Warm Blueberry Soup

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Blueberry soup

Mike and I have been celebrating Faturday since about April 2013. All week long we only eat meat, veggies and beans and legumes (it’s called the 4 Hour Diet). We did this in order to lose some weight and feel better all around. Since that time, Mike’s lost many pounds and since I don’t weigh myself, I measure by clothing size. I’ve lost 3 dress sizes since we started this “eating system” as my mom calls it.

A few weeks ago, we decided to incorporate 1 piece of fruit per day into our regular food days. If you follow this way of eating strictly, this is not, “allowed”. However, the author did mention he drinks 1 glass of wine per day. SO, after a year and a half of only having fruit on Faturdays, we made this allowance (in lieu of booze. I think that’s fair) 1 piece (or equivalent) of fruit every day. Usually we eat an apple (cut up with some peanut butter) or a Christmas orange. This week, however, I found a recipe for the beautifully named, Warm Blueberry Soup. It is warm blueberry puree with cinnamon. That’s it. The recipe I found had all sorts of other ingredients in it. But all I wanted was blueberries, some water and cinnamon. I brought it to a boil and then blended it up in the blender on high. The texture is lovely – very smooth.

On top I whipped some coconut cream. If you put a can of coconut milk (allowed on the 4 hour Diet due to the low carbs in the cream) in the fridge overnight, the cream separates and floats to the top. Just scoop that thick cream off, get out the mix master, and boom! It whips up just like whipping cream. I added a bit of vanilla in it. YUM. Done. Dessert.

This is a lovely dessert, and could work as a breakfast as well.

But the best part is the name. Warm. Blueberry. Soup.

Such comfort.


Just another day at the office

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There is never a dull moment around these parts. Right now we are planning a graduation ceremony, a company Christmas party and another portfolio show (that will be in January). PHEW! Such parties! Such celebrations!

After a long day of party planning, I came home and cleaned out the front closet. I have HAD it with the avalanche of shoes and scarves that have been falling out every time I try to hang up my jacket. That felt good to get done and I used 2 organizers I found (guess where?) for 2 bucks. My scarves are now manageable and so are the shoes. YES!

I also vacuumed.

I think I am doing these boring, dull chores because:

a) this crap needs to be done before our exciting week next week. I’ve got a kitty sitter arranged, so she can’t see the house in disarray now, can she?

b) I started a Christmas project that I’m afraid to finish. It’s a little display for the front entrance, but what if it looks awful when it’s finished? END OF THE WORLD TIME. Yah. I’ll work on it tomorrow.

Not only is one week from today The Great Vegas Adventure of 2014, I’m meeting some quilty buddies on Monday after work at a nearby Lebanese restaurant. More quilty people before I go? It does not get any better than that.

This week just may be the longest week ever.


Spreading the joy

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Cynthia in "the coat"

You may remember that I found the coat of the century at the thrift store last week. Not only was it the coat of the century, but it was the deal of the century as well. Best $25 I’ve ever spent!

I found this on Wednesday and wore it to work AND Quilting Bee on Thursday. Here’s the journey of happiness the coat made around the Lower Mainland and surrounding areas.

1) A man stopped walking toward me at the Newton Bus Exchange. He was facing me and stopped just to look at my coat.

2) Once I got to work, my office mates cheered! “I can’t believe what I’m seeing!” said one person. “Can I try it on?” said another. And so began the trying on of the coat.

3) Males and females tried on the jacket at work. One person said, “Yah. This coat makes me feel like a king!” and another person said, “Wow. You can make some BIG decisions wearing this coat.”. I’ll keep that in mind.

4) Next, we went out to try on perfume and to make the coat smell nice. One person said, “I feel like I’m back in Lithuania! Walking with my Lithuanian friends!”. I look as snazzy as an European in this coat? NICE. I’ll remember that.

5) We got carried away with the perfume and I was really stinky when we got back to the office.

6) I was picked up by my carpool buddy after work to head out to Quilting Bee. She complimented me on my coat, but the perfume was still strong (and strangely seemed to get stronger as the evening went on. I’m not sure how that worked.) and I had to offer to open an window until we got to Abbotsford.

7) Cynthia tried on the coat (shown above). My interpretation? More enjoyment!

And I’m pretty sure that Lysa liked her turn in the coat as well.

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Feeling crafty

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Love this box of ornamentsHere is yesterday’s purchase from the vintage, junking Christmas flea market we went to. I love the shape of the Christmas ornaments and the packaging. These are going to look great on our white Christmas tree.

I was tempted to start decorating the tree, but exercised restraint. Instead, I tried them out on the cedar tree in our backyard.

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Twice in one week!

November 15, 2014

I realized today while seeing Lysa (ALSO twice in the same week! AWESOME!) that Faturday makes us very productive. By 1:30 this afternoon, we had already eaten breakfast, gone to Ladner, voted in the local civic election, visited Cynthia and Norm (shown above) at the cutest little craft fair in South Surrey. If you’re able […]

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What happens at quilt guild…

November 14, 2014

…doesn’t stay at quilt guild. I just won’t let it. What did the one quilt guild person say to the other quilt guild person? “What a nice knitting bag you made!” Really? A knitting bag? I guess it could be. However THIS is what it’s really for:

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It’s fun fur!

November 13, 2014

SO. MUCH. SHOPPING these days. My gosh. The last couple of days I’ve been thinking about painting some furniture for our place – just to spice things up a bit. We tend to only have wooden things and it’s a little bit boring. Off and on today, I was thinking about finding a small piece […]

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Waiting for dinner

November 11, 2014

Man. You’d think we never feed this guy. For reasons I don’t understand, Oscar has been giving me this look the last few days. Intently. He’s very patient and very persistent. He. Wants. His. Dinner. What else could it be? I’ve got nothing else to go on with him. He’s bossy and into food these […]

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Doug! How could you?

November 10, 2014

This morning I found my sister and Doug the Skeleton like this! SHOCKING! Imagine their surprise. Wait. Don’t. I caught their surprise.

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A day of rest

November 9, 2014

The backyard did not look like this when Mom arrived, that’s for sure. I was ignoring the leaves and other items that had blown in by keeping the curtains shut in the livingroom. Happily, my mom assured me that she loves to help clean up, so we put on our shoes and took care of […]

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