My Grandma’s Fashion

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Looks excellent in pants!I was reading my new book, Gertie Sews Vintage Casual, today on the train and it inspired me to go through the photos my sister scanned in of my grandma and other relatives. I should really write her a letter. Grandma doesn’t count emails as real mail. I will write her a letter and tell her I love her fashion sense. First of all, PANTS! So cool! Women wearing pants wasn’t very common until the 30’s – so Katharine Hepburn of her!

Grandma also wore some lovely dresses. Firstly, her wedding dress. She wore a short one:

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“Wash when skanky”

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Wash when skankyWash when skanky. Those are words to live by.

I’m not quite sure how these things happen, but my buddy, Lorie, emailed me out of the blue yesterday to see if I would be interested in a shirt she found in a thrift store. She sent me a photo and I said YES! PLEASE! YES! A thousand times yes!

You’ll see why in a moment.

I was ready to try it on and/or cut it up and put it in a quilt. But I checked the size and realized it would probably fit Mike perfectly. SO, the shirt is in the dryer right now and when it’s dry, I’ll have Mike try it on. If it fits, Mike’s got a new shirt. Yay! And DARN. But it’s an excellent shirt. Just wait and see.

Along with the shirt, Lorie sent me a package of note cards, with my name on them! What? How? She only told me about this shirt on Monday. It turns out she owns a shop called, Haute Note and she made me these
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Party in the yard

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Party in the yard

This afternoon Mike & I went to a birthday party in Boyd’s backyard. Clearly, we partied like it was his birthday. Don’t be alarmed! While it looks like we had a bunch of rappers come by the party for entertainment, we did not. These are our friends! If they were a band, this would be their album cover.

Full disclosure:

1) I had to process this photo A LOT because I had a polarizing lens on my camera from the other day and forgot to take it off. UGH. I won’t make that mistake again. While the photo turned out super grainy, I did like the poses and the expressions, so I did my best to brighten it up. Also, these people are not rappers.

Meanwhile, over in the grass, someone got really out of control.
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Working the night shift

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Double exposure

I filled in for the evening person today and had the luxury of starting work at 1:30 this afternoon. This allowed me to get up at my leisure, do some laundry, make some chai chia pudding with cashew milk and do a bit of sewing.

After cutting out my bogus first try at a collar off the dress, I retried the collar. It became very clear to me after this second attempt that I should:

1) Try making collars with a different fabric. Stretchy knits, although beautiful, are really tough to work with.

2) Scrap this dress and call it a day. I need more practice before making a whole dress – even if it is simple.

3) Turn the remaining pretty fabric into a couple of infinity scarves or these hooded scarves.

4) Go back to the clearance section at the Dressew, buy some more of that pretty brown and pink fabric and make a circle skirt. I think I can handle that. I made one, I think I can make another.

5) Just buy a twin needle and try sewing knits and other stretchy fabric with that. Or actually use interfacing.

After I sorted that all out, I headed into work and right when I started getting into the work zone, people started going home for the day. Man, is it weird to start work so late in the day. However, it was quiet after 7:00 and I got a lot of stuff done, so that was a very, very good thing.

And now I’m eating dinner at midnight!

Back to business as per usual tomorrow.


Maybe not a total bust. But pretty close.

September 1, 2014

We decided to celebrate Labour Day with a little day trip out to the boonies. We were looking to take photos of waterfalls in Cascade Falls – just outside of Mission. We brought a pile of gear – tripods and lenses and a polarizing cover so we could take some long exposure photos in the […]

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Mission accepted

August 27, 2014

Tonight after work, I recognized this man at the bus loop. Excitedly, I grabbed my business card out of my purse and happily walked up to him. I introduced myself to him and asked if he was at the Fusion Festival earlier this summer. He said that he was. I explained to him that I […]

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A couple of NOOOOO!s

August 26, 2014

I tried to ignore it, but I couldn’t. See that tree turning orange in amongst the green ones? NOoooooooo! It’s happening all right. Time for Autumn. Also of note, the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival is happening September 8th. Just over a week away. NOOOO! But mooncakes! YUM. Time to hit up TNT Grocery store for treats. […]

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Planning shmanning

August 25, 2014

I’m not much for planning things in advance. Not even a little bit. For work, I like to show up and see what the day has in store for me, which is probably why I find the portfolio shows tough to take care of. You can’t really do that all in one day.  Same with […]

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Love and mushy stuff at the hatchery

August 24, 2014

I went off the beaten path today out in Surrey and found a very cool venue. It’s The Semiahmoo Fish & Game Club. I’m not sure if this place is open to the general public (I was there for an event). It doesn’t look like it. I think it’s only open to members. There’s a […]

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From my seat

August 24, 2014

Mike and I went to Evan‘s fashion show last night and I took just a few photos from my seat. We had great seats! Right up front. As a general rule, I’m not too keen on black and white photos – I really prefer colour – but since there seemed to be a black and […]

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