I forgot about Cabbage Rolls

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Donkey portrait

I met this donkey yesterday at the meat shop and listened to him make happy, loud crunchy sounds as he munched cob after cob of corn. He and his buddy were really into the corn. They pulled the husks off with their teeth sometimes, but mostly, they ate the corn husk and all. CRUNCH!

Tonight I accidentally made a dinner the reminded me of my mom’s yummiest dinner – cabbage rolls. And I bought those ingredients at the meat store yesterday. Even the cabbage! My mom would carefully wrap a combination of rice, ground beef, and onions in a leaf of cabbage (that she would run hot water over all day long so it was very soft for wrapping). The cabbage rolls were then covered with tomato sauce and baked in the oven. Delish. The magic ingredient was a splash of vinegar right before serving.

Tonight I made a Ground Beef & Cabbage Casserole. This is the recipe I used. I didn’t even think of cabbage rolls until I took the first bite. Next time I make this recipe, I will make the following changes:

1) more onions. I will use 2 onions instead of just 1.

2) more tomato sauce. I only used a little this time.

3) a splash of vinegar right before serving.

I don’t miss the rice.



Maybe not a total bust. But pretty close.

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We decided to celebrate Labour Day with a little day trip out to the boonies. We were looking to take photos of waterfalls in Cascade Falls – just outside of Mission. We brought a pile of gear – tripods and lenses and a polarizing cover so we could take some long exposure photos in the hot, hot sun. It makes those cool waterfall photos where the water looks all smooth and silky.

After driving through the heart of Mission (who someone once told me was the, “Armpit of the world”. LOLS! But it’s not. Maple Ridge totally is. It was looking VERY run down today. I kid! I kid!) Wait. What was I talking about? Oh right, Mission. ANYWAY, as we got through Armpit Town (SNORT. Sorry. I can’t stop.) Mike said, “Oh, is that where we’re going?” pointing to a sign that said, “CASCADE FALLS – CLOSED”. Yup. We went to the park anyway, just to check, and sure enough, closed to the public because they are building an awesome new bridge. We could have hiked around the water’s edge where all the other potheads were hanging out – SERIOUSLY. Is there anyway you guys could make some pot that doesn’t smell? I hate that smell. I’m pretty sure science can take care of that somehow. But we opted out and hopped back into the car.

So. We found another park to visit, punched the name into the GPS and got back on the road. We followed the directions and ended up here:

Please turn around.At least they were very civilized about asking us to leave. BOO!

Surprised with our bad luck, we headed home. Really? No photo ops today at all?

Thankfully we saw a PILE of water lilies and pulled over to see them.
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With any luck, this will become a dress

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fabric for my dress. I hope.

It started out pretty well – I even had to sew in 2 darts. But I hit a snafu with the collar. I didn’t quite line up the fabric correctly and it doesn’t meet at the sides – where the seam meets for the shoulders. And when I tried to use the seam ripper on this fabric (it’s some kind of stretchy knit stuff) it tore the fabric up a bit. I will have to re-cut the collar, that’s for sure. I’ll try again tomorrow. Once the collar’s on, it’s just sewing up the hems. Oh. And the sides. Not a very good dress without the sides sewn up.

As per usual, my trusty helpers were by my side:

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Cat on a bike in the garden

This afternoon we watched The Grand Budapest Hotel by Wes Anderson and I loved, loved, loved it. I loved the story and the look of the movie. There were so many pink walls and men wearing purple suits. There was also some wallpaper that reminded me of the carpet from The Shining.

After watching such a rich, colourful movie, I went all the way out into the backyard to take photos of colourful things. Things like the cat riding the bike, our rose garden, which is going gangbusters…
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This was us! Sixteen years ago…

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Planning shmanning

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From my seat

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