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Halloween bunting COMPLETE!

by Carol Browne on October 19, 2014 · 0 comments

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Welcome! I did it. I have successfully completed the Halloween bunting! Hooray for us! Done and done. I used this tutorial and made my own template. I made the triangles pretty big and I used about 5 1/2 metres of double bias binding. I'm so glad I went the double folded pre-made binding route. It looks really nice close up. Very polished. I never thought of purple being a Halloween colour, but with orange and black...I think that works pretty well. The boyz at the door I think the boyz like it, too. As does our newest Halloween addition to the house - BOO! I put him outside just for this photo.

I finished the bunting up after seeing a World War II movie this afternoon called Fury. We actually left the house and went to the theatre to watch it rather than waiting for it to come out on Netflix. It was very testosterone-y and Shia LaBeouf is the KING of the single eye stream of tears. He cried perfectly. His lip quivered the tiniest of quivers, and his tears streamed in a perfect line down the outside of his eye, leaving a clean streak down his dirty face. Jon Bernthal - that guy from the Walking Dead - really needs to play a guy that's not a creep next. He's the creepiest creep that ever did creep and don't leave your fried eggs around him. BLECH! What about Brad Pitt? He was awesome, very tough and the perfect choice for the leader of the tank soldiers.

Also. The horrors of war.

It was very graphic and disturbing.


Made by pals

by Carol Browne on October 10, 2014 · 1 comment

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Potholders on displayMy feet were too sore and it was SO late when I got home last night (after 11:00) I took yesterday off from blogging. WHOA. A mid-week day off from the blog? Not usually how I roll, but last night I made the exception. And I didn't take a single photo at the portfolio show, either. I was too busy chatting and shmoozing. I'm actually getting better at that stuff. Networking! It's happening. I sorted things so I'd have today off. Thank goodness. The laundry was practically up to the ceiling and the tomatoes really needed picking. I also needed to pick up a turkey (DONE!) for the weekend. Thanksgiving is this weekend. YES! A long weekend! Due to the nature of event & party planning, I have been longing for Faturday. Oh, sweet pancakes. I will eat you on the weekend. After I did the laundry and other assorted chores, I got to putting up my fancy potholder collection on my fancy reduced, recycled and reused organizers. Two of them! They are made by the FAMOUS Denise of Thrifty By Design - my friend who loves the dump! Remember? She LOVES it! FANCY POTHOLDERS! These organizers are made from reclaimed wood with all sorts of awesome reused handles. My favourite ones are the glass ones. That big glass pull is a door knob. So. Dreamy. Thank you, Denise! I love them both! My organizers are the perfect place to hang my fancy, never going to touch a drop of food potholder collection. Both these potholder sets were gifts from quilty pals. The Dresden Plates were made by Krista of Poppyprint for a Quilting Bee swap a couple of years ago. AND the flowery print in the centres? That's designed by my pal, Happy Zombie. The banana potholders were a gift from Lysa. I inspired her to make a cup of banana juice for me on a potholder after I learned the hard way that putting a banana in the juicer gives you NOTHING. Not a single drop of banana juice to be had. SAD! But that's okay! She made me one. Our kitchen feels complete now and a little cozier. I do like my little kitchen. In other news, Quilting Bee was AMAZING tonight. Darlene's beautiful quilt top We had excellent Show & Tell, 3 demonstrations of various sewing skills and prizes. I won thread! And my friend Helen gave me enough pirate fabric to make a skirt! YES! This has been a glorious day.

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Aerial Views

by Carol Browne on September 29, 2014 · 0 comments

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Aerial Views I'm not sure what I like best about these photos. It could be the heart print of my nightgown, or my blue toenails (that polish has lasted a long time) or Oscar looking like a koi fish at Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden - which reminds me, we need to go there for Halloween. SPOOKY times! I think koi fish win. I found this mini ironing board today on my lunch hour and lugged it back home on the skytrain tonight. I think it will work perfectly in our living room on a $10 side table we have in the shed. I'll dig it out, clean it up and give it a try. Little ironing board Recently Mike & I have acquired grown up clothes that require plenty of ironing - clothes with collars and things. They really do look awful all wrinkly. SO, on Sunday nights while we're watching several hours of netflix and Boardwalk Empire, I can iron up our clothes for the following week. Whoa. Now I'm setting up an ironing system. CRAZY. And I can prep and iron things for my quilting projects as well. This is quite a step up from the times I only used my iron to wax my cross-country skis. That's a true story and my mom was NOT impressed. And, I've started decorating. In the entraceI think this really needs some Halloween bunting underneath. I'll get my iron out and start pressing some prairie points.


Just finish something already.

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Paper pieced and some hand stitchingI heard somewhere that when someone has all sorts of projects started it's some kind of way to ensure that person always has something to do. THAT just may be the case for me. So today I figured I should finish something after making a few more quilt-as-you-go blocks. I started by binding a reject block from this quilt as I had somehow cut it half an inch too small. I thought about trying to cheat with the pattern when sewing it together, but changed my mind. I don't think making alterations to this quilt is going to make it come together any easier. I'll appreciate this when I have 35 blocks all the perfect size. I only have 10 more to make. As I was digging around for some fabric, I found this paper pieced coffee cup I made a very long time ago. In fact, I think I made this when we were living in Burnaby, so that makes it nearly 2 years ago. SO! Since I was binding this other block, I made extra binding fabric and bound this one as well. I will also hang it in the kitchen. Our kitchen is going to be full of quilty things. Yay! Mike has been out gallivanting with Jason at a BC Lions game all evening and he will be bringing treats home. This is me waiting patiently for donuts. A raspberry filled jelly donut, to be exact. WHERE ARE THOSE GUYS? SHEESH!


I think they may need a second coat

July 2, 2014

Missed a spot. DARN IT. Looks like I’ll be doing some touch ups. Man. It was not that noticeable last night when I packed everything up. Good thing I kept the paint. It’s in the shed for emergencies exactly like this. The green door turned out okay, though! The big scrapes and the old glue […]

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I did the steps today. And the door.

July 1, 2014

I hope you had a banner Canada Day. And if you’re not in Canada, I hope you had lovely July the 1st. I find it hard to believe we are in the 7th month of 2014. Seriously? Christmas is in 5 months. Wait. Why am I thinking of Christmas? Summer is HERE! Just look at […]

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Until I ran out of staples

June 16, 2014

I spent the evening and afternoon with the electric stapler? Is that what it’s called? I also found a powerful, hand stapler that did not depend on electricity. In any event, I pulled out a pile of fabric today that Cynthia and I picked up at the Goodwill in Bellingham last year and covered up […]

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The Throne

June 7, 2014

Today, Mike & I went on an adventure to Langley. We went out for lunch, then drove into the country to see the house from The Bates Motel show. Sadly, it was all fenced off and boarded up. We’ll have to back when the show starts filming again so I can take some photos without […]

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The Unicorn of the Sea

February 16, 2014

Last night little Violett gave me this picture she drew of a narwhal. This got me in the mood for fixing up the entrance way. I picked up this ledge ages ago from IKEA and have just put these little wooden flowers on them, to welcome the Spring – which I think is on its […]

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Doug and the pillowcase

November 5, 2013

Even though it was 10 pm when I got home, I HAD to sew a pillowcase. I just had it in my mind that I needed to sew it. Monday & Tuesday nights are late ones for me. I stay in Vancouver to meet with some buddies and then head home. Usually I just surf […]

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