Horses in the city

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Cops on horsesMy work buddy, Mimi, and I went for a little walk to see the solar eclipse. We walked down to the Vancouver Sun & Province building at the foot of Granville Street to get the perfect view. Sadly, it was so cloudy that we couldn't even find the sun, let alone see the moon action happening over it anyway. That may have been for the best. I'm not sure it's safe to look directly into the sun during an eclipse. I definitely remember that from the 5th grade. What were we thinking? What we were not thinking was that it was our lucky day. But it was, in fact, our lucky day. We saw police on horseback on Granville Street! AWESOME! The smiling horse It is important for all horses to follow the rules of road in when in the city. I like this photo because it looks like the horse is smiling at the girl walking by. FRESH! Horses on Pender Street The police and horses sauntered off down Granville and they held up traffic. HA! They totally made the buses wait for them. Heh. Can't very well honk at the police horses, can you? NO. 2 more sleeps until Faturday. I am READY for it. And for the fancy tea. I'd better wash my fox/raccoon sweater tomorrow night after work. Looking good is important when eating cucumber sandwiches without the crusts.


Circle skirt #2

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Complete! At the last quilt guild meeting, my guild buddy, Helen, gave me this pirate fabric and I turned it into a circle skirt. Another one! Call me a one-trick pony - I've made the same skirt twice! Woohoo! I'll take it. I have to tell you that this time I am very proud of my waistband. It looks very polished and this time I got the spot where you insert the elastic on the inside! YES! Success. It's the little things. Flowing skirtThis fabric is 100% cotton and flows very nicely. If I were to change anything, I would have given the waistband about another half inch. This cotton doesn't give at ALL. No stretchiness one bit. I can't bear to touch the waistband. I am SO darned proud of it. The hem? Not perfect, but it's okay. The skirt is busy enough that you don't even notice it and you would only see the imperfections if you flipped up the bottom and had a close look. Perhaps for the next skirt, I'll try a French seam. FANCY! The ensembleHappily, I've got an outfit already picked out for work tomorrow. YES! I never do that. I've even got a fresh pair of tights for tomorrow and everything. Thank you, Helen! I love my new skirt.


The thrill of the hunt

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SkateboarderI snapped this photo on the photowalk where we ended up shopping in thrift stores down by the water. And the only reason we walked up the street was to see if there were more thrift stores. What can I say? We're hooked on reducing, recycling and reusing. Also, I think it's the thrill of the hunt. Because not only did I find a $4 Halloween decoration in our travels (shown later), I found THIS sweater:

While I do like this photo of my sweater, I think I mostly like the way arm is posed.

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I know! I can't believe that someone gave up this awesome sweater. And I have to tell you, Mike said, "Oh. I wish that was in MY size!" I received several compliments on this treasure I found dangling off a hanger. Someone asked me if I made the sweater. In fact, the person said, "This looks like something you would make.". AWW! Nice (I think.). Yes. That was nice. I checked the tag and found: 1) It is 100% acrylic 2) It was made in China I think this means this thing will last forever. Best six bucks I spent last week! YES!


New Westminster

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Tugboat We celebrated Faturday in style today. We went out to iHop with our buddies, Chris & Tami, in New Westminster. The sun was shining (AGAIN! Some more!) and we went on a photowalk down by the water. Actually, what ended up happening was we got a little side-tracked by Antique Alley (I think it consists of 2 second hand stores and a military supply store. It's a small alley, I guess.). BUT, in one of the stores I spotted this in the window: CUTE! I have the little sugar bowl already. I didn't realize it belonged to a huge set with an orange cart. ADORABLE. But, I could not, in good conscience, spend $75 for it and didn't even enter the shop. Maybe one day I'll find them piece by piece in my travels. But still, CUTE. We did browse through the other store and had a great time pulling out records and looking at 8 tracks. Also, I found 1 box of oldie time Christmas ornaments, but, the box was nicer than the ornaments and I took a pass. Life is too short for ugly, scraped up, and dirty Christmas ornaments. And I should make that saying into a plaque. WHAT IS HAPPENING to me? I am usually greedily grabbing things like this. I'm either learning patience and discernment or coming down with something. I pick learning patience and discernment. I left empty handed from Antique Alley. It can be done. Ready for Halloween Mike and I went for a walk around New West and I found this little girl all ready to go for Halloween. At least I'm assuming that's what this was for. An early party? Or maybe another Katy Perry concert? Just as we were leaving, I snapped this photo of a ghost wall? Maybe? So many questions on my blog today. New West is an "older" city compared to the other cities in the Lower Mainland and has many similarities to Gastown. Is this a real ghost wall? I'm not sure. Gray's Ladies Apparel I couldn't find any info on it. But I hope it is. And not a reproduction of one. To be fair, it does look like it's in pretty good shape.



October 7, 2014

Whoa! I am up late on a school night. After meeting up with some friends, I took long train ride home. A very long train ride. I won’t go into the details, but I could not stop looking at someone on the train who had her thumb and her first finger in her nostril. Two […]

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Using what I’ve got

September 26, 2014

Bonnie and her bird and ocean quilt I hit a bottle neck with my quilt guild photos last month, and now I need to get caught up for 2 months. I usually sit down for a couple of hours and do it in one big batch, but lately my schedule’s a bit choppy and I […]

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The summer continues…

September 20, 2014

I can’t remember where I read it, but as someone said, “This summer just keeps on giving.”. Oh man, has it ever. I believe tomorrow is going to be the last sunny day for the next little while – apparently something called, “rain” is starting early next week. This summer has been so long and […]

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My Grandma’s Fashion

September 17, 2014

I was reading my new book, Gertie Sews Vintage Casual, today on the train and it inspired me to go through the photos my sister scanned in of my grandma and other relatives. I should really write her a letter. Grandma doesn’t count emails as real mail. I will write her a letter and tell […]

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