I’ll have what he’s having.

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Climbing up the ladder

I don’t often hang out with toddlers, but when I do, I am always surprised how fast they can run and how far they can go. They’re just little! How can they scramble away so quickly? I just turned around for a second. And why aren’t they tired already? This little guy was running around in circles for a good time. He really was!
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The early bird and the late bird

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The early bird

I think I found that early bird they are always talking about. We did get up bright and early this morning (8 am on a Sunday? OOF.) to go watch an intercollegiate soccer tournament in Vancouver. That was a fun time. Sadly, the school that I work at did not win the tournament, but the playing was the most important part. The weather was PERFECT! It’s summer here in Vancouver already, so after some game watching and some breakfast eating (note to self: skipping coffee to sleep a little longer didn’t really work this morning. Always make time for coffee.).

Along with the early bird, I found the Superman Dog:
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The good, the bad and the bug-ly. HEH.

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Daffodils with tiny centres.

Yesterday’s field trip to Bradner was lovely. The sun was shining and the community hall was full of beautiful daffodils, like these ones with the tiny centres.

The theme of the show was The Good, The Bad and the Bug-ly (LOLS) and while I enjoyed seeing the different types of daffs, I learned a few things about invasive plants in BC (I think that’s THE BAD part of the theme) AND, as it turns out, we have an invasive species in our own backyard. It’s a green plant with white variegation and it doesn’t seem to be on the list on the website, but I recognized it right away on their list of INVASIVE SPECIES! and spoke to the lady running the booth. She said it is still sold by some nurseries in hanging baskets because is hangs down and looks nice with the white and green contrast. The best way to get rid of it is to yank it out of the ground by the root and then lay it down on cement in the sun to make sure it’s really dead. Then put it in the trash. Never in the compost. So. It looks like it I have some chores to do in the yard pretty soon. I want to plant many cherry tomatoes in that spot anyway. Which reminds me, I need to keep an eye out for the Westham Island Farm tomato seedling sale. I got some really good ones there last year.

Today was much chillier. That may have to do with my choice of clothing I wore. It felt like summer yesterday, so today I wore shorts. BRRRRrrrr. We went over to Crescent Beach for a walk and found all the herons at the beach hanging out.

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Glue basting feels like cheating

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glue stick

Tonight I set up a little cutting station in the living room. I used a shelf from an old piece of furniture I tossed out, put my cutting mat on top of that, and voila! A handy place to cut strips…
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“Take the Home Sweet Home”

March 31, 2015

I was given some gifts today by a friend who is downsizing from a house into a lovely apartment by the beach. She gave me three items and they are all dreamy. I’ll show you the other two pieces later. Today! I will show you this cute little candy tin. It’s a Blue Bird Toffee […]

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Please enjoy this view.

March 11, 2015

I did today. I went to a gaming networking event put on by DigiBC after work tonight. THIS was all around us (we were in a fancy lawyer’s office in a high rise building downtown.). In all my time living in Vancouver, I have never seen the city from this vantage point. And I’ve been […]

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“…the doing of it is the thing.”

March 1, 2015

Debbie and Her Nan’s Quilt I got the new Amy Poehler book for Christmas and this is by far my favourite quote: “You do it because the doing of it is the thing. The doing is the thing. The talking and worrying and thinking is not the thing.” ― Amy Poehler, Yes Please So, today? We did […]

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Counting the sheep

February 22, 2015

Yesterday afternoon before the Maria Bamford show, Mike and I wandered around Granville Street and the surrounding areas. After following the drum beats to Holt Renfrew to see the Lion Dancers, we headed a couple of blocks over the Vancouver Art Gallery and found about a billion little sheep covering the grassy area of the […]

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And today in sad thrifting…

February 11, 2015

  *Sad Trombone*. Jeez. At least take the photo out of the crappy frame before thrifting. I’m going to assume this is due to laziness on someone’s part and leave it at that. I don’t want to think of any other reason for this to happen. If this little boy is you or someone you […]

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Short Circuiting

February 9, 2015

For some reason, I’ve had the song, Endless Love, by Lionel Ritchie and Donna Summer on repeat in my brain for over a week now. I find myself whistling and singing it in the kitchen and even at work. That song reminded me of the movie, Ice Castles. A movie best left in 1978 (Sorry, […]

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