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Faces in film

by Carol Browne on June 17, 2014 · 1 comment

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Dracula. In film. I traveled in a time machine to 1984 and picked up my film today. It took me a bit to figure this out, but the Pentax ME Super is lovely for outdoor photos on a sunny day. And a great camera for taking thousands of pieces of gum on a face. GROSS! GROSS! But I like how this lens made this sculpture look a bit like it was tilt shifted. Cool. But still, so germy. Here's Mike on a sunny day in film. Mike Browne! Milk Bone! I used a 50 mm lens for all these photos - perfect for portraits. This summer I will expand my portrait photos to people and many more photos of Mike Browne. Guess who's going to be here in 2 days? Mom and C@thy. More people to take photos of! And we'll be out in the sun for sure. But the biggest surprise was taking photos indoors, at night, with two soft boxes on the subject. This is really good news. I can take photos indoors with the right lighting. Alysia It's a little bit underexposed, but I do like this photo of Alysia a lot. With a little adjusting, I could take brighter photos indoors. I never want to use a flash again (I never do anyway) after seeing how the soft box lighting works. I'll just need to learn how to put them together. There are many pieces. Now on my list is to find more film. It costs about $10/roll for fuji film from London Drugs. This means I'll be taking film photos sparingly, calmly, and only when the time is really right. However, if I find 35 mm film in a thrift store, I will be picking them up and I don't even care if the film is expired. As a last resort, I could peruse ebay. But I'll try my luck thrifting first. Or maybe garage sales? Oh man.  Garage sales? What's happening to me?

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Mannequins in film I really like the way these film photos turned out from the old Pentax ME Super. Definitely an outdoor camera on a sunny-ish day. Judging from the weather over the next few days, I should really be making the most of my lunch half hours and get some photos in. Another thing I really liked today was a blender recipe I found in the Gorilla Food cookbook. The base is carrot juice,
then you add some water, some almonds, and 2 cardamom pods. I liked how it tasted, but the cardamom was a bit on the strong side. I think it could have done with just 1 pod. I will definitely try this again. Did Mike like it? Nope. But I think I can get him to try the Almond "Sylk" with cocoa. There's no sugar, so it's not sweet, but it should be a nice kick of chocolate. That will be tomorrow night's experiment. And some chai tea. With black pepper! That should be a tasty treat as well. And I need to get more greens into these drinks - which was the whole point of dusting off the juicer again. But I forgot that once I tried the carrot juice and almond blend. YUM.


Soccer in film

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Soccer players playing soccer. In film! Good news in the film department! Out of a possible 24 photos, 10 were underexposed. That means 14 mostly looked to be the right exposure! Not bad at all. The cost of developing film is not too bad - $10.44 for 24 photos. I got mine done at London Drugs. The only thing I'm unsure of at this time is the cost of film. I have some, so I didn't have to buy any today. I forgot to ask. I'll get it next time. Also, any time I see expired film at thrift stores, I pick them up. I haven't seen any recently, but will start looking again. Mike in film. A little under exposed I brought my dad's old Pentax ME with me to the soccer game last weekend. All things considered, it was not a bad result. What I learned from this experiment is that this camera works the very best outside. People walkingThe little boys up front weren't quite in focus, but the dude with the backpack was! My aperture was a bit too open. However, my manual focus skills were pretty good in this instance. Sweet! All in focus I'm not sure why everyone looks so grumpy. IT WAS A DRAW! The Whitecaps didn't lose! They didn't win, either. But they didn't lose. And people were singing, "OLE! OLE OLE OLE!" (not oh ayye, like I thought it was. DUH.). What are they looking at? The problem with having your film developed a week later is that sometimes you forget what the people you were taking photos of were looking at. NO. IDEA. And look! Corey and his sons. The men I took this exact same photo with my digital camera.


Pentax camera. Take 1.

by Carol Browne on May 18, 2014 · 2 comments

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Pentax I dusted off my Dad's Pentax today. He sent me his cameras last year and since we were going to Hope for a little photo walk, I thought I'd give this camera a try. It came with a 50 mm lens as well (my favourite). My dad sent me 2 camera bodies and this one was in the bottom of the box. When I opened up this camera (it was packed in a black leather case) I noticed this piece of a film box. Woohoo! There was old film in the camera! I looked at the number of photos taken and it was at #3. Awesome. You can see the Arabic writing on the piece of cardboard, so this means the film would definitely be expired and possibly 20 years old or older! We drove out to Hope and I alternated taking photos with the Pentax and with my DSLR. Signs in Hope. As I took photos, I imagined what they could look like once the film was developed. I took the liberty of processing my digital photos to show how I saw my photos in my imagination. Mike as an angel We wandered around the river front area of Hope where we took photos of the wood carvings. The temperature was warm, but it was windy. It's been ages since I've been to Hope, but I distinctly remember it having a much cooler temperature whenever I've been. But not today. It was a bit windy, though. But very pleasant and quiet. Not much was open today. That's okay. The view was lovely and it was not raining. A nearby mountainWe decided to take the back roads back home and avoid the highway as much as possible. We went through small towns called Rosedale and Little Mountain and eventually ended up in Chilliwack. Moo! We pulled over and took photos of cows. Moo! As we walked back to the car after taking cow portraits, I handed the Mike the camera and asked him to take the last couple of photos and to wind the film. He took photos of me driving and then wound the film. After only a few turns of the winder, Mike looked and me and said, "I don't think there's any film in here.". He opened up the back of the camera and... There was no film in it.


At least the chickens are in focus

September 1, 2013

Perhaps it would have been prudent to read the manual before I started shooting with the new-to-us Pentax ME Super film camera. After all, it is available on the internet. But no. I did not. Instead, I rushed in and just started shooting. What can I say? It’s just my nature. What did I learn […]

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