The Yeowler

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Must be 10 pm, Donner is READY for dinner. He hops up on the dishwasher and MEOWs and MEOWs with all his might and in all his gummy glory. I’m not sure if less teeth means an increase in volume in cat yelling. It would seem so. Sheesh.


I have started a cool photo project, but it’s for worky work, so I can’t put those photos up here. Just know that I’m taking head shots of people in the alley around the corner. There’s a fresh coat of paint on the wall in good old Pee Alley (that’s what we affectionately call the spot at work). It was the same alley where that dumpster was on fire a few months back. HEY, maybe that’s why the wall has fresh paint! I thought it maybe it was graffiti. In any event, the timing could not be better.

I DO have plans for these items:

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Faux wet plate flowers

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Wetplate flowers

Some summertime flowers in Holland Park from yesterday.

This is all I have for today. My brain is completely empty.


I’ll try again tomorrow.

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Back to the drawing board

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I am here to tell you that fashion IS danger. And hard. I spent my whole afternoon and evening making a dress for a “beginner”. I really thought by now I would be considered at least a beginner. On second thought, maybe not for clothes. I guess that one cape does not a beginner make. Perhaps I’m a pre-beginner? UGH. I any event, I spent a couple of hours putting together the pattern like a puzzle on the living room floor.

The pattern pieces

Donner was helping a lot – what with all his jumping on and running under the huge sheet of paper on the floor. He even stuck his paw through a poorly taped section.

That was 63 pages of letter paper. I carefully matched all the notches as instructed. That part was the easiest.

I carefully cut out all the pieces (right sides together and on the fold) and all that went well.

THEN I had to make button holes. That was the first bottleneck. I had to find the manual for my sewing machine (found it on the internets!) and then figured that out. It’s awesome. I can’t wait to make something that needs buttons because that works great.

Buttonholes? DONE!

I started sewing up the pieces as directed. Things were going well. I piped the sleeves and put the bodice together. I even tried the pieces on as I went and it was going well until I sewed the sides of the bodice together. I tried it on and wha? I could NOT get my arms through the arm holes. I had somehow shrunken the arm holes. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? I am not sure. What I do know is that I got the fabric on sale, so I can pick up more fabric and try again. It’s just a bummer to spend 10 plus hours and have squeezey arms.

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The Happy Birthday Post!

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Remember last month when we went kayaking? I never did post the film photos of us on the water. Want to know why? Because they didn’t exactly work out. But the day was so fun, I thought I’d post them in celebration of my mom’s birthday today! Happy Birthday, Mom! We had fun, didn’t we?

Good news: I got a photo of my mom in focus.

Bad news: It was only her back.


This film photo brought to you today by Rocky Point Kayaks in Port Moody.

I thought it may have been a mistake to take my mom and sister kayaking here as soon as we got into the water. I realized the whole place is surrounded by industry – a sulfur pile, lumber mill, refineries and some kind of electrical plant with lots of wires. However, once we started kayaking, were were surrounded by all sorts of wildlife – mostly birds and A SEAL! He followed us all around.

Did I get a photo of him? NO. My toy camera shooting skills are not fast enough for a cute little seal. However, I did get a semi-focused photo of my sister in her kayak:

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I think they may need a second coat

July 2, 2014

Missed a spot. DARN IT. Looks like I’ll be doing some touch ups. Man. It was not that noticeable last night when I packed everything up. Good thing I kept the paint. It’s in the shed for emergencies exactly like this. The green door turned out okay, though!

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I did the steps today. And the door.

July 1, 2014

I hope you had a banner Canada Day. And if you’re not in Canada, I hope you had lovely July the 1st. I find it hard to believe we are in the 7th month of 2014. Seriously? Christmas is in 5 months. Wait. Why am I thinking of Christmas? Summer is HERE! Just look at […]

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We’re all in this together

July 1, 2014

I have no idea what’s happening at the Newton Bus Exchange, but it’s adorable.

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Today we went extreme kayaking

June 23, 2014

But first, kitty feeder update: 1) the cats were up at 2:30 am messing with the feeders. They knew something was in there. My sister had to shoo them away so she could sleep (her guest quarters = the living room couch). 2) at 3:51 am, Oscar was climbing on my back in bed. Sheesh. […]

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Hoping this works

June 22, 2014

We interrupt this vacation for a bit of cat caring. The Smashy Brothers were up to no good all night long last night. They woke us up for their breakfast at 12:40 am, then at 3:51, then at 4:15. At 3:51, I put Oscar in the basement, but at 4:15, Donner started his crying jag […]

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Hup Holland Hup

June 18, 2014

While Mike went to work all decked out in nearly every piece of Netherlands regalia he owns, I stayed all snuggled in the bed. Day 1 of my vacation started off slowly and late in the day. Delicious sleep! But, I did get cracking, eventually, put on my rubber gloves and got to cleaning up […]

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