Clearly, our visit to the race track has affected me. I’ve been talking about it whenever I can squeeze it into a conversation and can’t wait to go  back.

Friendly horse at the track

Part of the reason for my enjoyment was the laid back atmosphere. The people with the horses were happy to have kids pet some of the horses – but I don’t think any of them were race horses. I think these horses had jobs around the track. They seemed to be the guides or the sweepers when walking the race horses back to the barns. I’m not sure. Luckily, we were able to get as close as we wanted to this friendly horse.

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I spy with my little eye…

by Carol Browne on July 8, 2014 · 0 comments

in Street photos, Vancouver

…something that is German! In fact, it could not be MORE German. I spotted these three German things moments after checking the soccer score through the window of our friendly, neighbourhood pub I like to call, Bologna‘s (correct pronunciation: Ba-lone-ees).

But back to Germany! Cheggit!

All the German.

Quick! Do you count 3 German items? I’ll let you find them.

Ouch. Sorry Brazil. The score was 5-zip for Germany when I took this photo. We all know how that ended. 7 right in the onion bag for Germany, 1 for Brazil. It was a tough day for Brazil, that’s for sure.

About an hour after I took this photo, I was on the skytrain back to work and spotted these poor souls waiting for the Canada Line with me:
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The Happy Birthday Post!

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Remember last month when we went kayaking? I never did post the film photos of us on the water. Want to know why? Because they didn’t exactly work out. But the day was so fun, I thought I’d post them in celebration of my mom’s birthday today! Happy Birthday, Mom! We had fun, didn’t we?

Good news: I got a photo of my mom in focus.

Bad news: It was only her back.


This film photo brought to you today by Rocky Point Kayaks in Port Moody.

I thought it may have been a mistake to take my mom and sister kayaking here as soon as we got into the water. I realized the whole place is surrounded by industry – a sulfur pile, lumber mill, refineries and some kind of electrical plant with lots of wires. However, once we started kayaking, were were surrounded by all sorts of wildlife – mostly birds and A SEAL! He followed us all around.

Did I get a photo of him? NO. My toy camera shooting skills are not fast enough for a cute little seal. However, I did get a semi-focused photo of my sister in her kayak:

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To VancouverThe last couple of days have been a grind. But it is completely self imposed because I will be on vacation starting mid-next week. I am so close to some back-to-back days off that I can’t wait to get started with all that relaxing and sleeping.

We also have a graduation ceremony on Saturday and one of my jobs will be to pick up the flowers for the guest speakers and the Valedictorians. EXCELLENT! I love that job. I also have 22 career consultations to get through and this is a very fun part of my job. I get to see the portfolios of people who hand letter, make cartoons, create amazing interiors (with the help of autocad and photoshop) and computer games with little creatures that jump. Cool.

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“First off, you see gum on the street…

June 5, 2014

…leave it there. It isn’t free candy.” – Santa Clause, Elf I can just imagine my mom’s reaction to this art piece, especially when reading this sign:

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Pigeons in the park

May 26, 2014

Today I found myself whistling the soccer song – that one that goes, “Oh-ayyy-oh-ayy-oh-ayyyyyyyy! Oh-ayyy! Oh-ayy!” and I found myself googling Eric Hurtardo AND the Brasil 2014 World Cup. Also, I stomped my feet a little bit. It adds to the soccer songs. I guess I’ve got Soccer Fever. Oh no. How did THAT happen? […]

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Way funner than I ever thought it would be

May 25, 2014

While I SHOULD be focused on The Vancouver Whitecaps, I have to tell you, their competitors, The Seattle Sounders were very, very impressive. I’m sorry. I know this makes me sound like a traitor, but I’m not. I was merely admiring their team spirit and if I had to vote for “The Best Use of […]

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May 25, 2014

This may look like a jumbled mess of legs and blurry heads and a smear of a soccer ball, and that’s because that’s exactly what it is. We went to the Whitecaps game today and it was FUN. SO FUN! The crowd was AMAZING. We were greeted by the sounds of those soccer songs that […]

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Dumpster fire & a jean basket

May 23, 2014

Exciting times happened today at work. After lunch, some of us noticed a wretched burning plastic smell. Some of us looked around the school, but it was clearly coming from outside. We shut all the windows and I decided to investigate. You will be happy to know that as I stood waiting for the elevator, […]

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Into the sunset

May 1, 2014

Malcolm, Mike & I went on a photowalk on a whim! For some reason, Malcolm met us downtown after work and then we traveled to Richmond. We had a picnic of Tim Horton’s chili (and coffees) at a park called the Richmond Flight Path Park. It’s been a really long time since I’ve been there […]

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