Sunday, the day of…

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1) dishes

2) laundry

3) a little bit of sewing

4) cutting up Christmas fabric into 5 inch squares

5) sorting out my Christmas fabric bin and wondering why I put Elvis fabric in the Christmas bin. I mean, other than that one piece of Christmas Elvis fabric?

6) checking my ello page – I’m still not sure what that’s all about just yet. So far it’s kind of like facebook, but there are no ads

7) editing photos – I love this part. Very relaxing

8) watching all the netflix and SHAW on Demand. Whoa. So much Futurama today. Good thing there are 10 seasons to watch. We won’t run out any time soon. And we watched The Knick. That’s a lot of blood, guts and bowls of opium

8) researching how to make a wonky star block for a quilt and if it’s possible to do it by hand instead of machine. I think it can be done

8) drinking tea out of excellent mugs:

Sounds dull, but next Sunday is the set up for the last portfolio show of the year, so I’m resting up for that.

Serious rest is required.


Community service

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The dumping of the shoesOver the last few days, we noticed someone had left his or her shoes on one of the lawns near our place. After several days of seeing them out in the rain, we decided to bring out the snow shovel (ew! Don’t touch them with your hands! GROSS!) and put them to rest in the nearby dumpster. Mike did the heavy lifting while I documented our community service.

RIP dirty, old shoes.

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The productive day

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After taking Monica’s portraits on the weekend and buying a portrait book for $2.62 by this author, I felt all fresh and renewed to take some more portraits. I’ll be finding as many volunteers for photos as possible. Ruwani at work was my subject today. She started working in our office about 4 months ago. She’s fun and one day we’re going to have a full-on Sri Lankan dinner together. I’m not sure what that will entail other than rice and a pile of delicious. And maybe some coconut? I’ll keep you apprised when it happens.

After work, I promptly fell fast asleep on the skytrain and missed my stop. But that nap was rejuvenating and when I got home, I did an hour of yoga. Mike found me an app…and then you connect it to the TV…and voila! Instant beginner’s yoga. I sure do love my little phone. It helps me in all kinds of ways. Turns out I am not as stretchy as I used to be, but I’ll keep working on that – especially the neck stretches.

And finally…I figured out the infinity scarf! Scarf complete!
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Did we REALLY need this?

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Yes. We needed the black cat bed.


We hit up the local pet store to pick up a new scratching post. One little cat (who shall remain nameless)…

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I waited all day to make meatballs…

September 17, 2014

but before I got home, I missed a fire on the 20th story of the SFU Building. I guess there was a fire in the walls (yikes! Scary!) and they had locked down a block on Hastings Street. Thankfully, this did not interfere with my commute home AND I don’t think anyone was injured in […]

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Farm animal portraits

September 16, 2014

Yesterday at Fort Langley (the town named because of the actual fortress in that area. I totally knew that yesterday.) there were farm animals! Hooray! I love farm animals! And we got to feed them grain as well. This goat was more of a pig – he would push the other goats out of the […]

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More words to live by.

September 14, 2014

I agreed to go with Mike to take photos at a BBQ event in Langley today. It probably would have been more fun if we had gone when we were hungry. We wandered around, listened to the country band – who sang old school country songs – which always reminds me of being a kid […]

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“Wash when skanky”

September 11, 2014

Wash when skanky. Those are words to live by. I’m not quite sure how these things happen, but my buddy, Lorie, emailed me out of the blue yesterday to see if I would be interested in a shirt she found in a thrift store. She sent me a photo and I said YES! PLEASE! YES! […]

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A night in.

September 9, 2014

I got to come right home after work today and do chores. Glorious, glorious chores. I made more lunches for tomorrow (I turned yesterday’s tomato soup into some chilli), put on a pile of laundry and did the dishes. I also put fresh sheets on the bed and pulled out the duvet! It’s that time […]

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A Fall Fern

September 4, 2014

It’s been a banner day. All I seem to be talking about lately is food and clothes, so what the heck? I’ll keep with that for today. Also know that several Interior Design graduates have found work as Junior Interior Designers. Incredible. The Fall is really shaping up. Today I lucked out and found these […]

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