Vancouver buildings

by Carol Browne on May 25, 2015 · 0 comments

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Buildings downtown

The past few days have been sunny and warm and just like summer. We were wearing shorts and no sleeves and running fans in the house. However, upon awakening today, it was rainy and cold. NO! I had bare legs today in hopes of sunny, happy weather.

I quickly snapped out of the disappointment because Mad Max! We have water! And I don’t have to kidnap other humans to use their blood for survival. Talk about a Gratitude List. Seriously, watch Mad Max! It’s so good. We’re going to see it again on Friday.

In other news, I have a big change coming up! I’m starting a new job (YAY! More on that once I start there on June 1st) and my last day at my current job will be Thursday (I’ve got Friday off, ergo, Mad Max viewing). I’m going to miss the students and my coworkers, but am looking forward to this new opportunity. This week is wrap up week for me.

So weird.

Those 3 years at VCAD really flew by.



Tulips in the window

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Tulips in the window

I was meeting some friends after work tonight and got to walk along the Upper Granville Street area. It’s a lovely, old neighbourhood (well, old by Vancouver’s standards) with huge, old (but well maintained) mansion-like homes and cool old apartment buildings. Real apartment buildings, not condos! Those rental buildings are few and far between. I even walked by a Tennis Club (Oh! Buffy! Yes, Muffy?).

While walking to our meeting place, I took photos of some gardens, some street scenes, and made sure to check the windows. I always like to look into bay windows – mostly to check to see if there are any cats or dogs looking out at the street. Instead of a pet, I found a vase of tulips. Lovely!

I actually had a very social day today. Not only did I go out after work, but I met my friend, Catherine, for lunch at Finches for a House Salad with Prosciutto. I waited all morning for that delicious salad, and it was worth the wait. Also, we lucked out and got a table. Finches is so poplar, sometimes you just have to take your stuff to go. Happily, the weather was dry (mostly), so if we had to eat our lunch on a bench, we’d be fine.

It was a fine, fine day.


In the audience

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In the audience

Since the school that I work at is sponsoring Eco Fashion Week, I was able to go to the fashion shows tonight. Oh wait, before that, please note that I am blogging to you LIVE from the unhappiest city in Canada. Yup. Vancouver has the dubious honour of being home to the unhappiest people in the entire country according to this article.

I don’t feel particularly unhappy and I don’t think the grass is greener over there (well, not today, anyway.) and I had a pretty good day today, so please bear with me.

ANYWAY, Eco Fashion Week was pretty cool and I am happy to report that I felt right at home at the fashion show today because the theme of the first show was Thrift Chic and I was wearing a second hand denim jacket I bought at a Dress For Success event last year. YES! Finally! I am in STYLE!
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More than meets the eye

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It's Bumblebee

Yesterday we were downtown and stopped in at the Fan Expo to see who was there. Transformers were there!
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Rainy flower stand

March 25, 2015

Man. Did it ever come down today! I took some photos over on Granville Street, safe under my umbrella. I somehow got a photo completely out of focus, but totally liked how it turned out. Wonky, splotchy bits of colour and an umbrella! And you can see the lines of the rain coming down. Could […]

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Sort of like snow.

March 19, 2015

My in-laws sent over some photos of the weather they’re having in Nova Scotia. BRUTAL! Snow up past the windows! Piles and piles of snow. Something crazy like 72 centimetres in 6 hours. They are snowed in. For realz. I was thinking of those poor souls today. I have to say, it was miserable and […]

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Chinatown at dusk

March 18, 2015

I had a photoshoot tonight in Chinatown, which was lovely. On my way home, I took some photos on the very quiet street to the skytrain. It was a peaceful walk, which I didn’t even realize until I started typing this just now. Most of the shops were closed, but the Gum Wing was open.

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Please enjoy this view.

March 11, 2015

I did today. I went to a gaming networking event put on by DigiBC after work tonight. THIS was all around us (we were in a fancy lawyer’s office in a high rise building downtown.). In all my time living in Vancouver, I have never seen the city from this vantage point. And I’ve been […]

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Totally forced

March 9, 2015

Yes, they are TOTALLY forced because the tulips aren’t supposed to be open until next month. But wait! Or are they? I just checked the RoozenGaarde Bloom map and they are predicting tulips THIS MONTH! WHAT? Yes! Good thing I checked. We need to go across the border to see rows and rows of tulips. […]

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March 3, 2015

I took a walk today on my lunch break and enjoyed the sunny sun and the chilly air. It was a teensy bit chilly. I could feel it thought my jean jacket. *Dodging tomatoes and heads of lettuce from out East!* Anyway, I headed out for a quick jaunt toward the library and found this […]

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