So much for sleeping in.

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I was HOPING to have a leisurely Canada Day – just sleeping and watching movies. Instead, we’ll be leaving the house at 7 am and heading over to Steveston with some friends to some kind of Salmon Festival thing. Tomorrow will be well documented as I’m sure there will be many fun things to see. I’ve never been to this festival before and haven’t even googled it. I trust we are in for a great time.

I’m cutting it short tonight. I’ll hit the hay now so I’ll be well rested for the Canada Day celebrations. And hydrated. We’ll bring lots of water because it’s going to be a hot one!


A Barn in the Distance

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Red Barn

No idea if this was in Surrey or in Langley. I kind of lost track yesterday. I’m pretty sure it was still on the Surrey side, but who knows? Doesn’t really matter – both spots are beautiful in the country side.

I had 2 interesting things happen today.

1) I met someone who recently moved here from San Francisco where she was paying $5,000/month for a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment. I can’t remember which. The shock of hearing 5 thousand dollars in rent made me forget the number of rooms. She had a roommate to share the cost. And I thought Vancouver rents were expensive. That is just bonkers.

2) Thanks to Facebook, I was in contact today with someone who was in my 5th grade class in Saudi Arabia. I recognized his name from one of my other friends and got into a nice conversation with him. Fifth grade was a long time ago for me. VERY long. I can’t believe I remembered his name.

This week is starting off well and, thanks to Canada Day, we’ll be getting Wednesday off. I don’t think I’ll be doing much – maybe another short road trip around the countryside? Maybe see the fireworks?

No decisions have been made yet.

Also, how weird is a day off in the middle of the week?

We’re about to find out.


Ghost Riders in the Sky

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Ghost riders in the sky

I was listening to a podcast about business stuff (on the Freakonomics podcast) a few weeks ago and the guest on the show was a business owner of an online magazine. He compared his success to a game of poker – sometimes you get a good hand, and then you play the hand as best you can, and then along the way, you win some, you lose some and then once in awhile, you get a lucky break. It all adds up to some kind of success. I guess it’s a long term way of thinking of success. I keep thinking of that podcast lately. And our lucky break today was horses!

Mike and I visited a local park called Campbell Valley Park. We just went for a drive in the country to see what we could see. We stopped to take photos of farms and horses in South Surrey and kept driving until we unknowingly drove into Langley. By chance we found this park and walked around for all of 5 minutes until horses started coming towards us!
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The fishermen

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Fishermen at work.

The more we visit Ladner, the more I absolutely love it. It’s only about 20 minutes from our place in Surrey and there are all sorts of lovely little parks and views, there are eagles everywhere and farmland for miles and miles and miles. The air feels fresh and smells good. Heavenly.

Today we found the teeniest park and it’s called Wellington Point Park. It’s a small little park with a few picnic tables, a place to launch your boat and a big pier to gaze upon the the Fraser River.

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A teeny exotic bird

June 25, 2015

Here’s a tiny little bird from The Bloedel Floral Conservatory. This is not an ornithology blog, but I think he’s a Zebra Finch – an exotic finch, not a boring old local finch. He’s fancy! Looks like he’s from Australia. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to Australia (OH MY GOSH! Nearly 20 years! […]

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Right down the middle of Water Street

June 24, 2015

This was pretty fun. In fact, I’d love it if they’d shut down Water Street every day. There were musicians on every block all the way though Gastown. The band stationed outside our office was a head banging band – there was lots and lots of long hair being whipped around and then a few […]

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Making everyone else look like a plucked chicken

June 23, 2015

Meanwhile, back at Queen Elizabeth Park, these fish were thinking they were about to be fed. That was a bit mean, but all we did was walk by. I guess that usually means somebody throws fish food at them. We had none. Poor guys. False alarm. And then over at Queen’s Park in New West, […]

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Waka waka waka!

June 22, 2015

A man in a movie theater notices what looks like a goat sitting next to him. “Are you a goat?” asked the man, surprised. “Yes.” “What are you doing at the movies?” The goat replied, “Well, I liked the book.” [SOURCE] MAN. I had to read A LOT of corny goat jokes to find this […]

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The Goat Whisperer

June 21, 2015

I guess we’re trying to break some world record for most parks visited in a weekend. This morning we went right over the Patello Bridge into New Westminster and into Queen’s Park. It’s a delightful place where everything happens. There are all sorts of things to do there – an auditorium, garden displays, a totem […]

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Plenty to see

June 20, 2015

After another glorious #Faturday morning, we hopped back in the car and headed over to Vancouver – all the way to Queen Elizabeth Park. We got there plenty early and hardly had to share the entire grounds with anyone. It was really nice. The sun was shining again – it’s summer now. I think we’re […]

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