Full Indie was fully fun!

by Carol Browne on January 28, 2015 · 1 comment

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Yes! Games!I came because of work, but stayed for the fun!

I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed this whole gaming event thing. What started as a work thing – attending the Game Jam last weekend – turned out to be really lots of fun. Tonight I was able to play some of the games that the teams developed over 48 hours at the regular gaming meet up called Full Indie. They made games that worked very well and had amazing graphics, too!

I watched people play the game, “My Dad Can Beat Your Dad” – a punching game, a samurai fighting game, and others. I would have played them, but the line ups to play were huge! This event was very popular. I know over 300 people were registered to come, but it felt like plenty more. I did get a chance to try THIS, though!

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Charm squares

by Carol Browne on January 23, 2015 · 0 comments

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Be joyful

I started working on a new, scrappy quilting project tonight because I’m waiting for some fabric to come so I can finish up my kitty challenge quilt. I must tell you, I’m afraid I won’t finish the cat quilt, or this quilt for that matter. I’ve got plenty of partially started projects in my closet and not too many finished ones. I figure if I tell on myself, I might stay the course and finish SOMETHING.

We shall see about that.

Off and on this year (For the last 3 weeks. SNORT!), I’ve been half-halfheartedly trying only to use what I’ve got for fabric. In my stash, I found 3 packages of mini-charm packs – the cutest little 2 1/2 inch squares in Christmas fabric. I bought the packages because they were cheap and cute, but had no idea what on earth I would do with them.

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Dreaming of Vegas

by Carol Browne on January 18, 2015 · 0 comments

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It could be anywhere.

So many people on my Facebook feed are either IN Vegas right now or heading out to Vegas. I have been going through some of my photos and reminiscing. We had such a good time! Riding the bus down to Old Vegas, taking photos of the bands, the shark tank at The Golden Nugget, shopping with Jason and Maria, and seeing all the neon signs.

I found this lamp in my Vegas trip photos. I don’t remember where or why I took this photo. It was in with some photos of Caesar’s Palace. Why on earth would I take a photo of this when I was in the hotel with all the amazing statues and the painted ceilings that look like sunset all day and all night? I have no idea.

Today I worked, went to a baby shower for the luckiest baby in the world (their parents are SO excited for him to get here in March! So excited!) had some chicken, and tried to rest up for a very busy week ahead.

A very busy week ahead.


Some days are just banner days. This one was one of those days. I consumed many things (which is not supposed to make you happy, but it was very satisfying, nonetheless.). We started the day off by picking up the matching ottoman to the couch. HUZZAH. This is how that looked:

New ottoman!

I didn’t even turn on the TV. Who needs the TV when you’re floating on a cloud? It’s super dreamy.

Next up, a surprise birthday tea party Johanna organized with her niece for my new-to-me friend, Aleisha. We went to The Little White House in Langley.
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Look up

January 13, 2015

I quickly snapped this photo near a construction site after work. I didn’t get out during daylight hours again, but I did step out for a late lunch around 4 pm and it was still light out. Hooray! I think the days are slowly getting longer. I spotted this sign in the window of some […]

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Fresh air

January 11, 2015

I’m not usually a fresh air person these days, but around 2 pm, I felt like I should get out and get some fresh air into my lungs. Mike and I headed over to the Boundary Bay Dyke Trail near the Delta Heritage Air Park. On the way, we saw many bald eagles, an entire […]

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What quilts?

January 8, 2015

Tonight was Quilting Bee Night. And not just any old Quilting Bee Night, but world famous DE-STASH night. It’s the night when we bring in all our sewing related items we no longer want or use, throw them on a table and then hunt around to see if there’s anything we like and take it […]

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Silent Vigil

January 8, 2015

I found today’s terrible event in France quite upsetting and frightening. This is not a current events blog by any means, but after seeing someone post this event on facebook, I felt compelled to go to the vigil. I was about an hour late, but there were a few people still there.

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Collecting tablecloths

January 7, 2015

I need to start a new habit of taking photos during the day. Over the last month or so, I got used to taking photos at night of little dolls. Now it’s time to get out during the day with my camera and see the sights during daylight hours. I start work at 10 am, […]

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Farewell, old friend

January 5, 2015

Tonight is the last night I’ll be sitting on the good, old Klick Klack. It’s full of crumbs and farts and a broken spring that pokes right into my butt. This is my side of the couch – Mike had a no photo request tonight due to illness. His hair is doing crazy things. We […]

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