Felting machine

I was invited to try out a felting machine today. What’s a felting machine, you ask? Good question! It looks like a sewing machine, only there’s 6 needles instead of 1 and it’s best if you move the wool roving all around under the needles instead of in a straight line.

The felt machine

It’s the leaf blower of the felting world. All three of us agreed that the six pronged hand felter (on a brush) demonstrated here:

The best way to felt!

worked the best for most felting projects. But the machine did work very well for bigger projects with a base fabric.

My project didn’t really turn out, so I just kept cutting and cutting and cutting my felted fabric until I gave up, and, with Cynthia’s suggestion, decided that I spent all afternoon making these 4 coasters.

Felted coasters. LOLSLysa made a purple dolphin with a mustache,

Lysa's mustachioed dolphin

and Cynthia made several felted bacon sheets. And a pretty, little heart!

Felted heart

It was a fun day even though I came down with the plague. Oh noes. I had evaded the sickness for weeks, but this afternoon it hit me. I headed home early, coughing the whole way home. I hope I didn’t infect my pals. EW. I’ll never get invited back!

While we ate some lunch, we talked about picking a theme for 2015. I’ve heard of this – instead of making New Year resolutions, you just remember your theme to keep you motivated throughout the year.

So I picked, “pirates!” for my theme for 2015. Just kidding. I haven’t picked theme yet.

There are still 4 days until 2015. I have plenty of time to pick my word or words. Is leave it to the last minute a good theme?

Meh. I’ve been doing that for the last 10 years at least. I think it’s time to try something new.


  1. Jeifner says:

    Pirates is a fine theme 😉 Then you can concur things and swill drinks, speak any which way you please and brandish things about while making discoveries.

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