Counting the sheep

by Carol Browne on February 22, 2015 · 0 comments

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Eye level sheep

Yesterday afternoon before the Maria Bamford show, Mike and I wandered around Granville Street and the surrounding areas. After following the drum beats to Holt Renfrew to see the Lion Dancers, we headed a couple of blocks over the Vancouver Art Gallery and found about a billion little sheep covering the grassy area of the VAG (Heh. I know. That’s what the locals call it. VAG. Heh.). Okay, maybe not a billion, but more than 10! I’m good with numbers!
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The Lion Dance

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Uh. Dude. Look behind you!


After work today – Yup. It happens sometimes. We work the occasional weekends – it’s okay. It worked out well because Mike had to work, too. We met up and headed out on a very long photowalk up Granville Street. We were only about half a block into the walk when I heard the loud banging of the drums and I knew exactly what was happening. Lion dancers! I followed the sound which took us right into Holt Renfrew.

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Teensy sheep

I forgot I had this teensy sheep in my china cabinet. This little guy was picked up many moons ago at a store we used to frequent in Khobar, Saudi Arabia. The shop was nick named, “The Waterford Crystal & LEGO Store” because, well, that’s what they sold. Something for everyone! That was a good gimmick because lots of people shopped there. So this little crystal sheep will be out for the year. This is his (or her) year!

Not washing my hair today for festive reasons really paid off. I also wore my red dress, red jacket and red scarf – more red pieces of clothing than any of my Chinese coworkers. They were impressed! On my way to the office, I snapped this lucky shot of Oscar peeking out the window.
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Happy Chinese New Year Eve

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Chinese lanterns

Today is Chinese New Year’s Eve. I did as much cleaning as I could muster and took out all the garbages. I think that’s one of the most important things to do. I really should have dusted the TVs because WHOA. Hopefully the Chinese New Year spirits will turn a blind eye to that. Added bonus – extra time to sleep tomorrow! It’s tradition not to wash your hair on Chinese New Year Day so you don’t wash away your good luck. It won’t be good luck for anyone I share an office with, I’m sure. While I’m not stinky, my hair does tend to look like a hat of hair on my head after only day of not washing it. EW. I know. I was thinking I should probably wear a hat tomorrow to camouflage this, but it won’t really go with my red dress! And my red jacket! Sadly, I’m out of red underwear. I had a pair last year, but found them to be uncomfortable so I pitched them out.

So much information about hygiene and discomfort! I am sorry about that.

I don’t have anything planned for tomorrow. I should make something a little bit interesting for dinner, though. Mike’s schedule has changed recently, so our super late night dinners (we were eating at 11:30 for awhile there) are over for the time being. We ate at 8:30 pm tonight. It happens. I get off work at 6:30 and commute for just over an hour. I think we are both getting used to the new schedule.

Wow. This was a riveting post. And the last day of the Year of the Horse. Tomorrow starts the Year of the sheep/goat/ram which I read is supposed to be a peaceful year. Is there such a thing? I certainly hope so. Also, maybe it will be a little playful, like this baby goat?

Here’s to a happy, peaceful and jumpy Year of the Goat. More baby goats, please!


Getting our Chinese New Year treats

February 12, 2015

Tonight after a worky work networking event (which was successful! Yay! I didn’t have to read a book in the bathroom waiting for the frat boys to finish their shenanigans. That happened once at a networking event I went to a couple of years ago.) *Also, I just made a typo – newtworking. That could […]

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Warning sign

February 6, 2015

I turned the menu board into a warning sign during the week. That sign would just say, “Chilli” or “Eggs Again” on Sundays to Fridays anyway. So I thought a warning sign would be better. But those cats don’t read. I don’t like the kitties on the counter, either. This is Oscar on the pass-thru […]

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Full Indie was fully fun!

January 28, 2015

I came because of work, but stayed for the fun! I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed this whole gaming event thing. What started as a work thing – attending the Game Jam last weekend – turned out to be really lots of fun. Tonight I was able to play some of the […]

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Today’s horrible fact

January 27, 2015

Okay. Are you ready for this? I learned a little fact about adorable, pink, peegs. But first, I love the window displays over at Holt Renfrew – the very fancy dress, pants, shoes and purses store. And coats. And make up. Trust me. Everything is fancy over there.  More fun! Less Fuss! I agree. And […]

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Global Game Jam 2015 – Vancouver Edition

January 24, 2015

I had no idea THIS would be what 325 people would look like last night when I set up the signage for the Global Game Jam at UBC (The University of British Columbia). I got there around 8:30 pm and it was in full swing. Even though there were SO many people, it was strangely […]

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So, that went well.

January 22, 2015

Worky work alert! Tonight’s portfolio show was a success. Employers! Alumni! Friends! Work pals! Many of our alumni are working now, so it is SO good to see them and hear what’s happening. Also, *PHEW*. In some cases, they are already referring their fellow grads for jobs. Seriously. It’s happening. AND, animation and VFX is […]

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