Working at the cow wash…

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Working at the cow wash, yah! The Big Ex did NOT disappoint. This cow was loving getting a wash down, it was REALLY hot today. I'm talking 26 degrees hot (that's about 78 degrees Fahrenheit for my US friends). The sun was beating down on us all, and by all, I mean, cowboys, tourists, people on rides and my new favourite farm animals, the mighty oxen. A beast of burden. When we got to the exhibition, the ox pull was already in full swing. All I thought was, "I hope I never get reincarnated into an ox. They really are the beasts of burden.". They stood there stoically while the men put weights on what looked like a flat sled. Then, they would have to pull the sled - not far - but once they did, the man over the intercom would say, "That was a good pull."' and then the ox would be disconnected from the sled and move over for the next team to make, "a good pull". I didn't ever see what constituted a bad pull. All oxen were dressed up nicely in collars and head dresses. Even though they have to the most boring job on the farm (pulling heavy stuff) they look pretty good while doing so. I took so many photos of these animals. We visited their barns and I even petted some. They are huge creatures - way bigger than cows and solid and sturdy. Also, they have talents you can't even imagine. Oxen have talents! This was the LUCKIEST shot in the world. While my heart was with the ox, some of the horses were wearing beautiful horsie fashions, like this fancy horse: Horsie head tilt She? Or he? Gave me the horsie head tilt, which I loved.   Across the fairgrounds were the rides. We only took photos of the rides, I didn't go on any of them. I didn't feel like barfing today. But they are beautiful from a distance! The Big Ex rides and stuff I am beat tonight. We also went to the beach twice today and to Lunenburg. I will sleep well, that's for sure.


We have arrived.

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It took all day, but we have made it to Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. Actually, it didn't feel like it took that long. It only took just under 5 hours to get to Montreal and then an hour from there to Halifax. Our layover was shorter than expected because we had some delays leaving Vancouver. This is what the sky looked like when we touched down in Halifax. Colourful sunset in Halifax By the time we got our baggage, the sun had set and we drove home in the pitch dark. Side note: there are very few lights on the highways out this way. It felt like it was SO dark while we were driving. I realized this because, well, no lights. DUH. We chit-chatted the whole way to Bridgewater with Mike's mom and dad and are now comfy in our bed which has these beautiful, old quilts on them. Mike's Great Grandmother's hand made quilts. Both these quilts were hand made by Mike's great grandma - Nanny Penney. You can see the hand stitching in them and all the blocks are hand pieced as well. Even though we've got a duvet, I'm sleeping under these babies while I'm here. Glorious! Tomorrow we're going to the Big Ex! There will be farm animals! And oxen (also farm animals, I know, but they get a special mention). Oh crap. We missed Toonie Day today. All rides were 2 bucks! And, we missed The Stampeders (SWEEEET! Sweet city woman!). Oh well, tomorrow is an ox pull and a Strong Man competition! Good God! I hope they all wear singlets and have curly moustaches and ride those bikes with the big front tires. A girl can always dream. Under beautiful quilts while on vacation in the Maritimes. I AM LIVING THE DREAM, GUYS!

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Coffee? CHECK!

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Coffee at the White Spot I'm mostly back to my old self with this trip. I had plans to clean up around the house a little bit each night before we go, so of course tonight I cleaned up the bathroom (about three quarters done) and that was about it and did a load of laundry last night (that's still in the dryer.) I fell asleep and then went out for a late night coffee with the neighbour pals and as far as packing goes? I got the suitcase out. I am going to have so much fun cleaning until 2 am tomorrow and then sleeping for 3 hours before we leave for the airport at the crack of dawn. Hey. It always gets done, I just leave it all to the last minute. And hope I don't wake up the neighbours with the vacuum in the middle of the night. I'm also wondering why I'm taking naps all of a sudden after work. I think it's the early mornings. Oh, and those late nights. Like tonight. Mike has tomorrow off, so he'll be on packing duty and then tomorrow at 5:01? Vacation! Huzzah! Finally. We booked this trip back in January. I can't believe it's finally happening. It's been 10 years since I've been to Nova Scotia so I'm really looking forward to going back. Atlantic Ocean! Here we come!


The Happy Commuters

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The Happy Commuters The happy commuters leaving King George Skytrain Station. My blog was broken AGAIN and I was nearly too impatient to wait for it to be fixed. Tonight I didn't get quite as much as I wanted to get done before we head to Nova Scotia on Friday. Also, I've got to get to bed earlier. I keep pushing my bed time later and later and tonight, I'm falling asleep in my laptop. That's the real reason I can't wait for my blog to get fixed. So much sleepy. In other news, tomorrow's supposed to be a hot one. I can already feel the temperature getting warm. Time to take that blanket right off the bed and turn both fans on in the bedroom tonight. We've got them both facing the bed. The kitties HATE the fans, so they'll be sleeping elsewhere tonight. Also, who cares? VACATION! I am so ready to see family and take photos of new faces and scenery. Oh, and hopefully visit a quilt show while we're there. I can't wait for THAT photo with Mike. HEH. Three. More. Sleeps.



July 27, 2015

Exciting times at Zumba today! The instructors came into the crowd and did a dance off. I had no idea what was happening, but Ruwani yelled out, “OH! DANCE OFF!” once the instructors came down off the stage and parted the crowd Red Sea style. This made two teams and the instructors each took a […]

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We need to go back here.

July 26, 2015

Today we did a little bit of exploring around Richmond. We drove around from one park to another along the Mighty Fraser River. The first park trail we tried was shut down due to extremely dry weather conditions. Even though it rained yesterday and this morning (YAY!) I guess it’s better to be safe than […]

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The baby that hypnotized me

July 25, 2015

I went to the Fraser Valley Modern Quilt Guild today and all I got was hypnotized by this tiny human. He’s the grandson of one of our guild members and pretty much the coolest baby around. He barely made any sounds at all the whole time I was there (from about 1 pm to 4:15). […]

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Quilts in the fresh air

July 23, 2015

A few weeks ago we had our quilt guild meeting outside in the park. Since I didn’t take a photo today, I decided I would go through my photos from that meeting and take care of that bit of housekeeping. I’m glad I waited to do this because it really is clear to me that […]

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July 22, 2015

Hmmm…well, for the time being, it’s more of a Chia Pig Shave. Also, I didn’t mean to put chia seeds in his ear or in his nose. My buddy, Lysa, gave me this Chia Head for my birthday (which I love). When I opened up the present (Awww! You shouldn’t have!) I said, “Hey! I […]

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Eryngium giganteum

July 21, 2015

I forgot to post this photo from my birthday photo walk at Van Dusen Gardens – with Mike and Patrick & Heather – neither of which have cameras, by the way. Yet, they wanted to come with us on a photo walk! Amazing. Anyway, I love the name of this plant – its fancy Latin […]

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