BOO! For 4 bucks!

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Now kisthI'm showing another thrifty win from the weekend. Mike was reluctant to buy this quality Halloween decoration, but he relented after a little discussion and BOO is sitting in the living room right now with Doug. YES! I didn't want to leave him outside because he is very light and would most likely blow away. It has been a windy, blustery night. The lights have been flickering and everything. Boo! Spooky. I felt pretty crappy this morning, so, I stayed home, drank lots of liquids and snoozed. I got lots of sleep and feel better. I'm pretty sure it's not Ebola, but something's going around the office. I think I've slept it off now and will return back to the office in the morning. I cannot be sick any longer than today. We've got a graduation ceremony to plan. In other news, I have a big high tea day planned for the weekend with Johanna. We're going for fancy tea at the Fairmont Hotel at the airport. And apparently we're wearing matching animal sweaters in celebration. Just like they do at Buckingham Palace! I am SURE the queen wears a sweater with a cat on it for tea. I'd better get my fox/raccoon sweater in the washer.

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Happy Thanksgiving While the turkey is roasting in the oven, set the table with as many containers as possible that have lids on them. Also, have the squirt bottle nearby as to keep any cats off the table. Since we only set the table twice a year, the cats were curious as to what was happening.  Eventually we put the kitties in the basement while we ate dinner. But still, lids on everything. Bring out the pretty tablecloth! Mike's mom gave me this one. It's linen. And excellent. Fill the pickle tray with little pickles and tiny tomatoes. Pickle trayWhen the turkey is ready, bring it to the table and dig in! Dig in! Eat the entire dinner in about 20 minutes. That was delicious! Feel full for the next 3 hours. Phew! Happily, we've got lunches for the next few days and dinners, too. I'll have to keep the pumpkin pie until next Saturday. I can't eat another bite, but it turned out really well this time. I roasted the pumpkin last night and added fresh ginger and nutmeg. Really tasty. As we cleaned out the dining room/moved stuff downstairs, it became very clear our dining room is a very boring space - especially after making the kitchen feel so cozy. It's a little room off to the side of the house that we don't really use at all. It's just a storage spot. We need to do something with this space. Make it more welcoming and useful. Time to put on the old thinking cap.


Bumps on a log

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Bumps on a log Mike & I went on the hunt for some fall foliage and tried a local park called, Green Timbers Urban Forest.  I think we were a little bit early because there wasn't much as far as colourful leaves go. The park was really nice, though. Huge, wind-y, path We walked along the huge, wind-y path called, Cedar Trail. We pretty much had the whole place to ourselves. We didn't see too many people there until we got to the fishing pond. Sadly, it started to rain just when we got to the pond, so we had to make our way back. The forest Keep the electronics dry and safe! We did get a few photos before we headed out. This was a super slack day. Tomorrow, the work begins! I've got a little turkey to make. And a pumpkin pie. I've already roasted the sugar pumpkin, so that's one less step to take care of tomorrow. I will have to clear off the dining room table and set it. I think the last time it was set was Christmas 2013. Heh. Tonight we'll be getting into the spirit of the season by watching Halloween. With Doug. And the Halloween kitties. No candy just yet. We'll have some tomorrow. Thanksgiving in 5...4...3...2....1


Aerial Views

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Aerial Views I'm not sure what I like best about these photos. It could be the heart print of my nightgown, or my blue toenails (that polish has lasted a long time) or Oscar looking like a koi fish at Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden - which reminds me, we need to go there for Halloween. SPOOKY times! I think koi fish win. I found this mini ironing board today on my lunch hour and lugged it back home on the skytrain tonight. I think it will work perfectly in our living room on a $10 side table we have in the shed. I'll dig it out, clean it up and give it a try. Little ironing board Recently Mike & I have acquired grown up clothes that require plenty of ironing - clothes with collars and things. They really do look awful all wrinkly. SO, on Sunday nights while we're watching several hours of netflix and Boardwalk Empire, I can iron up our clothes for the following week. Whoa. Now I'm setting up an ironing system. CRAZY. And I can prep and iron things for my quilting projects as well. This is quite a step up from the times I only used my iron to wax my cross-country skis. That's a true story and my mom was NOT impressed. And, I've started decorating. In the entraceI think this really needs some Halloween bunting underneath. I'll get my iron out and start pressing some prairie points.


More words to live by.

September 14, 2014

I agreed to go with Mike to take photos at a BBQ event in Langley today. It probably would have been more fun if we had gone when we were hungry. We wandered around, listened to the country band – who sang old school country songs – which always reminds me of being a kid […]

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Reserved, conservative, and quiet…

September 12, 2014

Quilting Bee was AWESOME tonight! We celebrated being a guild for 4 years and we did so with a healthy competition. We had to sew an 18 X 18 inch quilt in an hour AND we had to use 20 pieces in the quilt AND after this photo was taken, we had to bind it […]

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There’s a lot of THIS during volleyball

September 7, 2014

I may never get a gig shooting a volleyball game for saying this, but boy, there sure is a lot of standing around in the sport of volleyball. Clearly, this is not a volleyball blog. I headed down to Kits Beach this afternoon in support of the first Intercollegiate Volleyball Tournament hosted by the school […]

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Party in the yard

September 6, 2014

This afternoon Mike & I went to a birthday party in Boyd’s backyard. Clearly, we partied like it was his birthday. Don’t be alarmed! While it looks like we had a bunch of rappers come by the party for entertainment, we did not. These are our friends! If they were a band, this would be […]

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We need to paint everything bubblegum pink

August 30, 2014

This afternoon we watched The Grand Budapest Hotel by Wes Anderson and I loved, loved, loved it. I loved the story and the look of the movie. There were so many pink walls and men wearing purple suits. There was also some wallpaper that reminded me of the carpet from The Shining. After watching such […]

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This was us! Sixteen years ago…

August 28, 2014

CHEESE! We did it! On Friday, August 29th, we’ll have been married 16 years. And yes, we DO pose like this all the time. At home. On the Skytrain. Everywhere. When we go out for our anniversary dinner tomorrow night, we will pose like this until our dinner is served. Also, CHEAT MEAL! Woohoo! I […]

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