Pentax ME Super

At least the chickens are in focus

by Carol Browne on September 1, 2013 · 0 comments

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Perhaps it would have been prudent to read the manual before I started shooting with the new-to-us Pentax ME Super film camera. After all, it is available on the internet. But no. I did not. Instead, I rushed in and just started shooting. What can I say? It’s just my nature.

What did I learn after perusing/skimming through the manual?

1) There are batteries in the camera. The heck? And somehow, they are still working – very weak, but there was still enough juice in them to run the camera yesterday. They are those little, flat ones – silver oxide batteries. I will need to replace them immediately. Who knows how long they’ve been in there.

2) As there is no autofocus, the way to focus is to use circle in the middle OR the collar around the circle. It stops “glittering” when everything is in focus. Now, I noticed that glittery collar the last few frames and didn’t think to keep focusing until it stopped moving around like water. Consequently, I got five photos in focus. Two photos include chickens:

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