Costume preparation

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Preparing for tomorrowPlease note: It PAINED me to put my shoes on the dining room table. It will be washed well before we eat dinner on it. I don't even like to look at this! WHAT HAVE I DONE? Anyway, for my costume tomorrow I've got my red cape, my bloody shoes, my basket (which will be filled with candy for school tomorrow) and this embroidered AND crocheted dishtowel - to cover up the picnic basket. Also, I loved this little towel I found at the thrift store for $2. BEE HELPFULBEE ADORABLE is more like it. I also have an axe (not shown - I left it at work so I don't have to lug it around on the bus tomorrow) and a little half apron covered in blood. It's drying in my sewing room right now. I'll also wear tights and my blue skull dress. I think I'm good to go. I'll give my tea towel a quick press before I go. I'll be sure to get some photos taken tomorrow. And this is Mike's costume: Mike's costume I know. He's going ALL out. And, since it's Thursday, I'll do a Throwback Thursday Halloween photo. Here is me and my sister back in the good old days. Guess who? With a UNICEF box and everything! Happy Halloween to you! I'll see you tomorrow!



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#TinType #Hipstamatic getting ready for the big day!

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It's not looking good in the pumpkin carving department. I've waited too long, seemingly because I don't believe in calendars and cannot believe that Halloween is the day after tomorrow. WHAT? How did this happen? I am doubting my ability to manage celebrations. It's becoming very clear that I am losing track of time. It's just going by so fast these days. It feels like we just celebrated Christmas 2013...and here we are...almost to the 11th month of 2014. Well, at least I got my costume ready and bought candy. I got the important things covered. CANDY and a RED CAPE! In other news, apparently today is National Cat Day (in Canada? Or just the USA? Shouldn't they call it International Cat Day?) Can't we all celebrate together? Well, let's, shall we? In celebration of International Cat Day, here are a couple of my favourite photos of the boyz. Here's Donner back in the day when he had all his teef.
Whoa. I just checked. That was 3 years ago. I wonder if he had a mouth infection then? He certainly looked fabulous. I love that little guy. And here's one of my favourites of Oscar:
Sadly, neither he nor Mike are in focus. But look how little Oscar was in 2009! Just a little boy. Here's a photo of Oscar in focus. He's chattering. I love it when he does this.
Mean old birds.


Tiger blood

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That's me as a tiger I'm pretty sure my mom was thinking of Charlie Sheen when she made this Halloween costume for me circa 1974. I hope you are all enjoying Halloweek. I think this is the last of my childhood Halloween costumes, but I do have one more of me and my sister I'll save for later. I stopped by the local Sally An after work to pick up a couple of items for my Halloween costume. We have a theme for Halloween this year - it's super heroes or  villains, so I'm dressing up like Little Red Riding Hood. What? I couldn't think of a super hero or villain that wore a red velvet cape with a hood, so Little Red Riding Hood it is. I re-read the story and it's a little creepy. Little Red Riding Hood goes for a visit to her grandma's with a basket of treats. A wolf eats her grandmother (in her own home! Good lord!) and pretends to be her grandma. Then Little Red Riding Hood gets eaten by the wolf. Thankfully, a lumberjack comes by and cuts her and her grandma out of the wolf and everyone (but the wolf) lives happily ever after. GROSS. Also, always listen to your mom! Don't dawdle in the forest. JEEZ. I'm going to switch it up a bit. I'm going to be the Little Red Riding Hood that killed the wolf. Hopefully I can get a couple more items before Friday to complete my costume. Sadly, this means I'll have to stand in line at the Dressew - that place is bonkers for Halloween. But it should be worth it.


Chucky’s back

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A few days ago, one of my work pals said, "Hey! Someone's got that doll from that movie in their window dressed up like a mummy! I think it's that Chucky doll." THIS is how I found about Chucky? Sad, kind of. I wish I had discovered him myself. I did console myself by knowing I had found him first, ages ago, when he was in a different window, while I enjoyed some coffee across the street from his creepy gaze. Meemers and I went out to see the eclipse (did not happen) so I took that opportunity to seek out the sinister doll. Sure enough, over by Rexall, we spotted him peering over Pender Street. Chucky's back! This seemed a bit odd as last time, he was looking over Granville Street. Someone is moving him around. Who are these people? I love them! Over by PacMan Whoever these people are, they certainly love the 80's. See the Pacman Ghosts and Ms. Pac-Man made of post-it notes in the windows? I think I need to go introduce myself to these people. However, there is just one thing. Chucky's back! Actually, there are two things. Firstly, a plastic plant? EW. Tacky. I'm sure those leaves are covered in dust. But those loose wires...I don't know about that. Also, is that place abandoned? Is this office filled with squatters? Is the landlord aware of the state of this building? It looks so dodgy, I wouldn't want to go there alone. Because you never know, maybe it's just Chucky. Alone. In this office. AND THE LANDLORD IS MISSING AND THERE'S BLOOD ALL OVER THE PLACE!! Forget it. I'm not going over there at all.


Horses in the city

October 24, 2014

My work buddy, Mimi, and I went for a little walk to see the solar eclipse. We walked down to the Vancouver Sun & Province building at the foot of Granville Street to get the perfect view. Sadly, it was so cloudy that we couldn’t even find the sun, let alone see the moon action […]

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Circle skirt #2

October 22, 2014

At the last quilt guild meeting, my guild buddy, Helen, gave me this pirate fabric and I turned it into a circle skirt. Another one! Call me a one-trick pony – I’ve made the same skirt twice! Woohoo! I’ll take it. I have to tell you that this time I am very proud of my […]

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The thrill of the hunt

October 21, 2014

I snapped this photo on the photowalk where we ended up shopping in thrift stores down by the water. And the only reason we walked up the street was to see if there were more thrift stores. What can I say? We’re hooked on reducing, recycling and reusing. Also, I think it’s the thrill of […]

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New Westminster

October 18, 2014

We celebrated Faturday in style today. We went out to iHop with our buddies, Chris & Tami, in New Westminster. The sun was shining (AGAIN! Some more!) and we went on a photowalk down by the water. Actually, what ended up happening was we got a little side-tracked by Antique Alley (I think it consists […]

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