Taking it for granted

Pizza at Surrey Central

Tonight I was heading home late – my usual Monday night schedule. Stay in Vancouver after work to meet some pals. I walked to meet them in the sunny sun. We hung out and had a good time (as per usual) and the I hopped on the skytrain without a care in the world.

Suddenly the thought crossed my mind, “It’s supposed to rain this week.” OH. CRAP. This could mean this week is the last we’ll see of the sun for a long time! NO! I haven’t even taken photos of orange leaves yet! So, TOMORROW will be orange leaves day. I know where some are (Newton Exchange) so I’d better have my camera out and ready just before I hop on the bus. Also, there’s some awesome leaves over by Stadium Station (I think) so I can get some there, too.

I got so used to the dry weather that now it’s a big deal to have rain at any time.

Also taking for granted? That Thanksgiving is so far away I have plenty of time to sort out the Great Appetizer of 2015. Nope. It’s this Saturday and I’ve got stuff to do every night except for Wednesday and Friday. So the search ends on Friday.

I’d better come up with something cool IMMEDIATELY.

I see you’ve started decorating.

Today we had company!

Today we had company over! Not just these skeletons, but neighbour friends. We hung out, ate pizza and watched Dr. Who. Good times! Patrick noticed I started decorating for Halloween. I realized that I haven’t even begun! I still have to go into the shed and pull out even more decorations. I also remembered that I haven’t brought out the Peanuts Halloween figures since we moved here. I think this will be our 3rd Halloween in our little townhouse. I really do like our place here. It’s perfect for us.

I have to figure out where to put Charlie Brown and the gang. We had a lovely fireplace mantle at our last place. I’m pretty sure Donner will love the size of these figures, so it will have to be in a cat-free zone. I’ll come up with something. They boyz leave the Christmas Tree alone, so it can’t be much tougher than that.

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The Smashy Brothers Ride Again

Spider web mat

Today Mike headed out to work and I headed upstairs to my sewing room and sewed and sewed and sewed. See the mat that the turkey and the cat are on? It took me all afternoon to make it. I won’t show you the close up because it’s wonky and not in a good way. And I didn’t really like the binding, either, but it will do for now. I tried a spider web design and it looked the spider that spun it was drunk. But I did use free motion foot for the sewing machine and it worked great. I love my sewing machine.

Even though the spider web mat was not the best, my shifty, spooky eyes turned out pretty well!

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The smartest house in the neighbourhood

The book house

I thought I saw something about someone building something with books in The Grove – AKA – the place where 13 year old boys take photos of their six packs, selfie style. Thankfully they had finished their photoshoot and the only people in The Grove today included a girl looking for a library and someone leaving the nearby rec centre who yelled at me, “HEY! IS THAT HOUSE MADE OF BOOKS?”. “YES!” I yelled back. “IT IS!”

There was a sign nearby that said this art installation will be up for the month of October and it still isn’t quite done. I will visit this Book House over the next month to see the finished project. I can’t wait to see what the door will look like!

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The last day of September 2015

Heal the ivide. OOOPS.

This was the scene today on my lunch hour on the last day of September! So dreamy! Not a drop of rain and it felt like summer, only better because it wasn’t sweaty hot. LOVELY.

I noticed the sign on the Vancouver Community College and took the photo with the camera facing directly into the sun. I took 4 photos of the sign for safety. Good! Done! My blog photo for today is ready!

Once I got home I realized that in every single photo the letter “d” is covered by the lamp post. ARGH! NO! I’ll have to go back and reshoot. So in the meantime, we’ll just have to heal the, “ivide”. DERP.

I had big plans to come home after work and do some sewing and maybe make another set of googly eyes for Quilting Bee night. Instead, I fell asleep. BOO! But I was very tired. I’m awake now, so maybe I’ll sew a few triangles onto my starburst project.

Very soon will be Thanksgiving. We’ve been invited to our friend’s place, so that is super nice and we’re going to a wedding on that weekend as well.

Best rest up for that this weekend.

But I will be sewing more googly eyes.

I just have to.

