The Sheep & Llama Farm

by Carol Browne on April 18, 2015 · 0 comments

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Sheep under the tree in Ladner.

In our travels on Faturdays, we usually take a drive through scenic Ladner. Today was the first day that Vendula Farm Market was open (YAY!) for the season and this farm was en route. We often drive by it and today we finally pulled over and took photos of the sheep and llamas.

It was nothing like Llama Week a few years ago at Mount Lehman Llamas. I should really try to see if I can go there the next time they are giving the llamas shaves and hair cuts. It looks like they did that in May (2009 by the way. What the? 6 years ago? Already? Why is time just flying by this way?) so it’s possible. If I play my cards right, I could get invited back. I should try to work my llama networking magic.
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Chalk creature

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Bogus? Is that his name?

There are some little girls who live in our complex who LOVE to decorate the neighbourhood pavements with chalk. I am a huge supporter of these drawings and enjoy seeing all their creations on my way to and from work every day. Now that the weather is nicer, there are more and more drawings in the carports each day. I really like this creature. I can’t really tell what the word is above him. Is it Boars? Maybe. Anyway, I like how he looks like he’s directing traffic.

Speaking of traffic…Mike casually mentioned this morning before work that the Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper was going to be in Surrey this afternoon. Other than thinking, “WHY?” and then forgetting about it, I suddenly remembered this conversation while driving home after work. The traffic on the Alex Fraser Bridge was at a complete stop at 6:10. I noticed about 3 police on motorcycles riding the opposite direction to me, then a few more motorbike c0ps (we rarely see them in Surrey, so to see six all at once was weird), and then I saw a cavalcade of town cars. I completely lost count of how many black luxury cars were lined up behind each other. Next up were 3 big, black vans (the kind without windows in the back) driven by men in flack jackets and then…an ambulance. Yup. I guess you just can’t be too careful. This is not a political blog, but that seemed a bit excessive.

UPDATE: I read on the internets that the Prime Minister of India was also in tow. Still. That’s a lot of resources on the road.

That was extent of my excitement for the day. I took last night off from blogging after a super long night of portfolio show activities.

And now it’s back to normal days.

Until the next show in 3 months.


Not pushing the river

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Walking in the tulips.

Told you I took a lot of photos at the tulip fields last week. And I have plenty more where those came from. I read today that there is one lonely tulip field left in bloom – the rest are all spent. SAD! I feel the same way I feel when it’s time to take the Christmas Tree down. It wasn’t a long time, but it was a good time. I am so glad we went when we did. We got there just at the right time for rows and rows of glorious tulips.

Now what?

I’ll tell you what. Portfolio show. That’s what. In addition to that event, there are 2 big projects at work I’m working on and, phew! I am looking forward to them both, but have no idea how it will all get done. Whatever. Things usually have a way of getting done, even though it seems like it’s impossible. Thankfully, I remembered something in the midst of event duties that my friend mentioned the other day:

“Don’t push the river” –  The Buddha.

Aha! There’s no point, is there? The river will just keep on coming at me if I’m facing the flow (there’s no stopping it) and pushing it away from me is irrelevant. It’s doing just fine on its own.


Deep thoughts.

So I’ll enjoy a late dinner with Mike, then get up in the morning and do the best I can and see if I can help some people find some jobs in the arts.

I think you can wish them luck first. Then me.


Editor’s Note: This is probably not the last vague work post I’ll be doing this week. Just so you know.


Remember last week when we saw tulips?

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Yah. Me, too. That was a good day.

Please stay on the walkway

It’s only 2 days until a worky work event takes place and my mind is playing tricks on me. I’ll soldier on, but just know that last night I dreamt about bombs, relatives on steroids and hundreds of snakes under the bed. That’s not the worst part of my dreams last night. I dreamt I lost Donner in all the chaos. NOOOOO! You will be happy to know that the Smashy Brothers are fine and woke us up as per usual with their duet of yowling for their breakfast. Thank goodness for that.

And bonkers. Also, my relatives were looking very ripped with their steroid bodies and were driving around in a Hummer. LOLS.

So, whatever that means.

I decided tonight after being out a bit late (Monday nights I always stay in town with some friends after work) that when I got home, I’d soothe myself with tulip photos. Very calming, those tulips!

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The good, the bad and the bug-ly. HEH.

April 12, 2015

Yesterday’s field trip to Bradner was lovely. The sun was shining and the community hall was full of beautiful daffodils, like these ones with the tiny centres. The theme of the show was The Good, The Bad and the Bug-ly (LOLS) and while I enjoyed seeing the different types of daffs, I learned a few […]

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Why the long face?

April 11, 2015

Mike and I went for a drive to the country this afternoon and we accidentally found the Bradner Flower Show! Awesome! We saw daffodils and taxidermy. So why I am I showing you horse photos? Uh. We found this horse en route home after The Big Stuffed Animals and Blossoms Show. I’ll post the daffodil […]

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Quilting Bee night with the Tardis

April 10, 2015

Tonight we saw THIS! The first Tardis quilt I’ve seen in real life. It was lovely and soft. Christine makes a lot of great quilts. So many, actually. And big ones, too! And The Best Reaction to the Tardis Quilt goes to…

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Through the skytrain window

April 8, 2015

I had a lovely evening after work. I got to do another photoshoot – headshots for social media and a business website. I’ve had a few of those lately and I think I have another one in the near future. I have to be honest, I’m always amazed when I get home and go through […]

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Glue basting feels like cheating

April 7, 2015

Tonight I set up a little cutting station in the living room. I used a shelf from an old piece of furniture I tossed out, put my cutting mat on top of that, and voila! A handy place to cut strips…

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Please do not walk between the rows. *GASP*

April 6, 2015

BUSTED! There were signs all over the place asking to please do not walk between the rows. But they did make for a lovely photo. It was busy at work today – lots of prep for the next event, which is the portfolio show. So it was nice to come home tonight, have leftover ham […]

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