Ghost Riders in the Sky

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Ghost riders in the sky

I was listening to a podcast about business stuff (on the Freakonomics podcast) a few weeks ago and the guest on the show was a business owner of an online magazine. He compared his success to a game of poker – sometimes you get a good hand, and then you play the hand as best you can, and then along the way, you win some, you lose some and then once in awhile, you get a lucky break. It all adds up to some kind of success. I guess it’s a long term way of thinking of success. I keep thinking of that podcast lately. And our lucky break today was horses!

Mike and I visited a local park called Campbell Valley Park. We just went for a drive in the country to see what we could see. We stopped to take photos of farms and horses in South Surrey and kept driving until we unknowingly drove into Langley. By chance we found this park and walked around for all of 5 minutes until horses started coming towards us!
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Waka waka waka!

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The waka waka waka goat

A man in a movie theater notices what looks like a goat sitting next to him.

“Are you a goat?” asked the man, surprised.


“What are you doing at the movies?”

The goat replied, “Well, I liked the book.”


MAN. I had to read A LOT of corny goat jokes to find this one. PHEW! I’m exhausted from all the bad jokes.

I have to say, I enjoy any time I get to visit with any goats. The goats at the petting zoo were lovely yesterday even though they tried to eat my linen shorts.

Monday nights I stay late downtown to meet with some friends and tonight I made a new friend, so that was really nice. Also, I realized that we’ve got a day off in the middle of the week next week. NICE! This summer is really flying by. Also, I know it’s a little while away, but we are going on vacation in about 6 weeks for 10 days and that is also on my mind. A lot. I can’t begin to count the number of McLobster sandwich photos I’ve been seeing lately. I think I’ll take a hard pass on the McLobster because we’ll be having the real thing very soon.

We had some lobster sandwiches at a great, little sandwich shop in Lunenburg? Or Mahone Bay? I’m sure we can find it again (with the help of Mike’s mom) and we can have a proper lobster sandwich on thick, white, bread.

I am so ready.

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Nearly spent

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Spray roses in the garden

The roses in the garden had a good run. The little spray roses are nearly done and so are the big ones. Darn. I’m going miss those guys, even the red ones. With any luck, they may bloom again before the summer’s over. I just really need to dead head them.

Have I cleaned the backyard yet?


I’ve been very busy ignoring the backyard for the past few weekends. But I’ve put it off long enough. This Saturday I’ll be rolling up my sleeves and will be weeding for about an hour. Our yard is that tiny! Not a hardship at all. And I have to figure out a way to even out some of the patio bricks – a few have sunk and the little patio table is all wonky. My garden hose has holes in it and for some reason (neglect?) my clematis has shrivelled up along with all the flower buds. CRAP. Two years in a row. I think a there is a fungus among us.

Today I was pleasantly surprised by blogger, Michael Kwan, the writer of Beyond the Rhetoric. I made his Evolution post because I am now working regular hours. YES! I am! And I am getting used to it, too. I think my night owl days are behind me. Thanks Michael Kwan!

Just in case you’re looking for something to do this weekend, Michael has a giveaway on his blog for tickets to the Vancouver Art Gallery to see the Italian paintings they have on display. Just click this link and leave a comment and you’ll be entered to win!


I’ll have what he’s having.

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Climbing up the ladder

I don’t often hang out with toddlers, but when I do, I am always surprised how fast they can run and how far they can go. They’re just little! How can they scramble away so quickly? I just turned around for a second. And why aren’t they tired already? This little guy was running around in circles for a good time. He really was!
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The early bird and the late bird

April 19, 2015

I think I found that early bird they are always talking about. We did get up bright and early this morning (8 am on a Sunday? OOF.) to go watch an intercollegiate soccer tournament in Vancouver. That was a fun time. Sadly, the school that I work at did not win the tournament, but the […]

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The good, the bad and the bug-ly. HEH.

April 12, 2015

Yesterday’s field trip to Bradner was lovely. The sun was shining and the community hall was full of beautiful daffodils, like these ones with the tiny centres. The theme of the show was The Good, The Bad and the Bug-ly (LOLS) and while I enjoyed seeing the different types of daffs, I learned a few […]

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Glue basting feels like cheating

April 7, 2015

Tonight I set up a little cutting station in the living room. I used a shelf from an old piece of furniture I tossed out, put my cutting mat on top of that, and voila! A handy place to cut strips…

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“Take the Home Sweet Home”

March 31, 2015

I was given some gifts today by a friend who is downsizing from a house into a lovely apartment by the beach. She gave me three items and they are all dreamy. I’ll show you the other two pieces later. Today! I will show you this cute little candy tin. It’s a Blue Bird Toffee […]

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Please enjoy this view.

March 11, 2015

I did today. I went to a gaming networking event put on by DigiBC after work tonight. THIS was all around us (we were in a fancy lawyer’s office in a high rise building downtown.). In all my time living in Vancouver, I have never seen the city from this vantage point. And I’ve been […]

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“…the doing of it is the thing.”

March 1, 2015

Debbie and Her Nan’s Quilt I got the new Amy Poehler book for Christmas and this is by far my favourite quote: “You do it because the doing of it is the thing. The doing is the thing. The talking and worrying and thinking is not the thing.” ― Amy Poehler, Yes Please So, today? We did […]

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