Such a grown up day


Today was chock-a-block full of grown up things to do – your standard worky work things and then a grown up meeting full of financial reports and projected assets and policies and procedures. There were motions and questions called, and mandatory polices of cats on leashes. CRAZY. Let me tell you, I was very happy to come home and look at pictures of cows on a sunny day.

The highlight of my day, though, was when I was walking home from the bus stop. The sun was shining, the leaves are turning, the temperature was perfect. I decided to cut through the little park between the Wave Pool and the Safeway. That little park is called The Grove and some locals have taken to decorating the trees and painting some picnic tables. And it has a big REZONING sign on it now. I think it will be an addition to the rec centre. But for now, it’s a park.

As I walked toward the park, there was a lady pushing a baby carriage, and further in the park, I could see two young guys chatting and holding up their phones. I then noticed that they were both holding up their shirts and taking selfies, side by side. I guess they were taking photos of their six packs?

But they couldn’t have been more than 13 years old and were lucky if they each weighed 98 pounds soaking wet. Once I put this all together, I realized I should not even be looking at this photo shoot. At the same time, they noticed me looking, started laughing and pulled their shirts up again for more photos.

Somehow I gave the best grown up response I could muster. I smiled uncomfortably, looked straight ahead and kept walking.

Worky work, rezoning, tween-agers taking selfies with no shirts on, making it mandatory to put cats on leashes?

It’s been a banner day.

Velvety soft

Velvety soft

On yesterday’s day trip, we found a llama farm and amongst all the llamas was one, very big donkey. I felt badly, I think he thought we had food for him. Sadly, we had nothing. So he moseyed all the way to the fence for nothing. But I did get to touch his soft nose, though. That was nice.

It didn’t take him long to figure out he was getting no treats from us. So he left.

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Day trip! Road trip!


Today we hopped in the car on a sunny day and hit road for a sunny, Sunday drive. I was determined to get to The Big Yellow Barn to get some fresh veggies and fruit. It had to be done. It’s been a few years since we’ve been out that way during harvest season. So, Mike loaded up his phone with true crime podcasts and we hit the open road.

Today’s adventure made me realize:

  1. After today’s particularly gruesome detailed podcast about a horrific murderer, I think I’m done with the whole true crime thing. I am no longer interested in those kinds of details. I just wanted to come home and hug and kiss the kitties. So I did when we got home.
  2. $25 is a lot for a jar of homemade pickles. Next summer I’ll can my own as well as make my own jam. I have all the gear. I’ll just not be lazy next summer.
  3. Sometimes diners have bad days. And that has an impact on the taste of their pies. Which is too bad. I wanted to love the pie. I also dropped my phone right in my pie while taking a photo, so that may have influenced my enjoyment of said pie. Anyway, not the best pie day and I’ll leave it at that.
  4. We found some llamas on the way home! Yay! They were lovely to see. So we braved the busy Parallel Road and took their photos.

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Sewing and sleeping…

And I helped!

But not in that order. I really slept in this morning. AHHHHHH! Glorious. I get up pretty early during the week days now (5:50 am. OOF.) so when the weekend comes around I’m catching up (or that’s what I tell myself, anyway.). Mike worked today so I had the whole place to myself – and my helpers, of course – so I sewed and sewed and sewed. First off, I finished the Kitchen Sink quilt top. I’ve shown it before. There wasn’t much to finish, just that final, bottom row. DONE! Next up, I’m going to have to sew the backing. I’m going to have to measure the quilt top because it’s huge and then make a trip to Save On Fabric down the street. Also, I need a lot of quilt batting. That will be another weekend’s project.

My helper, Oscar, lounged on the top and let me take his photo.

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One rainy day

At the sails

Today we had a rain day, but apparently tomorrow will be sunny again. I’m not so sure, it really felt like a proper Fall day today. I was wrapped in a scarf and everything! We’ll see about that tomorrow.

AHHH…tomorrow…Friday already! So. Good.

Nothing much else to report other than I went for a delicious, trendy Gastown lunch with my buddy and her son (Ryan!) works at the restaurant and we got plenty of special treatment and excellent service. So THAT is what being famous feels like.


So that’s it. I’m going to be sewing and sleeping this weekend.

I can’t wait.