Advent story – Day 19, easiest craft ever.

Frank: Hey Carol! This smells great! What are you doing in all these oranges?

Carol: Hi Frank! Did you hear? I’ve got the next two weeks off work and I’ve got all my Christmas stuff done! I’ve got a week before Christmas to goof off and see the sights. I celebrated my first day off by sleeping in until 10 this morning…then did nothing except watch Christmas cartoons and hockey and stick cloves into oranges until I ran out of cloves.

Frank: Wow. I made about 10 loaves of bread and 14 dozen cookies today.

Carol: I did not. I made 3 pomanders. That’s it. They’re not hard. All you do is: 1) buy some oranges 2) poke the orange skin with a toothpick – make any kind of design you’d like 3) stick a whole clove in each hole. 4) put it on your mantel to dry out – in the right conditions, they could last a year! Or go moldy in a week. We’ll just have to wait and see what kind I made today.

Carol: Oh, I ate some shortbread. I didn’t even make it. My mom sent it to us. Look, Mike’s sitting next to some right now.

Mike: Hi guys! Shortbread?

Frank: Sure, I’ll have some! *Chomp* *Chomp* *Chomp* Hey these are delicious! This is great shortbread.

Mike & Carol: Yup. We love it.

Frank: In fact, I think I’ll never make shortbread again. I’ll just order it from your mom! All in favour?

All of us: Aye!

Carol: I’ll take care of the details on that.

Frank: Great. I’ve got to get in touch with Hank. I need to find out if he has any suet.

Carol: What do you need suet for? I heard you can get it at the bird food store.

Frank: Uh. EW. I’ll tell you later. But first, I need to see if Hank can hook me up – he’s the meat guy, after all.

Carol: Okay Frank. Good luck with that. I’ll go back to hanging out with the oranges. It sure smells good in here!



  1. Schnookie says:

    I remember making clove/orange pomanders when I was a kid! I think they were a craft when I was in kindergarten or first grade. I had NO IDEA they could last up to a year, because I seem to have made the type that gets moldy right away. You’ve kind of blown my mind that they can last longer than that, and now I’m thinking I need to try this again. They’re so easy and pretty and smell so great! Good luck to yours! (Also, that shortbread looks outrageous.)

  2. Kelaine says:

    I thought to make them last you have to cover every square millimeter of surface with cloves as tightly packed as possible… But I agree, the smell is heavenly! 🙂

  3. Leah says:

    I have a couple of pomanders that were made at least 20 years ago. they were totally covered in whole cloves. The ones I made were also rolled in a mixture of cinamon and oris powder, which means they needed a covering. They are petrified. They still smell softly.

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