Love and mushy stuff at the hatchery

by Carol Browne on August 24, 2014 · 2 comments

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AWWW!I went off the beaten path today out in Surrey and found a very cool venue. It’s The Semiahmoo Fish & Game Club.

I’m not sure if this place is open to the general public (I was there for an event). It doesn’t look like it. I think it’s only open to members. There’s a few paths around the pond and the creek with signage very few feet identifying trees and other plants. And some left overs from last night’s wedding. I’m assuming it was last night. Because these signs were up today. And so were these baby fish.

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“Just Like Grandma’s”

by Carol Browne on August 16, 2014 · 1 comment

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I think Johanna and I are becoming afternoon tea connoisseurs. Today we went on an adventure about 15 minutes away from where we live – all the way to Delta. I thought the tea house was actually in Surrey, but it is not. It’s located right across the street from Surrey in Delta.

Of course I documented this occasion, but not with my big camera. I used my phone as I didn’t want my big camera bag to wrinkle up my tea party dress. SNORT! Also, I got my toes done for the event. I went all out.

Totally worth it. Look how our table greeted us.

China teacups (not matchy matchy = adorable) and sprinkles in the sugar. Clever! I’ve not seen this before. I think I will steal that idea for home. On Faturdays. When we eat sugar. YES. Might as well be cute about it.

We each had the afternoon tea which included some savories and some, “dainties” AWWW! Dainties! I felt like I had just been invited to luncheon at Downton Abbey.

They brought us tiny mushroom pies – smaller than tarts – and I could have eaten about 5 plates of them. The pastry was whole wheat as well. So dreamy.

For the scones, we had a tray that contained a bit of raspberry jam, clotted cream and LEMON CURD.
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Serious art is serious.

by Carol Browne on August 12, 2014 · 0 comments

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Art is serious business

Last Saturday we visited our pal, Tami, up at the top of Queen Elizabeth Park – right next to the Conservatory. We also went inside and took photos of the birds in there, but I’ll leave those photos for another day. We were really busy last Saturday. Bands, birds and art all in one day. Oh, and Mike worked, too. Probably explains why we spent the entire day of Sunday on the couch.

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Chickadee legs. And bum.

by Carol Browne on August 6, 2014 · 0 comments

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Chickadee bum! And legs!I noticed a couple of teeny, tiny little chickadees while in my travels yesterday. This tree was absolutely filled with bugs – they were flying under the leaves and I believe these little birds were having a bug feast. I’ve never thought of baby chickadees before  – clearly I’m not a birder – but I think that’s what they were. Chickadees the size of finches.

These little guys were hard to capture – they moved quickly and there was no use in trying to chase them with my camera. All that jerking around just scared the little guys. I tried to stay as still as possible and just waited for them to fly by.

Not all my photos were in focus.

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Celebrated Full Metal Jacket style

August 4, 2014

Even though Mike’s birthday is tomorrow, we celebrated today since we both had the day off together. I sang happy birthday to him EXACTLY like this while Mike marched in place. Good old, Full Metal Jacket style. As per Mike’s request, I made him a box cake. Yup. That’s what he wanted. Not a scratch […]

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And a dirty old bed

August 4, 2014

Today was a banner day! We went on 2 adventures. Our first exploration happened only 15 minutes away from where we live. It was at a heritage park and preserved farm house called The Historic Stewart Farm. It’s located right near Crescent Beach. The old farm house is in pristine condition with lovely furniture and […]

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Almost the long weekend

July 31, 2014

I am ready for it. I’m not sure why I’m in such a hurry for these days off, but I just am. Maybe it’s the pie and cake I’ll be baking. Pretty sure that’s amping up my eagerness for the weekend. And the sewing. I just don’t get to sew during the week very often, […]

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Graveyard Shenanigans

July 27, 2014

Mike, Alysia and I went to the graveyard today to make some photos. We were a little concerned that bringing balloons to the cemetery could be considered disrespectful, however, we came upon a couple of scantily clad individuals making out behind some bushes and figured we could always do a, “Don’t look over here! Look […]

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Dexter shoes

July 25, 2014

I found these shoes at a very cool store in Gastown today on my lunch break. I had originally gone to buy Mike a birthday present (which I did find a few doors down. YES!) and stumbled upon this store that sells sort of oldie time dresses made with fabrics that have skulls and bats […]

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The Yeowler

July 22, 2014

Must be 10 pm, Donner is READY for dinner. He hops up on the dishwasher and MEOWs and MEOWs with all his might and in all his gummy glory. I’m not sure if less teeth means an increase in volume in cat yelling. It would seem so. Sheesh. I have started a cool photo project, […]

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