Advent 2014 – Day 17, I scream, you scream!

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Yes! Candy cane ice cream!Peppermint candy ice cream. I’ve been thinking about it for the last few days. I can’t believe I found it in my travels after running away screaming from Honey badger yesterday. Such a jerk! But I have a sneaking suspicion he’s not always mean and awful. I just know it. My fairy senses are tingling about that mean old honey badger. But first, let me take a closer look at my delicious, mouthwatering candy cane ice cream.

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Warm Blueberry Soup

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Blueberry soup

Mike and I have been celebrating Faturday since about April 2013. All week long we only eat meat, veggies and beans and legumes (it’s called the 4 Hour Diet). We did this in order to lose some weight and feel better all around. Since that time, Mike’s lost many pounds and since I don’t weigh myself, I measure by clothing size. I’ve lost 3 dress sizes since we started this “eating system” as my mom calls it.

A few weeks ago, we decided to incorporate 1 piece of fruit per day into our regular food days. If you follow this way of eating strictly, this is not, “allowed”. However, the author did mention he drinks 1 glass of wine per day. SO, after a year and a half of only having fruit on Faturdays, we made this allowance (in lieu of booze. I think that’s fair) 1 piece (or equivalent) of fruit every day. Usually we eat an apple (cut up with some peanut butter) or a Christmas orange. This week, however, I found a recipe for the beautifully named, Warm Blueberry Soup. It is warm blueberry puree with cinnamon. That’s it. The recipe I found had all sorts of other ingredients in it. But all I wanted was blueberries, some water and cinnamon. I brought it to a boil and then blended it up in the blender on high. The texture is lovely – very smooth.

On top I whipped some coconut cream. If you put a can of coconut milk (allowed on the 4 hour Diet due to the low carbs in the cream) in the fridge overnight, the cream separates and floats to the top. Just scoop that thick cream off, get out the mix master, and boom! It whips up just like whipping cream. I added a bit of vanilla in it. YUM. Done. Dessert.

This is a lovely dessert, and could work as a breakfast as well.

But the best part is the name. Warm. Blueberry. Soup.

Such comfort.


My favourite layer of all the layers – scones & cream. So. Good.

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This weekend, well, these last two days, actually, have been filled with awesome things I suddenly love. Today, Johanna He-man-way and I dressed up in animal sweaters, hopped in the car and headed over to the Vancouver Airport for afternoon tea. Thanks, Groupon! WEWT! Seriously, that coupon was a great deal. We were served 3 tiers of lovely sandwiches, two delicious scones each – my favourite of all the layers (shown above) – and the top tier of beautiful and tasty desserts. I have to say, those cranberry orange scones with Devonshire Cream were ALMOST my favourite parts of today’s afternoon tea. HOWEVER, the tiny square of matcha green tea cheesecake was the very, very best cheesecake I have ever, ever had. The best.

After our relaxing meal, we drove down to another part of Richmond to IKEA. The good news is, after a very long lock out, the dispute has been settled. The downside? Not really ready for business as usual. No soft serve ice cream was available. SAD. I guess things will be up and running in the next couple of months. ALSO, I wanted to buy a Christmas tree panel of fabric for our office, but apparently, someone had bought the entire bolt of Christmas trees. Seriously. They bought the whole forest. Greedy. I only needed 1 tree. Not the whole forest. SHEESH.

SO, the second thing I love is this phone app that Mike found on Friday – it’s called tintype. So. Dreamy.
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BOO! For 4 bucks!

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Now kisthI’m showing another thrifty win from the weekend. Mike was reluctant to buy this quality Halloween decoration, but he relented after a little discussion and BOO is sitting in the living room right now with Doug. YES! I didn’t want to leave him outside because he is very light and would most likely blow away. It has been a windy, blustery night. The lights have been flickering and everything. Boo! Spooky.

I felt pretty crappy this morning, so, I stayed home, drank lots of liquids and snoozed. I got lots of sleep and feel better. I’m pretty sure it’s not Ebola, but something’s going around the office. I think I’ve slept it off now and will return back to the office in the morning.

I cannot be sick any longer than today. We’ve got a graduation ceremony to plan.

In other news, I have a big high tea day planned for the weekend with Johanna. We’re going for fancy tea at the Fairmont Hotel at the airport. And apparently we’re wearing matching animal sweaters in celebration. Just like they do at Buckingham Palace! I am SURE the queen wears a sweater with a cat on it for tea.

I’d better get my fox/raccoon sweater in the washer.

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