Graveyard Shenanigans

by Carol Browne on July 27, 2014 · 0 comments

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Angel faces

Mike, Alysia and I went to the graveyard today to make some photos. We were a little concerned that bringing balloons to the cemetery could be considered disrespectful, however, we came upon a couple of scantily clad individuals making out behind some bushes and figured we could always do a, “Don’t look over here! Look over there! Those two are nearly naked! And in the graveyard in the middle of the day!”

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The Three Ps

by Carol Browne on July 27, 2014 · 1 comment

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The Faturday Illustration by Jade

Pancakes, pizza and popsicles. That’s pretty much all I ate today. Oh Faturday, you are so delicious. Today’s menu reminded me of this illustration my friend, Jade, made for me on her last day at the office a couple of weeks ago. I put this little drawing in a frame near our front entrance. I love this theme and that tiny cutlery.

Other than going out for pancakes this morning (blueberry. YUM) I stayed home all the live long day. It was glorious. I got caught up in my chores – nearly avoiding the great laundry crisis of 2014 – we were dangerously low on underpants. And got some sewing in! I’ve been working on a Quilt As You Go quilt and made at least half a dozen 9 inch blocks today – in between loads of laundry, dishes and (EW!) cleaning the bathroom.

Here are two of my favourite blocks from today.

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Dexter shoes

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Blood splattery shoes!I found these shoes at a very cool store in Gastown today on my lunch break. I had originally gone to buy Mike a birthday present (which I did find a few doors down. YES!) and stumbled upon this store that sells sort of oldie time dresses made with fabrics that have skulls and bats on them! I think I’m going to back next week and try on a dress or two. Can you imagine? A bat wing dress? I can barely contain myself.

I am looking forward to pancakes tomorrow. I think I just may go with blueberry. Or raspberry peach. You will see them in all their glory tomorrow on the interwebs, whatever I choose.

Our nights have been consumed lately with Downton Abby. This is the best soap opera I’ve ever watched. Ever. I have to admit the first couple of episodes, I didn’t get it, but someone told us to decide after watching the first three episodes. That third one of season one? SCANDAL! I was in after that and we’ve been watching a few episodes every night since.

The costumes and the set decoration are so, so, so good. And even though sometimes it’s a bit on the corny side, the acting is really great. Maggie Smith (the grumpy old granny) is pretty much my favourite. And Sybil! And John Bates!


A tiny tin craft

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A tin of mystifying what?

While I was looking for some papery things to put on yesterday’s craft supplies, I stumbled on THIS little mint tin. I’m not quite sure where I got this from, but it is perfect for the craft I have in mind. I’ll use that other tin for something else. I don’t have to make any changes or additions to this little container.

For the last little while, I’ve been trying to come up with something to do with those little polaroids that I take every now and then. They are so cute, but mostly end up in drawers, never seeing the light of day. I started looking around for stuff to make, found lots of corny scrapbooking stuff, and stumbled upon some altered Altoids tins on good, old Pinterest and then on flickr. These are mini dioramas. So cute! And I can add the photos in a tiny album.

This is as far as I’ve gotten on the inside.

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The Yeowler

July 22, 2014

Must be 10 pm, Donner is READY for dinner. He hops up on the dishwasher and MEOWs and MEOWs with all his might and in all his gummy glory. I’m not sure if less teeth means an increase in volume in cat yelling. It would seem so. Sheesh. I have started a cool photo project, […]

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Faux wet plate flowers

July 21, 2014

Some summertime flowers in Holland Park from yesterday. This is all I have for today. My brain is completely empty. EMPTY! I’ll try again tomorrow.

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Around the world in about an hour and half

July 20, 2014

Mike and I went over to the Fusion Festival today in Holland Park in Surrey. It was a nice event! Not too crowded and the temperature was just right – a little cloudy and cool. The photo above is my favourite portrait I’ve taken in a very long time. We found him at the Israel […]

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Back to the drawing board

July 20, 2014

I am here to tell you that fashion IS danger. And hard. I spent my whole afternoon and evening making a dress for a “beginner”. I really thought by now I would be considered at least a beginner. On second thought, maybe not for clothes. I guess that one cape does not a beginner make. […]

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“A major malfunction”

July 18, 2014

Big excitement today in commuting news! Maybe I should just turn this blog into COMMUTING TODAY! All commuting, all the time! Are you on public transit? SO AM I! Seriously. Maybe I should! So, this is how THIS happened. Picture this – me all day long at the office: Hey! Tonight is quilting bee night! […]

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In the Grove

July 16, 2014

There’s a little park between the Newton Bus Exchange, the wave pool and the strip mall. The trees are very tall, but they’ve been thinned out and since the horrible murder nearby late last year, someone (I’m not sure who) has been doing all sorts of things to make it a more welcoming place. To […]

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