Feeling crafty

by Carol Browne on November 16, 2014 · 1 comment

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Love this box of ornamentsHere is yesterday’s purchase from the vintage, junking Christmas flea market we went to. I love the shape of the Christmas ornaments and the packaging. These are going to look great on our white Christmas tree.

I was tempted to start decorating the tree, but exercised restraint. Instead, I tried them out on the cedar tree in our backyard.

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Tintype me!

by Carol Browne on November 6, 2014 · 0 comments

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Denise! Thumbs up!

Yes! Another portrait for my tintype collection. And day 4 of the black and white challenge. DONE! My crafty pal, Denise, and I had a delicious lunch at the Baghdad Cafe and had a good chat. Lovely. I had two great lunches this week. I was spoiled for company and lunches this week. And tintypes! And portraits! And without naming any names, a couple of grads signed employment contracts just today. INCREDIBLE. It’s been a good week.

And the house is clean! I got it all done after work and even made dinner. Yes! Ham and eggs. The place is all ready to go for when mom and my sister get here tomorrow. I will drive into work tomorrow and pick them up from the airport immediately after locking up the school. And then the extra long weekend begins. I was able to finagle the Monday off, so we’ve got 4 days off in a row and so does Mike. What will we do with all this time together? I haven’t even thought about it yet – except for a trip to the USA. Mike’s got his passport now, so he can join us. I’m fairly certain he would love nothing more than shopping at Kohl’s with us.

Look out Bellis Fair! We are coming for you.


Another one for the collection

by Carol Browne on November 5, 2014 · 0 comments

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I had lunch today with my buddy and owner of Loyal Coalition Apparel. I know! Fancy me! We ate a fabulous lunch at Finches Tea-house (House Salad with Prosciutto. Always good.). I was HOPING she was wearing one of her beanies today, because she looks excellent in a beanie and I am lacking in portraits with beanies. I’ll have to schedule another lunch with her during the winter when she would have to wear a toque. Today was an unusually, dry and sunny day – not exactly warm hat weather.

So, another black and white portrait for my collection and I remembered to do day 2 of the black and white facebook challenge. YES! 2 down, 3 to go.

SOOOOoooo, on my way to the grocery store today, I stopped by the neighbourhood thrift store. It’s dangerously close to the Newton Bus Exchange and they have good stuff there. I’ve been dropping by a couple of days a week to see what’s happening over there. I’ve picked up a couple of cool Pyrex dishes WITH lids. I’ve decided to buy all food containers with lids because the cats get into everything that’s out in the open. This is proving problematic since we’ve started eating at the dining room table like civilized grown ups. I made Roasted Acorn Squash Soup tonight. With turkey. Yum.

Meanwhile, back at the thrift store, THIS beautiful ceramic Christmas Tree caught my eye.

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In stillness, I, light-bodied, set out for the other world
Hamon, 1804 (as seen at the graveyard)

Last night Mike and I went to the Mountain View Cemetery to attend the procession walking around the burial ground. It’s pretty much the most fun I’ve ever had at a graveyard. I had no idea what to expect, although, I thought it may be something like they do in New Orleans with the brass band, and I guess it was a little bit like that, but the music was different. And amazing. It was spooky and eerie and beautiful all at the same time.

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Costume preparation

October 30, 2014

Please note: It PAINED me to put my shoes on the dining room table. It will be washed well before we eat dinner on it. I don’t even like to look at this! WHAT HAVE I DONE? Anyway, for my costume tomorrow I’ve got my red cape, my bloody shoes, my basket (which will be […]

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October 29, 2014

#TinType #Hipstamatic getting ready for the big day! A photo posted by Carol Browne (@carolbrowne) on Oct 10, 2014 at 10:41pm PDT It’s not looking good in the pumpkin carving department. I’ve waited too long, seemingly because I don’t believe in calendars and cannot believe that Halloween is the day after tomorrow. WHAT? How did this […]

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Tiger blood

October 28, 2014

I’m pretty sure my mom was thinking of Charlie Sheen when she made this Halloween costume for me circa 1974. I hope you are all enjoying Halloweek. I think this is the last of my childhood Halloween costumes, but I do have one more of me and my sister I’ll save for later. I stopped […]

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Chucky’s back

October 27, 2014

A few days ago, one of my work pals said, “Hey! Someone’s got that doll from that movie in their window dressed up like a mummy! I think it’s that Chucky doll.” THIS is how I found about Chucky? Sad, kind of. I wish I had discovered him myself. I did console myself by knowing […]

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BOO! For 4 bucks!

October 22, 2014

I’m showing another thrifty win from the weekend. Mike was reluctant to buy this quality Halloween decoration, but he relented after a little discussion and BOO is sitting in the living room right now with Doug. YES! I didn’t want to leave him outside because he is very light and would most likely blow away. […]

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How to eat a turkey dinner

October 13, 2014

While the turkey is roasting in the oven, set the table with as many containers as possible that have lids on them. Also, have the squirt bottle nearby as to keep any cats off the table. Since we only set the table twice a year, the cats were curious as to what was happening.  Eventually […]

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