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The blossoms are here

by Carol Browne on March 25, 2014 · 1 comment

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On their phones Dear friends and family, If you're not in Vancouver right now, you may be experiencing very cold weather, possibly snow, freezing, icy roads, an overall onslaught of winter. But do not fear. Spring will make its appearance where you live in the near future. In the meantime, take a deep breath, imagine yourself in the balmy temperature of 15 degrees Celsius (59 degrees Fahrenheit for our American friends) walking under a nearly blossoming tree while looking at your friend's facebook status on your smartphone. Light jackets are really all you need. Also, no umbrellas today. Blossoms just about everywhereThe blossoms are nearly open...a few more days, maybe a little more sun and we will experience full bloomage. Early next month, it's the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival. So many events! I've got to get to some of them this time. This tree will be full in no time. In no time, this spindly tree will be covered in blooms. It will be a lovely, pink cloud. I'll keep you updated with flower photos. I still have to hit Burrard Skytrain Station AND there's even blossoms at the King George skytrain in Surrey. I haven't seen any in Newton just yet, but we'll get ours soon enough. With any luck, I'll get over to VanDusen gardens. I hear there are plenty of blossoms out there. So, hang tough, those of you in Alberta, Ontario, Nova Scotia, and across the border. I will keep the flower photos coming while you wait out the very, very long winter time. Your pal, Carol in Vancouver

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Almost blooming

by Carol Browne on March 31, 2013 · 0 comments

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Blossoms in Newton
Right near the corner of 138th Street and 72nd Avenue in Surrey, there are some trees just ready to bloom. Looking around this area today, I was happy to see all kinds of cherry blossoms in our complex and nearby. I especially like the photo above because the outline of the evergreen tree looks like a drawing. But it was just bokeh! We had 3 solid days of sun this Easter weekend. It honestly felt like summer, but it wasn't hot in the house, so it felt like summer WITH air conditioning. Talk about a bonus!
Blossoms in Newton
We had all the windows open, and since they repaired the windows, they all now have screens on them, so the kitties were able to breathe in the fresh air. I pushed the dishwasher under the kitchen window and the boys hung out in there for awhile, noses pressed against the screen.
Blossoms in Newton
I spent the day writing - I started the Artist's Way again - taking photos of the cherry blossoms, and sewing a zipper into my pillow. Unfortunately, I sewed it together wrong and will be hand sewing down the spot I missed. Overall, it did turn out okay, though. I'll show you tomorrow after I've fixed the hole. UGH. Even though I did this one not quite right, I am getting a bit better with the zipper foot.
Blossoms in Newton
After I picked up Mike from work, we had a delicious late night Easter dinner of ham and whipped cauliflower. Now I'm off to do my Cherry Blossom Scout reporting. Newton has nearly entered into bloomtown!


A lovely postcard I received in the mail from Lelainia in a postcard swap. :-)
See! Told you that she makes awesome envelopes! I got this postcard in the mail yesterday from Lalainia at tattered edge. She took this photo of a Dresden Plate block she made - with needleturn applique. Very, very fancy! Those are vintage scissors, too. On the flip side, the message included a suggestion that I think I'll take:
Grow things you like to eat, even if it's just a small container on a patio somewhere.
We just happen to have a little patio out back. I think I'll grow a small herb garden this summer. I think they're nearly done the windows and the work they had to do around the windows on the outside is pretty close to being finished, so we can hose down the patio, pick the weeks out from between the bricks and do a little planting. I'd also like to get a pot of bamboo. I know there's a bamboo place out in the Valley somewhere. I'm sure I could get a nice sized pot and then we can hear it in the summer making that "Sssssshhhh" noise when the windows are open. Yup. We can keep the windows open because we have SCREENS! Unheard of out West! But yes, we have brand new screens on the windows. Guess what? I scouted a cherry blossom tree in mid-bloom by the King George Skytrain Station this morning.
Cherry Blossoms spotted at the skytrain!
I'll come back and take proper photos later this week. The pink colour is deep and beautiful. And apparently soon, we'll see plenty more. I've heard rumours that Surrey is FULL of cherry blossoms. I cannot wait to document them!


Putting Newton on the map

by Carol Browne on February 17, 2013 · 0 comments

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'Autumnalis Rosea' I take my job as a Cherry Blossom Scout very seriously. I kept my eyes peeled for cherry blossoms in my travels to Fruiticana down the street - that store is very busy and smells like a spice market in Khobar (a city we used to shop at when we lived in Saudi Arabia). It's all worth it as the prices are excellent. I stocked up on vitamin C fruits and I picked up a butternut squash to make some soup. The soup kind of turned out more like baby food than soup. Oh well. It still tasted good with crackers dipped into it. Wait. What was I talking about? RIGHT! Cherry blossoms! Since I couldn't find crackers, Kleenex or toothpaste at Fruiticana, I headed over to the strip mall across the street from our place. Lo and behold, in front of a closed down Rogers Video store, a tree with teeny, tiny blossoms sat waiting for me. Woohoo! Jackpot! I was wondering where I'd find some trees in Surrey. I did a quick search and didn't find much in our neighbourhood - although, White Rock down the street has plenty (according to the VCBF map). 'Autumnalis Rosea' I'm no arbourist, I believe this cherry tree is called Autumnalis Rosea 'Autumnalis Rosea' It seems like I may have to take off my beloved 50mm lens for the next few weeks and use my telephoto. These teensy blooms were WAAAAY up there and I couldn't get nearly close enough to get a lovely portrait of the blooms. But I do like how the light pink show nicely against the grey, grey sky. It was very overcast today. I think I'm supposed to report this somewhere so it gets added to the map! Newton Town Centre Cherry Blossom tree, you will be documented!