Full Indie was fully fun!

by Carol Browne on January 28, 2015 · 1 comment

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Yes! Games!I came because of work, but stayed for the fun!

I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed this whole gaming event thing. What started as a work thing – attending the Game Jam last weekend – turned out to be really lots of fun. Tonight I was able to play some of the games that the teams developed over 48 hours at the regular gaming meet up called Full Indie. They made games that worked very well and had amazing graphics, too!

I watched people play the game, “My Dad Can Beat Your Dad” – a punching game, a samurai fighting game, and others. I would have played them, but the line ups to play were huge! This event was very popular. I know over 300 people were registered to come, but it felt like plenty more. I did get a chance to try THIS, though!

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Today’s horrible fact

by Carol Browne on January 27, 2015 · 0 comments

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Okay. Are you ready for this? I learned a little fact about adorable, pink, peegs. But first, I love the window displays over at Holt Renfrew – the very fancy dress, pants, shoes and purses store. And coats. And make up. Trust me. Everything is fancy over there.

 More fun! Less Fuss! I agree. And the next sentiment is very suitable for this horrible fact coming up.
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Global Game Jam 2015 – Vancouver Edition

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I had no idea THIS would be what 325 people would look like last night when I set up the signage for the Global Game Jam at UBC (The University of British Columbia). I got there around 8:30 pm and it was in full swing. Even though there were SO many people, it was strangely quiet in this huge room. All these men and women were focusing every bit of their attention on the games they were making. Some were making characters, some were coding, some were editing sound and/or making soundtracks for the games. It was a very, very busy bee hive.
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So, that went well.

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Artist Trading Card

Worky work alert! Tonight’s portfolio show was a success. Employers! Alumni! Friends! Work pals! Many of our alumni are working now, so it is SO good to see them and hear what’s happening. Also, *PHEW*. In some cases, they are already referring their fellow grads for jobs. Seriously. It’s happening. AND, animation and VFX is going gangbusters still. It’s all very exciting!

I have to say, my schmoozing skills are improving with every show. No one is more shocked by this development than I am.

One thing about many of the students I get to work with is that they are great illustrators. They can draw so, so well and they draw constantly. Many carry sketchbooks with them and draw any spare minute they can find. I love looking at their sketchbooks and that is one of the things I like to ask, “Do you have a sketchbook? Can I see it?”. I actually forgot that people draw until I started working at the school nearly 3 years ago now.

Tonight I was gifted an Artist Trading Card by one of those people who carries a sketchbook. An ATC is a small piece of art – created on a playing card-sized base. I love this little character. She drew him with pen and used a bit of paint (I think) and gel-pens. I have a tiny easel and will put him on my desk tomorrow.

Photo to follow (of course).


The day that was a very good day.

January 17, 2015

Some days are just banner days. This one was one of those days. I consumed many things (which is not supposed to make you happy, but it was very satisfying, nonetheless.). We started the day off by picking up the matching ottoman to the couch. HUZZAH. This is how that looked: I didn’t even turn […]

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Hippo birdies two ewes!

January 4, 2015

It was my sister’s birthday today and I nearly missed it! Congratulations, C@thy, for making another revolution around the sun. I hear you went to the movies and had mom’s awesome cupcakes for dinner! Sounds like the perfect birthday. Next time we go to JC Penny, we’ll have to find an updated pair of elephant […]

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Just like the old days

December 28, 2014

We went for a visit to our pals, Kerry & Patrick’s place. By my calculations, the last time we saw them was THREE YEARS ago! How does that happen? It’s frightening to me how quickly time is flying by these days. Three years? It only seems like a few months. Since we last visited, they […]

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Merry, Merry Christmas From The Brownes

December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas, everyone! All the very best in 2015. I cannot wait to see what happens next. Enjoy your turkey dinners!

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Advent 2014 – Day 24, Surprise guests & the grand finale

December 24, 2014

Faye: Those were sure great honey cakes. Your mom is a really good cook. I should come over more often! Meredith: Yes! Please! And sorry about my brother. He’s such a pest. Faye: No he isn’t! He’s cute. I kinda like him. Meredith: EW. Don’t be gross. Faye: Wait. Did you hear that? Meredith: I […]

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Advent 2014 – Day 23, No idea

December 22, 2014

Meredith: What is this? Faye: Huh? Meredith: This. Faye: It feels sort of carpet-y. Is it a bed? Meredith: It smells nice. Like peppermint. Faye: Let’s lay it down and see what it feels like to stand on.

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