I need to make 5 more by Friday

5 more, plus the faces!

I dusted off my crochet hook to make a little “mason jar” cozy. But it’s not really a  mason jar, it’s one of several vintage jelly jars I found at the thrift store way too long ago and didn’t do anything with. I decided to do this because I was invited to participate in a fundraiser for a sick little girl and the theme is foxes. We’re all making something crafty that will be sold at a craft fair or on Facebook.

This little fox jelly jar cozy is not quite done. I still have to make his/her face (a white heart shape) and a white and Burnt Orange tail. AWW! With any luck, they’ll turn out okay and I’ll have them ready to go by Thursday or Friday. I’ll show you when they’re all done. And the patterns I used. I’m mixing up a few different patterns I found free on the internets.

Why did I wait until the last minute? That is just how I roll. I had a few weeks to get them done, but I got distracted, and then I was quilting that one day and my list of reasons are long. But I will get them done! And they will be adorable! I may even bring some yarn on the train for the train ride home. I’m pretty sure I can fit a skein of Burnt Orange yarn in my purse. LOLS. I won’t even open my purse at all, I’ll just open the zipper up a little bit and crochet right out of my purse.

I am so doing that!

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