Bokeh in the Trees

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Bokeh in the treesTuesday’s usually a later night for dinner and stuff (we stay in Vancouver to hang out with friends). Tonight I will attempt to make some kind of cooked meal in the crockpot to take to work for lunch tomorrow. Now that we’ve got a trip to go on, I feel I should make every attempt possible to keep our monies for that and not on lunches out. I’ve heard some people just do that regularly – bring their lunch to work on the reg. Who has time for all the preparation? And planning? Clearly people who aren’t watching every episode of everything on netflix.

Tonight’s lunch experiment will include a spaghetti squash. I found a recipe where you put the squash in the crockpot along with the meat and voila! Spaghetti Squash and sauce all at the same time. I’ll post the recipe only if it works – I’m a little skeptical. But wouldn’t that be cool if it does work? I will let you know the results.

Wish me luck! And if this works, we will have brought our lunches two days in a row. Incredible!


Following the path

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On the path

I was just on this path for a little while yesterday in Lynn Valley.

It looks as though we have booked a trip to Las Vegas in November. The last time I was there, I was with my parents – that was before the 5th grade. What were kids doing in Las Vegas? Playing games in safety of Circus Circus and winning Pink Panther toys. My sister and I both won one each. FUN! Can you still do that today? I doubt it. A kid section in a casino? I’m not sure. I’m guessing it’s not the Vince Neil Eat-Drink-Party department. I can’t even imagine that.

We will be staying at Treasure Island, apparently an ideal location as it is right in the middle of the strip. I’m learning all the lingo now. It turns out my coworkers are very familiar with this city – they know the ins and outs of the place. I’m just checking out the website and the restaurants are looking a little Spring Break-ish, but I think the pools will be divine.

Things I’d like to do include seeing a Cirque de Soleil show (done. We were able to book a show in with our hotel and flight!), see one of those waterfall shows – I remember seeing them when I was a kid. It was just water fountains, lights and music, but it was entertaining (when I was 10. Maybe it won’t hold up?) and take all the photos.

I think renewing our vows is off the table for this trip. I’d like to renew our vows with an Elvis impersonator while wearing a pink wedding dress and veil and Mike will wear a powder blue ruffle tuxedo. I’m not sure we can finagle it this time. But next time? It’s happening.


The view from up here

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The view from up hereMike & I headed over to the North Shore today to visit a pal who just bought a lovely new place in Lynn Valley. His place was very close to the Suspension Bridge, so we toodled up to the park, along with many, many other people. I hate to sound like an old person, but that place is not what it used to be. It’s busy, crowded, and has a restaurant now. SAD.  Stupid progress!

I have to admit, despite the crowds and the cafe, it still smells fresh out there – kind of like camping air. Way to stay positive, me! YES!

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“Just Like Grandma’s”

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I think Johanna and I are becoming afternoon tea connoisseurs. Today we went on an adventure about 15 minutes away from where we live – all the way to Delta. I thought the tea house was actually in Surrey, but it is not. It’s located right across the street from Surrey in Delta.

Of course I documented this occasion, but not with my big camera. I used my phone as I didn’t want my big camera bag to wrinkle up my tea party dress. SNORT! Also, I got my toes done for the event. I went all out.

Totally worth it. Look how our table greeted us.

China teacups (not matchy matchy = adorable) and sprinkles in the sugar. Clever! I’ve not seen this before. I think I will steal that idea for home. On Faturdays. When we eat sugar. YES. Might as well be cute about it.

We each had the afternoon tea which included some savories and some, “dainties” AWWW! Dainties! I felt like I had just been invited to luncheon at Downton Abbey.

They brought us tiny mushroom pies – smaller than tarts – and I could have eaten about 5 plates of them. The pastry was whole wheat as well. So dreamy.

For the scones, we had a tray that contained a bit of raspberry jam, clotted cream and LEMON CURD.
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Quilting is danger

August 14, 2014

Actually, make that, NOT quilting is danger. Tonight’s meeting was a short one – as to be expected in August. Lots of people away on vacation. After show and tell was over (photos of actual quilts later!) we had some time to chit chat and I finally got my membership up to date. I am […]

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Birdie num num

August 13, 2014

I just have to say I had a BANNER day at the office today. I really did. I won’t go into too much worky work details, but know that I went on a “studio crawl” put on by the Vancouver Economic Commission. They put us on a bus that dropped us off in Yaletown and […]

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Serious art is serious.

August 12, 2014

Last Saturday we visited our pal, Tami, up at the top of Queen Elizabeth Park – right next to the Conservatory. We also went inside and took photos of the birds in there, but I’ll leave those photos for another day. We were really busy last Saturday. Bands, birds and art all in one day. […]

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August 12, 2014

Full disclosure: I’ve never been to Zumba before today and the reason why I am blogging about it is because I had a great time! And that’s the truth. I actually remembered to bring my gym strip to work today and I joined my coworker for a free Zumba class under The Sails at the […]

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Band after band after band…

August 10, 2014

I am very well rested after last night’s activities. I spent the afternoon leisurely editing photos. Here are some of my favourites WITH honourary awards! I love awards! It reminds me when I worked at a company that tried an award system for the staff called, “A Pat on the Back”. If one of your […]

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Best Sweater Award

August 10, 2014

We shot a bunch of bands tonight at the Rickshaw Theatre in Vancouver for The Annual Landmark Showcase Festival FINALS. I am beat. More photos in the morning. I just have to tell you I have awards to give. We saw some great bands and they all had their schticks. There was a flip flop […]

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