t notice at first.

I think this is mindfulness. It’s supposed to be good for you and your brain. However, the real reason why I’m being mindful is because I am getting tired of feeling in rush all the time. So tired of this, I’ve even stopped running for the bus. There will be another one in six minutes anyway. I think I’ll get where I need to get to. Eventually.

This week has been chock-a-block full of networking events and shmoozing. I was at a different school’s portfolio show tonight and tomorrow is the IDSwest – the big interior design trade show. It’s actually more of an interior decor trade show.

Now I’m just showing off all my fancy interior design knowledge.

And now I’ve exhausted all my fancy interior design knowledge.


The productive day

September 24, 2014

After taking Monica’s portraits on the weekend and buying a portrait book for $2.62 by this author, I felt all fresh and renewed to take some more portraits. I’ll be finding as many volunteers for photos as possible. Ruwani at work was my subject today. She started working in our office about 4 months ago. […]

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Done like summer.

September 23, 2014

It’s the day after the day after the last day of summer. Yesterday there was a bit of rain in the morning, but warm in the afternoon and evening. Today? Leaves everywhere and a heavy rainfall warning for tomorrow. It’s been raining off and on all evening – I know because I had an employer […]

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My endless tomatoes

September 23, 2014

Well, I found a sweet spot in the garden for tomatoes. I think they’re a little late, but they are growing like CRAZY and show no end in sight. The plants are weighed down with little green tomatoes and every day there’s a 4 or 5 nicely ripe ones for me to pull off and […]

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Did we REALLY need this?

September 21, 2014

YES. We hit up the local pet store to pick up a new scratching post. One little cat (who shall remain nameless)…

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The summer continues…

September 20, 2014

I can’t remember where I read it, but as someone said, “This summer just keeps on giving.”. Oh man, has it ever. I believe tomorrow is going to be the last sunny day for the next little while – apparently something called, “rain” is starting early next week. This summer has been so long and […]

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Doug to the rescue

September 19, 2014

At the risk of sounding like I’m already giving up, sewing is HARD. It will be some time before I sew myself a shirtwaist dress, because I can’t figure out how to sew a stupid infinity scarf together. SAD, but true. I’ve got as far as sewing it into a tube, but sewing it into […]

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