Doubly double

Donner on the counter

What I’m REALLY trying to get is a photo of Donner with his mouth open so you can really see how funny he looks without any teeth. This task is proving difficult. Donner is most likely to be meowing loudly just before I feed him dinner. Tonight, he stood on the dishwasher yowling when he saw me take out the can of cat food. However, as soon as I pulled out my camera, he stopped. He closed his mouth and waltzed over to his cat food dish around the corner. No teeth. But I can't prove it.

It’s like he knew I was going to embarrass him on the internets with his gums out in public. Try as I might, I could not get him to cooperate. Just know that it really does look funny when he meows – you just see gums. And sometimes, his tongue just slips out of his mouth for a few seconds before he pulls it back in. Poor guy. One day I will capture his toothlessness in all its glory for the world to see.

And in, It’s A Small World news, it really is a small world.

Well, that's tiny.

All the stitching I’ve done is right in the middle, there. I forgot to bring my scissors a few times this week, so I haven’t made much progress. But I will do some stitching tonight and tomorrow on the train. AND I will remember my scissors.

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