Mini daffs at night

by Carol Browne on January 20, 2015 · 0 comments

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MIni daffs at night

A long, long time ago, back in the 1900s, I lived in a blustery, wintery city in Alberta. And one time in February, I hopped on a plane to visit my aunt & uncle in White Rock. They took me to Granville Island and I could not believe the flowers that were in bloom in February. Just a few hours earlier I was in the freezing prairies. I bought a container of tulips – still planted in dirt – and I was able to take it on the plane back to Calgary as a carry on. THAT’S how long ago that was. Can you imagine anyone bringing dirt and live tulips on a plane now? Probably not going to happen.

I often think back to that visit and am quite appreciative that I’m on this side of the Rockies. Especially when I find a bunch of teeny daffodils in the middle of January. I know they’re forced open, but still, little daffodils! In the dead of winter! In the city! And at night, no less.

I still haven’t quite gotten out during daylight hours too much – except to buy a Flat White at Starbucks. Today was the first day of the portfolio show for work, so I was on a mission all day. After I put the last poster up for the night and walked out on to Hastings Street, I noticed these little guys in the planter.

I love these little flowers.

They make me feel optimistic.

And hopeful!

Must be a pre-spring feeling.


Look up

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Watch for hazards

I quickly snapped this photo near a construction site after work. I didn’t get out during daylight hours again, but I did step out for a late lunch around 4 pm and it was still light out. Hooray! I think the days are slowly getting longer.

I spotted this sign in the window of some kind of heavy duty construction vehicle. I can’t even remember what it looked like. YIKES! What the? Like a very big Tonka Toy, I guess. Attention to detail has been struck from my resume effective today.

Not too much to report…worky work is very worky and and our next portfolio show his happening next week.

I still have a cold/bacterial infection and a chronic cough that makes me sound like an old man who smoked for years. I am so tired of cough drops (especially the sugar-free ones. GROSS) that I would prefer to keep coughing than take another stupid lozenge.

Also, I am very sleepy. I blame the antibiotics. I thought I would have felt awesome by now, but not really. I will soldier on. It’s bound to get better. Hopefully tomorrow. Or the next day.

Or the next day.

Oh! I nearly forgot! It looks like I’ll be attending the Global Game Jam on January 25th at UBC. I’ll be manning a table for work and seeing some game making in action. YES! NERDS IN THEIR GLORY!

That will be fun.


The day that sped by like a blur

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#TinType #Hipstamatic no idea of what this means. But it looks cool!

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That was weird. Today just flew by. I guess some days are just like that, but I can’t even tell you what I did.

Sadly, not much to report today, so I’m posting a photo I took last week that was PRETTY COOL. I found it parked right out front of BCIT. I have no idea who it belongs to and if it was shipped from Germany like this. It is a Mercedes, after all. I find it very plausible this could be the real thing.

Apparently the word on the front of this vehicle is German for, “Fire Defense”. COOL.

I was asked to participate in one of those facebook photo assignments. This one is 5 days of black and white photos. At first, I was, MEH. I’d much rather do colour photos. I RARELY choose black and white. Then I remembered that Mike introduced me the tintype app on my phone, and then my mind was changed. I love that oldie time look. And I took photos of everyone I work with in black and white.

The only thing about using this app is that it has to be during the day. Any night time photos turn out too dark, so I’ll have take photos on my way into work for the next 4 days. Because it is DARK now about about 4:46 pm.


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In stillness, I, light-bodied, set out for the other world
Hamon, 1804 (as seen at the graveyard)

Last night Mike and I went to the Mountain View Cemetery to attend the procession walking around the burial ground. It’s pretty much the most fun I’ve ever had at a graveyard. I had no idea what to expect, although, I thought it may be something like they do in New Orleans with the brass band, and I guess it was a little bit like that, but the music was different. And amazing. It was spooky and eerie and beautiful all at the same time.

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Chucky’s back

October 27, 2014

A few days ago, one of my work pals said, “Hey! Someone’s got that doll from that movie in their window dressed up like a mummy! I think it’s that Chucky doll.” THIS is how I found about Chucky? Sad, kind of. I wish I had discovered him myself. I did console myself by knowing […]

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Horses in the city

October 24, 2014

My work buddy, Mimi, and I went for a little walk to see the solar eclipse. We walked down to the Vancouver Sun & Province building at the foot of Granville Street to get the perfect view. Sadly, it was so cloudy that we couldn’t even find the sun, let alone see the moon action […]

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October 7, 2014

Whoa! I am up late on a school night. After meeting up with some friends, I took long train ride home. A very long train ride. I won’t go into the details, but I could not stop looking at someone on the train who had her thumb and her first finger in her nostril. Two […]

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October 5, 2014

I took this yesterday at the fountain at the Vancouver Art Gallery while waiting for the Murder Tour to start. Today was not nearly as exciting – I had to work and spent most of the day inside. Too bad. It was a glorious, sunny day and felt like summer. So much like summer, I […]

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The Murder Tour

October 5, 2014

One of Mike’s buddies accidentally bought two sets of tickets to a Vancouver Murder tour and asked us if we’d like to join him, his girlfriend and a few others. I probably never would have even thought to do this, so I’m glad I was a recipient of this accidental purchase. I learned a few […]

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Brought to you by the letter, “W”.

October 1, 2014

Worky work is getting very busy – the last portfolio show of the year is next week and we’ve got plenty to do before the big day. I’ll be working this weekend and my coworker and I will get everything prepared. We will even have a floor plan ready for tomorrow. I feel so grown […]

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