The day the power went out.

by Carol Browne on August 29, 2015 · 0 comments

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Whoa! It's windy out there!

ZOMG! We had such an adventure today – this, our 17th anniversary. I know! How do we stay so young, you may ask? I have no idea! We keep having anniversaries and birthdays and stay the same age. At least, that’s what my brain keeps telling me.

Anyway, we came home after a breakfast of French Toast and a photowalk in the local cemetery (do we know how to party or what?) and walked across the street to the movie theatre to see, Inside Out (in 3D, of course.). Side note: this is the first time we’ve been to this little theatre and it was great. Well kept, comfy seats and the price is right. We should have been going to that theatre all along. But now we know.

ANYWAY, we’re watching the cute 3D movie and the BOMP. The movie stops. We don’t know what is happening for a few minutes, but then we get asked to leave because the power went out. NO! How is this possible? The weather was pretty windy, but the temperature was quite warm, so it was weird to wear a jacket because it was hot. I’ve been in worse storms before by far, so it seemed weird this one was so damaging. We saw other places around Vancouver where trees had been uprooted and everything, so maybe we got it less severe out our way?

We walked home with our free passes for another movie with popcorn! Bonus for us, but bummer for the owner. Oh well. We’ll go back. Once back in our complex, broken branches were all over the ground and it smelled like Christmas trees.

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Waiting for the rain.

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So much sunning

Rumour has it we’ll be seeing rain maybe tomorrow, but most likely on the weekend. Me? I’m not so sure. It’s been sunny and hot for ages now and we could smell another forest fire this morning. Turns out there was one right in a park in Surrey! Bonkers.

I’ve also heard rumours of drought until November. Where this information came from, I have no idea. I hope it’s just fear mongering and bad intel. Gastown smells ripe with garbage and, ew, SEWAGE in some parts. Blech. We could use the rain any time.

Even this turtle is waiting.

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International Dog Day, huh?

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Stinky shoes are the best!

I’m not sure who declared it International Dog Day, but it was everywhere on the Facebook today.

I wish we had a dog, too, but we can only have 2 pets in per unit in the complex where we live. Probably a good idea because I could see us having so many pets! Baby goats! Puppies! Peegs! OXEN! They could fit on the patio FOR SURE. And we’d have to have 2 because TEAM WORK! Maybe we should just get 2 oxen and hide the kitties?

Anyway, Donner enjoys stinky shoes – the stinkier, the better. And trust me, it’s summer and Mike’s shoes most likely fit the bill. I didn’t check, but why else would Donner be putting his front paws all the way into Mike’s shoes and just sitting there like this? Enjoyable for him. Fill your boots!

Donner and Oscar had a big adventure today – they stepped outside with Mike. They were very hesitant and didn’t go very far from the door, but they went outside for the first time ever. Actually, one time Donner dove out the backdoor into the backyard then quickly back in the house. He was outside for less than 5 seconds that time. Tonight? He was out for about 15 or 20 seconds. I think for fun we may get them some harnesses and leashes and see if they’ll walk out in the grass around our neighbourhood.

Good luck to us to get a harness on those two.


The free side of the Chinese gardens

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The free side.

Today on my lunch hour, I had to run the errand of getting the car insured. Thankfully, there was a place to do that right in Chinatown – a part of town I love and completely forgot that I’m very close to working in Gastown. It’s only 4 or 5 blocks away – albeit some scary blocks away. There are many sad, down-on-their-luck folks en route to Chinatown via Gastown. It’s one of the toughest parts of town, right past Pigeon Park.


Two blocks across the street from the saddest part of Vancouver is Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Gardens. There’s a paid part (that I used to frequent all the time!) and the “free” side – a public park. After the car errand (that was SO FAST. No line ups, nothing. I was done in 10 minutes!) I had time leftover to visit the free side. Excellent choice if I do say so myself.

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A case of the Mondays.

August 24, 2015

The best thing about Mondays? ZUMBA on the pier! Make that, FREE Zumba on the pier, in the glorious outdoors with the view of the inlet. WEWT! I looked forward to this class ALL DAY. Today’s class had a bit of everything – some salsa, some karate chops in the air, some air punches, belly […]

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We Did It

August 23, 2015

We saw this boat a few weeks back in Nova Scotia. I still have photos to post, so I’ll keep putting them up every now and then. I loved the name of this boat because it reminds me of that McDonald’s commercial where the guy says completely deadpan, “You did it.” when the guy finds […]

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The Steps

August 22, 2015

After a less than stellar Faturday breakfast (Never. Again.) – I won’t mention the name of the restaurant, but it was sadly lacking in all aspects. This is not a restaurant review blog (lucky for them) so just know we have learned from this unpleasant experience and moved on. In an effort to cleanse the […]

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Tiny paper pieces

August 20, 2015

This is a little hand stitching project to take with me while I commute and listen to podcasts on the skytrain. Each diamond shape is about an inch and a half long, so it will take a very long time before it’s big enough to cover anything. It hardly uses any fabric at all, so […]

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I think this sums today up.

August 19, 2015

With the exception of having dinner with Maria and Jason, I will have to call this entire day a bust. I’m glad it’s over. I’m going to bed and getting as much sleep as I can squeeze in and then try again tomorrow. Hopefully there will be less cat pee to clean up tomorrow. Seriously, […]

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Rabbts too!!

August 18, 2015

It’s been nearly 3 weeks since The Big Ex in Nova Scotia and I’ve still got photos to show! How many times can one person miss oxen? A lot. Let me tell you. I’m going to get one of my oxen photos blown up, maybe even the one with his tongue up his own nose. […]

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