Mike and I shot an event tonight – which was awesome – it was the DigiBC event celebrating the top tech employers in the Lower Mainland. This took place at Science World. So glorious. There were lots of dinosaur bones around Science World. We even found one that looked like a cat!

And, it completely felt like summer today. Warm air in the morning, noon and even tonight on our LONG ride home.

It took us 3 bus rides and 2 skytrains to finally get home due to a fire at the Science World Skytrain Station. What are the chances of that happening? I don’t think anyone was hurt – just incredibly inconvenient at 10 pm.

The night would not be complete without getting panhandled for our phones. This is a thing these days. Nine times out of ten, it’s an unfortunate looking man that asks, “Can I use your phone?”. As my mom would say, “I wasn’t born yesterday, do you know.”. So the answer is always NO and then he will walk away, muttering things like, “See what happens when you ask?!?” and it’s all very uncomfortable.

I did NOT fall off the turnip truck, mister.

Short week! Yay! I am ready for the weekend. And for work, actually. Hearing about all those tech companies was exciting! Things are happening again!


Scene change

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Abstract silhouette.

I took the day off to work today so I could take photos at a local high school play. My buddy is a high school drama teacher and anytime she wants photos, I am THERE. I love those drama students. They all work very hard on these plays – like 7 or 8 months. The schedule building up to opening night is gruelling. Tonight was their pre-show – and tomorrow is the opening. These students were very excited tonight.
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EEP! Sharks!

I was watching the little guy on the top of the ramp up there so intently, that I didn’t realized I was being surrounded by sharks.

We went to CityFest today in North Vancouver. The event is focused for youth, so there was plenty of skateboarding, some dancers and some bands. So cute. Some of those band members were pretty young – maybe 9 or 10 to about 12? And they looked adorable behind the drums and big guitars.

One main attraction was the skateboarding competition. It was kind of hard to figure out who was competing during the actual competition (the guys all skated at once), but it was entertaining to see for sure. I decided to give out my own awards on my blog – The Total Phoney Bologna Awards – (No actual awards were given to the winners. Just some accolades on my blog.) But really, aren’t all awards phoney bologna? OOOHHH! BURN! Awards and award shows!

Here are some of my favourites from the event.


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Fashion parades

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Designer - Jinju Nam, VCAD graduate

Top designed (and sewn) by Jinju Nam – VCAD graduate.

I read somewhere that fashion shows in The United States were not originally open to the public. Their focus was for retailers and department stores – I guess buyers from these organizations would make their selections for the upcoming seasons. These shows were mainly for business purposes, not really for entertainment. The times have changed back into the Paris days of Fashion Parades. If you can get a ticket, you can see the show.

I love going to fashion shows. Before I started working at VCAD, I’d never been to a show ever. In three months, I had been to 5. Part of the fun of these shows is seeing who’s in the audience.

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All eyes on us…

April 22, 2015

Eco Fashion Week was awesome. VCAD (the Visual College of Art & Design) was a sponsor and we got the VIP treatment for the final show of the event. We had 3 graduates do a mini fashion show just before our Portfolio Instructor and local Fashion Designer, Jason Matlo, had his most recent collection on […]

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In the audience

April 21, 2015

Since the school that I work at is sponsoring Eco Fashion Week, I was able to go to the fashion shows tonight. Oh wait, before that, please note that I am blogging to you LIVE from the unhappiest city in Canada. Yup. Vancouver has the dubious honour of being home to the unhappiest people in […]

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Remember last week when we saw tulips?

April 13, 2015

Yah. Me, too. That was a good day. It’s only 2 days until a worky work event takes place and my mind is playing tricks on me. I’ll soldier on, but just know that last night I dreamt about bombs, relatives on steroids and hundreds of snakes under the bed. That’s not the worst part […]

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Please do not walk between the rows. *GASP*

April 6, 2015

BUSTED! There were signs all over the place asking to please do not walk between the rows. But they did make for a lovely photo. It was busy at work today – lots of prep for the next event, which is the portfolio show. So it was nice to come home tonight, have leftover ham […]

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More than meets the eye

April 5, 2015

Yesterday we were downtown and stopped in at the Fan Expo to see who was there. Transformers were there!

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Fields of colour

April 4, 2015

Can’t say I didn’t warn you. Just look at this! FULL DISCLOSURE: I did enhance the colour of the sky in the photo above, but the tulips really looked like this. I’ve seen tulip fields plenty of times, but it still is an impressive sight to see all the colours after driving through fallowed fields […]

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