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I found it.

by Carol Browne on March 26, 2014 · 0 comments

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The Superman Van

Good news, everyone! I found Superman’s van. I found it by the St. Regis Hotel on Dunsmuir, right by the skytrain station. It would make sense that he would need a van. As phone booths are now passé, Superman has to change somewhere. I would imagine this van is roomy enough to hold several rolling racks with his capes and leotards and stuff. Maybe he’s even got a mirror and table so he can make sure that curl on his forehead is perfectly in place.

Or maybe…

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String art

by Carol Browne on March 11, 2014 · 0 comments

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String art!

After a surprise at work today – my co-worker and I got an award for placing grads in jobs – I picked up some dinner at the Bagdad Cafe (they make delicious chicken salads with tabbouleh and beet salad) and walked over to Mike’s place of employment to eat our dinner in the dreamiest lunch room on the planet. It’s a lovely place to eat your dinner and look out over the whole city. It’s got a 360 degree view, so you can look over the water or look at the buildings, or look into the windows of the building next door.

On the way over, I saw this big piece of string art strung up between two buildings near the Vancouver Convention Centre.

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He still thinks you’re beautiful

by Carol Browne on March 10, 2014 · 1 comment

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Hey Kate! This is for you!

I first took a photo of this graffiti in 2010 for the 12X12 film marathon. It was a rainy, crappy day when I took that picture and the photo turned out all grainy and out of focus (the poor focus was my fault). I was in the neighbourhood tonight after work and thought I would check and see if it was still there. Yup! Sure was, with a little addition. I have no idea who Kate is, but Kate, if you’re out there, he thinks you’re beautiful.

There was lots of good worky work stuff that happened today. And tomorrow, I get to attend an all day meeting where lunch is provided. I ordered mine ahead of time with no bread.

Then, when I was thinking that I was having a good day, the Canucks completely blew the lead they had against the Islanders. When I say blew it, I really mean it – they were ahead by 3 and then lost in the 3rd period 7 to 4. OOF. I can’t even imagine how the goalie, Eddie Lack, must have felt. And he even did an interview after the game. Kesler said the game was an embarrassment and the coach was all, “Wow. I don’t know what to say.”. Now THAT’S a bad day. By comparison, my day was very, very good.

Which makes me wonder, who on earth wants to be a goalie? Seriously? That’s pretty much the most difficult, self-imposed type of employment I can think of. AND you’re in the public eye.

I hope the whole team just gets back on the horse so everyone can forget this stinker of a game. I have to admire the goalie coming back to the net after taking a beating like that.

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Snow Day in Vancouver

by Carol Browne on February 25, 2014 · 0 comments

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But we all still had to go to work. Oh well. It was nice and fluffy for the entire day!

Happiest of accidents in the snow.

As I was walking back to work from Harbour Centre, I took some snowy photos. It’s not very often you see a big snow fall in Vancouver, so I just got to shooting on the street. This photo was just an out of focus photo I took on the corner of Hastings and Seymour Street. I bumped up the colours a little bit. I couldn’t replicate this if I tried. I love the colours and the blurry snow falling and the rubber boots.

Sometimes, you just get lucky!

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A rose

January 20, 2014

Mike let me try out his lens – it’s a 35mm. For the last 2 years I’ve pretty much only been using my 50 mm. I love how the “nifty fifty” makes for flattering portraits and responds very well in low light. Feeling like I need to shake it up a bit, I decided to […]

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“What am I supposed to do with a rubber hand?”

November 20, 2013

Name that movie. Looks like the hair and hand went first. It’s the left hand, too. That must be some sale. Why has no one bought that dress? I took a quick walk around on my late lunch hour today at 3:30. I actually went to the library to pick up a Bill Cosby book. […]

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Gee, your house smells terrific!

November 6, 2013

Good news! I’m not sure sure what plumbers #2 did today, but the house smells GREAT! In fact we are completely odour free. Huzzah! I don’t have to be apologetic to my family when they arrive it two days. As my friend Lianne says, “Thank the pope!” Thank Pope Francis, indeed. We are now sewer […]

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Halloween 2013 – PHEW!

October 31, 2013

I just have to say this is one of my favourite photos of our Halloween experience today. See that man? He works somewhere near our office. We have seen this mysterious, mustachioed man around the downtown area on several occasions. Enamored by his facial hair all these months, Olga stopped him on the street and […]

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Shopping cart through Gastown

October 29, 2013

We had the fun job today of picking up 7 pumpkins for the school’s pumpkin carving contest this week. For the low, low price of my driver’s license, we were able to legitimately take the shopping cart out of Nester’s (a downtown grocery store in the Woodward’s Building) all the way to the school through […]

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Breaking Bad Graffiti

September 11, 2013

As I was walking to the Dressew on my lunch 30 minutes, I noticed Mr. Heisenberg looking around the corner at me. Upon further inspection, I found THIS! Hooray!

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