Chinese Lanterns on the patio

by Carol Browne on September 8, 2013 · 1 comment

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Chinese lanterns

Project Clean Up The Garden was a great success today. It really didn’t take that long – the patio is small. It’s looking very fall-ish out there now. I know I’m jumping the gun a bit, technically it’s still summer until September 22nd, but still, the plants were looking bedraggled and some were just covered in mildew. And, as Mike’s Dad once said about the pumpkin patch we planted in 2008, “It looks like she’s had it.”.

I planted some Delphinium seeds my mom sent me in the newly naked flower bed. They are supposed to be mildew resistant! AND, I planted this plant in a soggy spot by the fence.

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Labour Day

by Carol Browne on September 2, 2013 · 0 comments

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I picked up a couple of pumpkins on Saturday. We ate a small one for dinner tonight (roasted – with onions) and I took photos of the white one. The top photo’s a little spooky, and the next photo looks like someone wrote on the pumpkin.
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Still kicking

by Carol Browne on August 26, 2013 · 0 comments

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A very still fly

Even though the sweet peas are still going pretty strong, I found a couple of very slow moving flies just hanging out on some of the dying blossoms.

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Raindrops on roses

by Carol Browne on August 24, 2013 · 0 comments

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Uh oh...treading on corny territory

Uh oh. I’m treading dangerously close to corny and/or sympathy card style of photography with this. I’m suddenly on a rose kick – all roses except red ones – too common and overused and too headbanger for me HA!

Editor’s note #1: I like to call myself, “The Editor.”

Editor’s note #2: I really should not be accusing of anyone of “overusing” anything. It feels as though I’m overusing the double exposure thing, but I simply do not want stop. Please bear with me. Also, the headbanger thing is just a carry over from high school. Not to worry. I like headbangers now. I just snobbed off in high school. You know how it goes.

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Sunsets and sunflowers

August 22, 2013

Couldn’t help but notice this sunset tonight. A pretty orange one. And I couldn’t help but make it into a double exposure with one of the sunflowers in our garden!

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Fall cleaning

August 18, 2013

I seem to be on a cleaning and organizing kick instead of a creating kick. This definitely feels unusual and makes for pretty boring blogging. I feel like I can’t make more stuff until I get the stuff I have in order. On top of that, there’s a definite change in temperature in the evenings […]

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The AK47 lamp and something I found in the garden

August 16, 2013

This lamp was at the restaurant we frequented tonight for a co-worker’s upcoming wedding. I was surprised to see this lamp because: 1) it’s in the shape of a gun – an AK47 – a selective-fire, gas-operated assault rifle, Wha? 2) we were downtown in Vancouver in the heart of the financial district. 3) this […]

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Panoramas of the fence. Ah boo.

August 7, 2013

I was hoping to show the lushness of the garden in this panorama photo, but, it didn’t really translate. There seems to be a lot of open space in the photos, but there really isn’t in real life! I think it’s maybe because I got too much fence – not enough plants. I should have […]

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Just a tiny slice of red.

August 1, 2013

Malcolm came over tonight and he brought his fancy new camera with him. Sadly, he declined my offer of a trade for my D40X from 2006. Instead, he let me borrow his camera for the evening. It’s a beautiful, fast-reacting camera and the clarity can’t be beat. I took some photos of our little garden, […]

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Fresh Picked Tomato

July 30, 2013

Mondays are one of my late nights – I usually don’t get home until around 10 pm. But what the heck? I brought the camera out anyway along with my LED video camera light. I think those batteries need to be changed. But still…I like my spooky tomato photo. This is my first tomato harvest […]

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