I nearly forgot these ones

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Only record the sunny days

I nearly forgot to post these photos from the oldie time farm house we visited last weekend – right in time for this weekend. This has been longest short week on record. Worky work was EXTREMELY worky these 4 days. But next week? It’s going to be awesome. I have a ticket to SIGGRAPH. Sweet! This is the networking event of the year for graphic design and animation and gaming. THE SHIZZY! I’ve never gone before, so this will be great. I also signed up for a studio tour – a bunch of the studios in Gastown are having open houses and I signed up. I wonder what I’ll see? I wonder who I’ll meet? I’ll let you know.

Clearly, this weekend must be a restful one so I will be all bright eyed and bushy taled for next week’s activities. The conference is like 5 days long. Whoa. Intense.
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The Three Ps

by Carol Browne on July 27, 2014 · 2 comments

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The Faturday Illustration by Jade

Pancakes, pizza and popsicles. That’s pretty much all I ate today. Oh Faturday, you are so delicious. Today’s menu reminded me of this illustration my friend, Jade, made for me on her last day at the office a couple of weeks ago. I put this little drawing in a frame near our front entrance. I love this theme and that tiny cutlery.

Other than going out for pancakes this morning (blueberry. YUM) I stayed home all the live long day. It was glorious. I got caught up in my chores – nearly avoiding the great laundry crisis of 2014 – we were dangerously low on underpants. And got some sewing in! I’ve been working on a Quilt As You Go quilt and made at least half a dozen 9 inch blocks today – in between loads of laundry, dishes and (EW!) cleaning the bathroom.

Here are two of my favourite blocks from today.

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Back to the drawing board

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I am here to tell you that fashion IS danger. And hard. I spent my whole afternoon and evening making a dress for a “beginner”. I really thought by now I would be considered at least a beginner. On second thought, maybe not for clothes. I guess that one cape does not a beginner make. Perhaps I’m a pre-beginner? UGH. I any event, I spent a couple of hours putting together the pattern like a puzzle on the living room floor.

The pattern pieces

Donner was helping a lot – what with all his jumping on and running under the huge sheet of paper on the floor. He even stuck his paw through a poorly taped section.

That was 63 pages of letter paper. I carefully matched all the notches as instructed. That part was the easiest.

I carefully cut out all the pieces (right sides together and on the fold) and all that went well.

THEN I had to make button holes. That was the first bottleneck. I had to find the manual for my sewing machine (found it on the internets!) and then figured that out. It’s awesome. I can’t wait to make something that needs buttons because that works great.

Buttonholes? DONE!

I started sewing up the pieces as directed. Things were going well. I piped the sleeves and put the bodice together. I even tried the pieces on as I went and it was going well until I sewed the sides of the bodice together. I tried it on and wha? I could NOT get my arms through the arm holes. I had somehow shrunken the arm holes. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? I am not sure. What I do know is that I got the fabric on sale, so I can pick up more fabric and try again. It’s just a bummer to spend 10 plus hours and have squeezey arms.

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I nearly forgot…

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…but not quite. It seems like a long, long time ago. Back in June, on the first day of the World Cup, before my mom and sister visited, before the graduation ceremony AND the portfolio show, we had a Quilting Bee meeting. We had an assortment of beautiful quilts and a few quilted pouches, like the one Sherri created:


Thankfully I remembered in the nick of time. We went out with pals tonight, so I wasn’t home until around 10 pm. I couldn’t go through the photos tonight, but tomorrow? I’m coming home right after work and will get cracking on posting up all the beautiful quilt photos from last month.

I’m looking forward to Quilting Bee on Thursday. I’ve got a few blocks to show for show and tell. But no finished quilts in quite some time. Mike asked me the other day if I would ever finish another quilt. My answer? I’m not sure. I’ve got plenty of half finished quilts piling up. I should really do something about that. But for now, I’ll keep making blocks. My sewing is getting better and more consistent, so I’m happy about those improvements.

I’ll get those projects completed soon enough.


I sewed it!

July 4, 2014

Mike asked me if I could make a cape for an upcoming photoshoot. I hesitantly said yes, because, oh no. Clothes! But, I looked for a beginner pattern, and I found this free cape pattern on the pinterest. NICE. I only had to cut out 5 pieces (2 of which were doubles, so I only […]

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Until I ran out of staples

June 16, 2014

I spent the evening and afternoon with the electric stapler? Is that what it’s called? I also found a powerful, hand stapler that did not depend on electricity. In any event, I pulled out a pile of fabric today that Cynthia and I picked up at the Goodwill in Bellingham last year and covered up […]

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Dumpster fire & a jean basket

May 23, 2014

Exciting times happened today at work. After lunch, some of us noticed a wretched burning plastic smell. Some of us looked around the school, but it was clearly coming from outside. We shut all the windows and I decided to investigate. You will be happy to know that as I stood waiting for the elevator, […]

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May 3, 2014

I went into lock down mode today to finish up Sprinkle! The quilt top. Did I finish? You betcha.

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My helper

April 20, 2014

After a fun morning of hanging out with some pals, we headed home and I spent a couple of hours cutting and sewing up squares for my Sprinkle Quilt I started at the sew in last weekend with Happy Zombie. That was only last week, but it feels like it was a dream somehow. Probably […]

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Baby chicks

April 16, 2014

Whoa. This short week is really flying by. Tomorrow is the Long Weekend Eve already! Woohoo! We will be celebrating Easter a little bit early at the office with an Easter Egg Hunt and a prize will go to the person who finds the blue baby chick in a yellow Easter Egg. CUTE! I love […]

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