Community service

by Carol Browne on September 27, 2014 · 0 comments

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The dumping of the shoesOver the last few days, we noticed someone had left his or her shoes on one of the lawns near our place. After several days of seeing them out in the rain, we decided to bring out the snow shovel (ew! Don’t touch them with your hands! GROSS!) and put them to rest in the nearby dumpster. Mike did the heavy lifting while I documented our community service.

RIP dirty, old shoes.

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My endless tomatoes

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All the tomatoes

Well, I found a sweet spot in the garden for tomatoes. I think they’re a little late, but they are growing like CRAZY and show no end in sight. The plants are weighed down with little green tomatoes and every day there’s a 4 or 5 nicely ripe ones for me to pull off and eat. They are like little candies I can eat any day of the week. Mike’s not into the tomatoes, so I am gobbling them all by myself.

There are also a couple of bigger tomatoes – they are about the size of an apple each. Hopefully they will last until they get nice and ripe. Worst case scenario? I make some fried green tomatoes with ground almonds instead of bread crumbs. I also don’t remember buying big tomato plants back in the spring – I thought they were all little ones. Surprise!
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More words to live by.

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Money CAN buy happiness!

I agreed to go with Mike to take photos at a BBQ event in Langley today. It probably would have been more fun if we had gone when we were hungry. We wandered around, listened to the country band – who sang old school country songs – which always reminds me of being a kid in Calgary. My mom and dad listened to country music all the time. We also didn’t wait in line for free hunks of meat with the masses. I guess we sort of missed out, but I’m sure there will be another BBQ to attend in the future.

As per the sign, cash buys bacon, not happiness. I found an excellent example of this in the crowd.

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Look at those feet! WEIRD!

Yesterday in between volleyball sets, I walked down to the water where I found this little seagull. I was hoping he felt okay because he was just sitting on the rocks (right near the sea) and didn’t seem to be worried that I was getting very close to him. Oh no. Not another sick bird. I’ve come across several in the city and it’s just a sad state to see them not moving away from you when you get too close. Thankfully, this little guy got up when I got really close and I noticed his feet were a weird, pale, greenish colour. I think he felt okay, but he just looked a little odd.

His feet, definitely, and his eyes…very pale…I’m no ornithologist, but this little guy didn’t look or act quite right. Hopefully he’s just young and will fill in and get a nice pink colour on his feet like the other gulls do. I’m hoping for the very best for this little guy. Hopefully he’s eating garbage out of a dumpster just like his buddies. Fingers crossed.

In other news, even though I got home after 10 pm, I couldn’t help myself from making tomato soup. It had to be done today thanks to some lovely tomatoes from Lelainia’s garden on the weekend. Even though we continue to have a glorious summer (sorry, Calgary) soup definitely felt like the right way to go. We had soup tonight and lunch is served for tomorrow.

Again! Lunch ready for the next day! I’m on a roll.

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A Fall Fern

September 4, 2014

It’s been a banner day. All I seem to be talking about lately is food and clothes, so what the heck? I’ll keep with that for today. Also know that several Interior Design graduates have found work as Junior Interior Designers. Incredible. The Fall is really shaping up. Today I lucked out and found these […]

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I forgot about Cabbage Rolls

September 2, 2014

I met this donkey yesterday at the meat shop and listened to him make happy, loud crunchy sounds as he munched cob after cob of corn. He and his buddy were really into the corn. They pulled the husks off with their teeth sometimes, but mostly, they ate the corn husk and all. CRUNCH! Tonight […]

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Bokeh in the Trees

August 19, 2014

Tuesday’s usually a later night for dinner and stuff (we stay in Vancouver to hang out with friends). Tonight I will attempt to make some kind of cooked meal in the crockpot to take to work for lunch tomorrow. Now that we’ve got a trip to go on, I feel I should make every attempt […]

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“Just Like Grandma’s”

August 16, 2014

I think Johanna and I are becoming afternoon tea connoisseurs. Today we went on an adventure about 15 minutes away from where we live – all the way to Delta. I thought the tea house was actually in Surrey, but it is not. It’s located right across the street from Surrey in Delta. Of course […]

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Teeny pies

August 2, 2014

Is it just me or is this a cranky pie? He’s a little on the frowny side. This morning I was up before the crack of dawn. Mike had to BE at work at 7:00 (oof) so there was no stop for pancakes along the way this Faturday. I hope IHOP was okay without us. […]

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Around the world in about an hour and half

July 20, 2014

Mike and I went over to the Fusion Festival today in Holland Park in Surrey. It was a nice event! Not too crowded and the temperature was just right – a little cloudy and cool. The photo above is my favourite portrait I’ve taken in a very long time. We found him at the Israel […]

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