Doubly double

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Donner on the counter

What I’m REALLY trying to get is a photo of Donner with his mouth open so you can really see how funny he looks without any teeth. This task is proving difficult. Donner is most likely to be meowing loudly just before I feed him dinner. Tonight, he stood on the dishwasher yowling when he saw me take out the can of cat food. However, as soon as I pulled out my camera, he stopped. He closed his mouth and waltzed over to his cat food dish around the corner.  [click to continue…]



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Quilt guild night was just lovely. It was destash night and boy, was it EVER. We had about 6 big tables absolutely packed with fabrics of every kind, patterns (including some patterns of underpants – French style – fresh from 1987) and plenty of books. Whoa. It was FULL – almost overwhelming. But I fought through that and came home with 1 big full of more fabric. That was an entire box less than what I came with, so I think I made out well. I can’t keep on filling up my craftroom with stuff I think I’ll use. I actually have to use it. Even the pieces of Elvis!

Once I got home, I cooked up some bacon to try to feed to Donner. He tried to eat it, but I guess his mouth feels sore, because he wouldn’t swallow it. I called the vet today and the person I spoke to suggested I feed him some chicken baby food. I tried that and he licked a little bit of it. I have to admit, I tried it. It tasted bland and had the consistency of chalk or sand. Blech. Tomorrow I’ll try some more salmon and/or just plain old cat food. He didn’t want to eat it after he tasted the medicine on it this morning. But he’s pretty active, snuggly with Oscar and in good spirits otherwise. I would imagine his mouth is SO SORE, though. Even with the long lasting pain meds they gave him. Poor little guy.

My eyelids are very heavy right now. All that destashing was exhausting.

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Spider webs

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Little spider web

I sewed and sewed and sewed all afternoon and well into the night. Mike’s off work at 11:30, so that means I pick him up from the train at 12:24. It’s midnight now, and I just finished a pillow case. I just couldn’t go to bed tonight without something to sleep on that I sewed.

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Scratching the surface

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The world turns softly...

Poem by Hilda Conkling, Poems for a Little Girl, 1920

I’m not sure what you did tonight, but I scratched words into wet photos with a knitting needle! I didn’t create this photo in photoshop one bit. It’s 100% analog. I have many printed snapshots from the summer because I shot them in film. I took the option of scanning the photos as well, so I’m good. I’ve got the negatives, the photos on a disk and printed, just in case I ever need a copy. Which I most likely won’t ever need. Good thing I have back up upon back up of things I may or may not use again for any reason! YES! LOGIC!

BUT, I did like doing this simple project because:

1) I used photos that I was just going to stick in drawer.
2) I liked looking up poems about apples, water lilies and relaxing on the water.
3) I like how my handwriting turned out. It’s very instagrammy/faux handwriting. But it’s my handwriting! Cross my heart.
4) It’s easy. I just put a wet cloth on the photo and used a knitting needle like a pen. I read about it in the Photocraft book. Speaking of which, my photo transfers did not go well at all – even the ones that seemed to do well. They are all fuzzy and have some kind of haze on them, so you can barely see the image. Back to the drawing board on that project.

I’ll get back to those later. Right now, I have a lovely, analog water lily photo to show you.
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Labour Day

September 2, 2013

I picked up a couple of pumpkins on Saturday. We ate a small one for dinner tonight (roasted – with onions) and I took photos of the white one. The top photo’s a little spooky, and the next photo looks like someone wrote on the pumpkin.

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Photo transfers. Take 2! *SNAP*

August 21, 2013

Talk about timely. I was listening to Jay Mohr‘s podcast this morning and he was talking to Wayne Kramer, a member of the rock group MC5. Jay Mohr asked him what song took the most takes to get right in the studio. Wayne Kramer replied, Tutti Frutti. It took us a whole week to get […]

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Getting my hands dirty

August 14, 2013

I pulled out some “cradled wood panels” I had sitting in my closet for at least 2 years. Sheesh. I can’t remember what project I picked them up for so long ago, but I had them. I used this tutorial – it’s a little weird – there are no photos. Must have been created before […]

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Arm knitting

March 3, 2013

I had a banner day today! My buddy, Monica invited me and a new buddy (to me! Monica’s known Nancy for ages), Nancy, over and we Arm Knitted. No needles, just chunky yarn and our arms. It made NO sense to me at first. Casting on is the hardest part. Once the yarn was cast […]

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Little fish

February 27, 2013

Last month, I started thinking about things to make with some the beautiful sari yarn from Trunk Craft Works. At first, I thought I would crochet some flowers, but as I made them, I didn’t like the way they looked when they were finished. They were a bit lumpy and misshapen no matter how much […]

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Monk time

October 14, 2012

When someone asks me if I want to go see monks, I will always say, “YES!” because every other day? I don’t hang out with monks. In robes. Especially when those monks make crafts. YES! Lelainia and I got to Dr Sun Yat-Sen Garden at 9:50 this morning. We hung out under a nearby awning […]

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