My endless tomatoes

by Carol Browne on September 23, 2014 · 0 comments

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All the tomatoes Well, I found a sweet spot in the garden for tomatoes. I think they're a little late, but they are growing like CRAZY and show no end in sight. The plants are weighed down with little green tomatoes and every day there's a 4 or 5 nicely ripe ones for me to pull off and eat. They are like little candies I can eat any day of the week. Mike's not into the tomatoes, so I am gobbling them all by myself. There are also a couple of bigger tomatoes - they are about the size of an apple each. Hopefully they will last until they get nice and ripe. Worst case scenario? I make some fried green tomatoes with ground almonds instead of bread crumbs. I also don't remember buying big tomato plants back in the spring - I thought they were all little ones. Surprise! A tomato plant shadowThe light is becoming lovely in the evenings and there are many tomato plant shadows on the fence. Across the patio, the Chinese Lanterns are not very plentiful. Teeny Chinese Lantern Maybe it's a bit too early for them? I've only found one full, orange lantern on the whole plant. Hmmm...maybe next year they'll bloom like crazy? Or maybe I'm just impatient. And I am going to plant bulbs this fall so we'll have tulips in the spring. I will remember this fall! In other news, Marilyn Manson is only in about the first 5 minutes of Sons of Anarchy? BOOO! I wanted to see him WAY more than that.


Cat on a bike in the garden This afternoon we watched The Grand Budapest Hotel by Wes Anderson and I loved, loved, loved it. I loved the story and the look of the movie. There were so many pink walls and men wearing purple suits. There was also some wallpaper that reminded me of the carpet from The Shining. After watching such a rich, colourful movie, I went all the way out into the backyard to take photos of colourful things. Things like the cat riding the bike, our rose garden, which is going gangbusters... Droplets on the roseOur garden consists of 3 rose bushes at the moment - 1 of which is a miniature rose bush. They all seem very happy these days, I may just give them some seaweed for one last push of blooms before the summer ends. And I'm not quite sure why the water has pooled in droplets like that. Teeny tomatoes We've got another big harvest of tomatoes coming in (they're about as big around as a quarter). So that was nice to see. And a couple of blocks away, there's a mighty oak tree starting to turn. A mighty oak In about a week, we'll be celebrating the mid-autumn festival with mooncakes. I should find us a lantern festival to go to. OR WE CAN DO ONE OURSELVES! What? I just may be on to something with that. In the backyard!

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Tamaters and flowers

by Carol Browne on August 20, 2014 · 1 comment

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Through the screen Meanwhile, out in the garden... I know. I haven't been paying much attention to the garden this summer. But, that neglect is paid off. Look at the roses! The pink and yellow roses I was able to get some photos right after work as it was still light out. I get home around 8:15 ish when I come home right after work and it is starting to get dark now. SAD. I don't want to say it out loud, but I think summer's quietly making its way out. There are even leaves turning colour out on the trees in the street! Why did you make me say it? NOOO! Anyway, back in the garden, the roses are happy as ever. The red roses are blossoming with no end in sight. Red roses I'm warming up to the red roses these days. This one was in our backyard when we moved in and blooms each year (2 summers) without fail and with little work on my part. It seems to really like where it's planted. I've added a bit of Epsom Salts to the dirt and some seaweed fertilizer in the water a couple of times this summer and that's about it. The tomaters are coming along nicely as well. Green tomatoes I bought small tomato plants at the Westham Island Herb Farm in the spring and they are starting to turn red and taste delicious. I think they're late bloomers, but they are blooming, so hooray! My mom bought me that trellis with the birds on them and they are perfect for this size of tomato plants. Also, cute. I ate those ones already. I ate them all shorty after this photo was taken. So sweet. Hurry up, tomater plant! Ripen up some more tomatoes! They really are tasty.

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Rest day.

June 29, 2014

World Cup Soccer had a Rest Day last Friday – which worked out perfectly for us, we were too busy shopping to watch any soccer that day. Today was my Rest Day. I did a little laundry and a little sewing and lots of resting. I’ve got a busy week ahead – one day of […]

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Today we went extreme kayaking

June 23, 2014

But first, kitty feeder update: 1) the cats were up at 2:30 am messing with the feeders. They knew something was in there. My sister had to shoo them away so she could sleep (her guest quarters = the living room couch). 2) at 3:51 am, Oscar was climbing on my back in bed. Sheesh. […]

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The colourful garden

June 8, 2014

The garden has come alive with colours! It is so cheerful out back right now. In a surprise move, my favourite are the pansies I ordered from the Girl Guide fund raiser last month. Usually I snob off at pansies. They are so ordinary! I want something a little bit different, something more exciting! Not […]

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With a cherry on top

June 1, 2014

This was one of yesterday’s treats. A perfect looking butterscotch sundae. We went over to Burnaby yesterday just to experience the ice cream at Glenburn Soda Fountain. Delicious, pretty and very clean. We’ll go back another Faturday to try a real Egg Cream. I have no idea how chocolate syrup, milk and a lot of […]

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Hockey, bedding plants and the fan.

May 14, 2014

Hockey and bedding plants and the fan. They all made an appearance tonight. This is exciting because the temperature is warm enough to require a fan at night. Here are the bedding plants. They need some water. Tobacco plants. I bought them from the local Brownie troop. True story. They smell great. I’m not sure […]

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Happy Summer!

May 7, 2014

It was SO nice and sunny today that I went for 2 walks! 2 walks! I wandered around the waterfront on my lunch hour, but was unable to find anything of note to photograph. It didn’t matter, the sun was out and it was a little bit breezy. DELISH. After work I went to meet […]

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