I couldn't stop looking at him. I went to the Fraser Valley Modern Quilt Guild today and all I got was hypnotized by this tiny human. He's the grandson of one of our guild members and pretty much the coolest baby around. He barely made any sounds at all the whole time I was there (from about 1 pm to 4:15). Little guy just slept and ate a little bit and let us all get to sewing. How you doin'? How's the sewing going? There were plenty of other people at this sew-in. You just can't tell because I couldn't stop looking at this guy. I was going to bring my sewing machine and my Kitchen Sink Quilt (which I worked on some more last night! It's coming together!) but it would have been a big hassle to take all the blocks off my design wall and keep them in the right order. So, I decided to glue baste a ton of tiny cardstock diamonds with some fabric so I have a lot of English Paper Piecing to take with me on the plane to Nova Scotia next week. It takes a lot of prep to get this done, but apparently preparation helps to make a better end product (vs. just jumping in without any forethought whatsoever, which is usually how I do things.). I'm not sure what's happening to me lately. I've become more appreciative/aware of planning ahead for stuff. I'm still not very good at it, but I'm trying to think a little bit more that way rather than just trying to do everything in the last 5 minutes. DANGER! Gratuitous cherby baby photo below: Cheruby!  



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Chia pig shave Hmmm...well, for the time being, it's more of a Chia Pig Shave. Also, I didn't mean to put chia seeds in his ear or in his nose. My buddy, Lysa, gave me this Chia Head for my birthday (which I love). When I opened up the present (Awww! You shouldn't have!) I said, "Hey! I thought you could only get these at Christmas!" and she said, "I did buy it at Christmas.". Wow! Now that's planning ahead. I know I've mentioned many times we're having a hot summer. So I thought the best place to put the little seedlings would be outside to get lots of sun and I sprayed it every day with a water bottle. Well, clearly I didn't mist him enough because those chia seeds are just cooked on his terra cotta head. But not to worry! I've got TONS of chia seeds to re-do his hair! In addition to the Chia Head not sprouting, my 2 $10 pansy baskets both croaked even though I was dutifully watering them every evening. I took the second dead basket out to the garbage bin and the next door neighbour looked at me surprised and said, "What happened?!". I just shook my head and said, "It didn't make it.". It was a sad basket day. Also, I have 2 empty macrame hangers I need to fill up again. But I won't until mid-August because the neighbours cat sitting will have enough to contend with while we're off gallivanting than taking care of hanging baskets. When I went to the bank the other day, the bank machine wished me a "Happy Birthday Month, Carol!" Woohoo! I'll drag this out for month! YES! And in that spirit, here's a cool birthday card I got from my buddy, Dana, who lives in 'MERICA! I want it to be yours :-) Heh. Okay. It can be yours, too, then. And her birthday is 3 days after mine, so we can share this birthday month!



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Locks I didn't take the time to take a photo today. I don't talk about worky work on my blog, but just know, today was a good day at the office. Who knew the hardest part of my new job recruiting is making the matches? I've found some jobs! All those business calls paid off. Now I just need to get the right people in those vacancies. I also made a new friend today. She loves to write novels and screenplays. She introduced me to a new author to read. I'll read a book before recommending it. Apparently this author writes for Oprah magazine which always makes me hesitant (I know! I won't let it go! A Million Little Pieces by James Frey. That happened in 2003 - 12 years ago! LOLS!) but still. Better safe than sorry/embarrassed on my blog. Happily, tomorrow is a big event right outside our office - The Global Relay Gastown Grand Prix. This means bikes! And very strong legs! Legs that look like drumsticks (all that muscle on the upper leg!) and crowds of people hanging out windows and on the street. It will be fun. That's one thing about working in Gastown, there seems to be plenty of things happening nearby. And these locks? They were at the Mission Heritage Park from our visit last Saturday. It's an official Love Lock! Who knew it had an official name?


Take what you need. Leave the rest. Just a little bit. I don't have anything to report today. Wildfires are still happening, but it's less smokey and the weather has cooled off a bit. I just looked at my schedule and realized my dance card is really full the rest of this week. I've got a birthday party for a friend tomorrow, then Quilting Bee in Mission - but BONUS! I get a ride all the way to Mission with a friend! Then a networking event on Friday for work before attending the Lions Football game. I'd better rest up for the rest of this week, that's for sure. Butterfly in Surrey Then big plans for the weekend. It's my birthday, so we'll be off gallivanting. To be honest, I have no idea how I got to be this old (45). I've never really cared about my age before, but for some reason, this seems like quite the milestone. Halfway to 90. GOD GAWD! Hopefully this uncomfortable realization will pass (I've been thinking about it a lot these days) and I'll get back to feeling my usual self. I'm just a little bit surprised, is all. That really snuck up on me. I've read in several places lately that, "The days are long but the years are short.". Now I really see it. It's kind of spooky.


Ghost Riders in the Sky

June 28, 2015

I was listening to a podcast about business stuff (on the Freakonomics podcast) a few weeks ago and the guest on the show was a business owner of an online magazine. He compared his success to a game of poker – sometimes you get a good hand, and then you play the hand as best […]

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Waka waka waka!

June 22, 2015

A man in a movie theater notices what looks like a goat sitting next to him. “Are you a goat?” asked the man, surprised. “Yes.” “What are you doing at the movies?” The goat replied, “Well, I liked the book.” [SOURCE] MAN. I had to read A LOT of corny goat jokes to find this […]

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Nearly spent

June 10, 2015

The roses in the garden had a good run. The little spray roses are nearly done and so are the big ones. Darn. I’m going miss those guys, even the red ones. With any luck, they may bloom again before the summer’s over. I just really need to dead head them. Have I cleaned the […]

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I’ll have what he’s having.

April 25, 2015

I don’t often hang out with toddlers, but when I do, I am always surprised how fast they can run and how far they can go. They’re just little! How can they scramble away so quickly? I just turned around for a second. And why aren’t they tired already? This little guy was running around […]

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The early bird and the late bird

April 19, 2015

I think I found that early bird they are always talking about. We did get up bright and early this morning (8 am on a Sunday? OOF.) to go watch an intercollegiate soccer tournament in Vancouver. That was a fun time. Sadly, the school that I work at did not win the tournament, but the […]

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The good, the bad and the bug-ly. HEH.

April 12, 2015

Yesterday’s field trip to Bradner was lovely. The sun was shining and the community hall was full of beautiful daffodils, like these ones with the tiny centres. The theme of the show was The Good, The Bad and the Bug-ly (LOLS) and while I enjoyed seeing the different types of daffs, I learned a few […]

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