The REAL Big Apple

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The REAL Big Apple I was very excited to tell everyone I met that we were going to Berwick today - and I would be sure to mention that it's The Apple Capital of Nova Scotia. I have to tell you, everyone I told this to laughed at me. For the record, they are all the locals. I guess they weren't impressed with my vast knowledge of Nova Scotia (I have now exhausted all my knowledge of Berwick) or they already knew this about Berwick. Darn. I guess I'm late to the Apple Capital party. Oh well. At least we got here! We drove quite a bit today - across the province three times. It only took an hour to get across - we went across the skinny part of NS. Driving This morning we traveled from Bridgewater across to Berwick. Along this route we drove past a number of Christmas Tree farms, but mostly it was farms and windy roads. Really lovely. The scenery We picked up Dianne and went to Halifax to see Mike's brother and girlfriend for a lazy afternoon of playing Cards Against Humanity and lunch. It was a good time getting caught up and then we drove back to Berwick, where we'll be staying tonight. And tomorrow night! Mike & Dianne We took this photo right in downtown Berwick. And just after I took this photo, this tractor rolled right through downtown. Rush hour in Berwick Yup. The pace is very leisurely around here. I really like it. Guess what we're doing tomorrow? Two words: Quilt. Show.


Working at the cow wash…

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Working at the cow wash, yah! The Big Ex did NOT disappoint. This cow was loving getting a wash down, it was REALLY hot today. I'm talking 26 degrees hot (that's about 78 degrees Fahrenheit for my US friends). The sun was beating down on us all, and by all, I mean, cowboys, tourists, people on rides and my new favourite farm animals, the mighty oxen. A beast of burden. When we got to the exhibition, the ox pull was already in full swing. All I thought was, "I hope I never get reincarnated into an ox. They really are the beasts of burden.". They stood there stoically while the men put weights on what looked like a flat sled. Then, they would have to pull the sled - not far - but once they did, the man over the intercom would say, "That was a good pull."' and then the ox would be disconnected from the sled and move over for the next team to make, "a good pull". I didn't ever see what constituted a bad pull. All oxen were dressed up nicely in collars and head dresses. Even though they have to the most boring job on the farm (pulling heavy stuff) they look pretty good while doing so. I took so many photos of these animals. We visited their barns and I even petted some. They are huge creatures - way bigger than cows and solid and sturdy. Also, they have talents you can't even imagine. Oxen have talents! This was the LUCKIEST shot in the world. While my heart was with the ox, some of the horses were wearing beautiful horsie fashions, like this fancy horse: Horsie head tilt She? Or he? Gave me the horsie head tilt, which I loved.   Across the fairgrounds were the rides. We only took photos of the rides, I didn't go on any of them. I didn't feel like barfing today. But they are beautiful from a distance! The Big Ex rides and stuff I am beat tonight. We also went to the beach twice today and to Lunenburg. I will sleep well, that's for sure.



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Dance off! Exciting times at Zumba today! The instructors came into the crowd and did a dance off. I had no idea what was happening, but Ruwani yelled out, "OH! DANCE OFF!" once the instructors came down off the stage and parted the crowd Red Sea style. This made two teams and the instructors each took a team. Then we Zumba-ed toward them and the would do the same in return. Now. This does not sound exciting  AT ALL, but trust me, when you're in a dance off, it's FUN! I was on the team that lost. Or at least I think we lost? We were pushed back A LOT. And see the man in the green shorts? My favourite Zumba instructor! He is always smiley and is a beautiful dancer. He's trained in ballet as well. Not only was there a dance off, but there was a reunion at Zumba today. Meemers and Ruwani were there! Ruwani and Mimi! Yup. My face was pretty red after all that dancing. But look! Mimi and Ruwani! It was so good to see them! There was much screaming on my part when I saw them. I didn't realize they would be there and they somehow found me in amongst a couple hundred people. Zumba is really the best thing about Mondays. The best!


I couldn't stop looking at him. I went to the Fraser Valley Modern Quilt Guild today and all I got was hypnotized by this tiny human. He's the grandson of one of our guild members and pretty much the coolest baby around. He barely made any sounds at all the whole time I was there (from about 1 pm to 4:15). Little guy just slept and ate a little bit and let us all get to sewing. How you doin'? How's the sewing going? There were plenty of other people at this sew-in. You just can't tell because I couldn't stop looking at this guy. I was going to bring my sewing machine and my Kitchen Sink Quilt (which I worked on some more last night! It's coming together!) but it would have been a big hassle to take all the blocks off my design wall and keep them in the right order. So, I decided to glue baste a ton of tiny cardstock diamonds with some fabric so I have a lot of English Paper Piecing to take with me on the plane to Nova Scotia next week. It takes a lot of prep to get this done, but apparently preparation helps to make a better end product (vs. just jumping in without any forethought whatsoever, which is usually how I do things.). I'm not sure what's happening to me lately. I've become more appreciative/aware of planning ahead for stuff. I'm still not very good at it, but I'm trying to think a little bit more that way rather than just trying to do everything in the last 5 minutes. DANGER! Gratuitous cherby baby photo below: Cheruby!  



July 14, 2015

I didn’t take the time to take a photo today. I don’t talk about worky work on my blog, but just know, today was a good day at the office. Who knew the hardest part of my new job recruiting is making the matches? I’ve found some jobs! All those business calls paid off. Now […]

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My favourite Canada Day parade member

July 1, 2015

So, even though I MAY have been complaining last night about not getting to sleep in today and being a lazy slug – WAIT. Are slugs lazy? Or just slow? I guess that’s not fair to slugs. Sorry to any slugs I’ve offended with that comment. It was based out of ignorance. ANYWAY, we got […]

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Right down the middle of Water Street

June 24, 2015

This was pretty fun. In fact, I’d love it if they’d shut down Water Street every day. There were musicians on every block all the way though Gastown. The band stationed outside our office was a head banging band – there was lots and lots of long hair being whipped around and then a few […]

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The Sportscasters’ booth

June 7, 2015

Yesterday after all the fun at Maker Faire, Mike wanted to check out the finished broadcasters’ booth at the Olympic Cauldron. He’d been watching it being built for the last few weeks out the lunchroom window. This is the view from the lunchroom (with a pretty long lens). Not too shabby. I had seen it […]

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So much for resting today.

June 6, 2015

I thought/had quietly planned to myself that I wasn’t going to do much today except for the usual Faturday morning IHOP visit. Mike, however, had other plans and we went all over town. We went from the Maker Faire at the PNE and then over to the Olympic Cauldron. And you know what? He was […]

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A good good night

May 29, 2015

My buddies at work (AKA as my Sister Wives) organized a farewell dinner for me tonight. We went to The Italian Kitchen for dinner and guess who joined us? Vancouver Fashion Designer, Jason Matlo. SQUEEE! It was a lovely visit and it turns out his studio is right next door to where my new office […]

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