Advent 2015, Day 21 – FIRE!

Terry-Lynne: Singing Metallica was AWESOME! But I’m starving. OH! I have an idea. It’s a bit dangerous. Are you up for dangerous?

Freddy: I am TOTALLY up for dangerous!

Terry-Lynne: Roasting marshmallows! They are delicious.

Freddy: *GULP* Whoa. Fire. I’m a snowman, remember?

Terry-Lynne: But they are so tasty!

Freddy: Uh. Okay. This really is dangerous.

Terry-Lynne: Perfect. I’ll start the fire.

Do we need to worry?

Freddy: OH MAN. I’m stepping back. Also, do we need to be concerned about the giant cat looking down on us?

Terry-Lynne: Who? Donner? NEVER!

Don't worry! He's totally cool.

Freddy: *PHEW* Thanks! I was getting a little nervous with him sitting above me. Also, he’s huge.

Roasting marshmallows!

Terry-Lynne: Okay. Now it’s time to roast the marshmallows. OH YAH! Here, I’ve got one for you, too.

Freddy: I’m keeping my distance. They smell great, though. And don’t let them catch on fire. I don’t like burnt marshmallows. Blech.

Terry-Lynne: I’m nearly done. Not much longer. Here you go, Freddy. Bon appétit.


Terry-Lynne: I like my marshmallows slightly toasted. These are perfect!

Freddy: I think you’re right. Totally perfect. Also, they taste like heaven.

Terry-Lynne: Turn up the music! I love Gloria Estefan! *singing* come on everybody baby do the conga! Know you can’t control yourself any longer!

Freddy: Oh God. I need to get closer to the fire.

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