Plenty to see

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Looking up into the sun

After another glorious #Faturday morning, we hopped back in the car and headed over to Vancouver – all the way to Queen Elizabeth Park. We got there plenty early and hardly had to share the entire grounds with anyone. It was really nice. The sun was shining again – it’s summer now. I think we’re in for another long summer like last year. It started super early and we’ve only had a day of rain that I can remember in the last 2 or 3 weeks.

I took enough photos to last for a week, at least. Along with the beautiful plants in the garden, there were all sorts of creatures in and around the Bloedel Floral Conservatory waiting for their photos to be taken. It was a lovely photo walk. We walked about 5KM today! Yah! Mike kept track on an app on his phone.
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On the water

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Saturday's view

I’m using a 3 day old photo for today’s blog post! OH NOES! I waited too long to take my lunch and I felt like I couldn’t very well take my lunch from 3 to 4 when I’m done work at 5 pm. I’m just getting used to my new schedule. I used to take my lunch late in the day when my shift was 10 to 6. Anyway…Tomorrow. Tomorrow I will be taking my lunch and hopefully I’ll see some visiting teams for the Fifa Women’s World Cup. It slipped my mind today that the Japanese Women’s Team was here playing Switzerland. And they won! I love the Japanese team! I watched them last time and they did really well.

It looks like there’s some kind of “Fan Zone” over by the Stadium on Thursday. I will be sure to drop by there and I’ll be perusing the usual spots that tourists like to visit – The Clock in Gastown! The Vancouver Art Gallery…uh…all the places we ran into the Olympic athletes. Robson Street was a good place as well.

I am on a mission.

I just have to remember that tomorrow.

In other news, I picked up some fancy file folders for work tonight. I’ll show you them tomorrow. That was $5 well spent for a little desk decor.


The Sportscasters’ booth

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Broadcasting booth

Yesterday after all the fun at Maker Faire, Mike wanted to check out the finished broadcasters’ booth at the Olympic Cauldron. He’d been watching it being built for the last few weeks out the lunchroom window. This is the view from the lunchroom (with a pretty long lens). Not too shabby.

I had seen it in progress, too, a couple of weeks ago, but this really looks great all complete. Really cool. And I like how they reused the banners from the Olympics. That brought back fun memories. We headed down there to see all the people.
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So much for resting today.

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I thought/had quietly planned to myself that I wasn’t going to do much today except for the usual Faturday morning IHOP visit. Mike, however, had other plans and we went all over town. We went from the Maker Faire at the PNE and then over to the Olympic Cauldron. And you know what? He was right. We had a great time. As one friend told me, “You can sleep when you’re dead!”. Okay. And he would know. He’s, well, no longer with us. But he would laugh if he read this. He really would! He had a great sense of humour and, apparently now, getting all the sleep he could ever want and/or need.

Anyway, after breakfast, we visited Maker Faire. It’s a grassroots movement of people making their own robots and science things and LEGO machines and 3D printers and even quilts. YES! The Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild was there. Here is our morning broken down in 3 main themes:

Good times at Maker Faire!

1) LEGO – see the Zeus? ALL LEGO! And the top left photo is what was built inside the LEGO Zeus. Dancing mermaids and a clamshell that opened up with Spongebob Squarepants in the centre. Also, Zeus’ eyebrows moved. There was a motor in there. IN.CRED.I.BLE.

2) Quilts – the man on the far right is a quilt. Seriously. He’s the light haired, handsome dude on Mike’s favourite Man Soap Opera, Supernatural. Heh. I so busted him watching that show on his days off. I watched a few episodes and it’s 100% soap opera WITH humour (they make fun of themselves). Well done Stacey M (AKA @hushrules). Your work is incredible!

3) John Biehler. He’s the man on the bottom left and he’s a 3D WIZ. He knows everything about 3D printing and he’s setting off on an amazing art adventure with Douglas Coupland. Yay! John!

That was just the morning. Then we headed over to the Olympic Cauldron to see the new Fifa Women’s Soccer broadcasting booth/house/awesome interview area.

I’ll show you that tomorrow!

SPOILER ALERT: They lit the cauldron up! Right while we were standing there!


People just love this clock

June 4, 2015

I hung out today after work with many tourists waiting for the clock to chime. I haven’t done that in a very long time – probably in years. Recently the clock was tuned up and repaired, which was a good thing because the chimes were woefully out of tune. Ha. They sounded hilarious, like the […]

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Vancouver buildings

May 25, 2015

The past few days have been sunny and warm and just like summer. We were wearing shorts and no sleeves and running fans in the house. However, upon awakening today, it was rainy and cold. NO! I had bare legs today in hopes of sunny, happy weather. I quickly snapped out of the disappointment because […]

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Tulips in the window

April 30, 2015

I was meeting some friends after work tonight and got to walk along the Upper Granville Street area. It’s a lovely, old neighbourhood (well, old by Vancouver’s standards) with huge, old (but well maintained) mansion-like homes and cool old apartment buildings. Real apartment buildings, not condos! Those rental buildings are few and far between. I […]

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In the audience

April 21, 2015

Since the school that I work at is sponsoring Eco Fashion Week, I was able to go to the fashion shows tonight. Oh wait, before that, please note that I am blogging to you LIVE from the unhappiest city in Canada. Yup. Vancouver has the dubious honour of being home to the unhappiest people in […]

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More than meets the eye

April 5, 2015

Yesterday we were downtown and stopped in at the Fan Expo to see who was there. Transformers were there!

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Rainy flower stand

March 25, 2015

Man. Did it ever come down today! I took some photos over on Granville Street, safe under my umbrella. I somehow got a photo completely out of focus, but totally liked how it turned out. Wonky, splotchy bits of colour and an umbrella! And you can see the lines of the rain coming down. Could […]

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