iPhone stands

Not the best option.

Today’s project was seeing if I could use my phone as a lamp. Why?

  1. I need more light by my side of the couch so I can sew while watching, “The Affair”. Side note: the first season of, “The Affair” was pretty great. We’re now on the second season, and it’s pretty much become a soap opera. AWWW! Sad. It had so much promise! SO MUCH!
  2. Instead of just buying a lamp, I decided to use what I have and make my own. Also, I don’t really have a spot for a proper lamp on my side of the couch.

Bull clips.

This was a simple solution – Bull Clips – 1 big, 1 smaller one and clip them together. I decorated them with washi tape. But the final result? I think I can do better than that. The phone almost laid down flat and I was hoping it would stand up straighter. And when I turned on the flashlight app on my phone? The light shone right not my eyes at this angle! LOLS! Not helpful.

So, I continued to look for something to work a bit better and, in a youtube video, I found THIS!

An old cassette tape holder. WHAT?

It’s an old cassette tape holder. Doesn’t get much easier than that! And I found an iPhone screen app (instead of the flashlight in the phone) and the light is much nicer and doesn’t shine right into my eyes, blinding me. Which pretty much defeats the purpose of sewing by lamplight.

I added some washi tape to the cassette holder and now I have a great little lamp by my side of the couch!

AWWW! Cute! This totally works.

And that’s my little hand sewing project I will finish even though I’m already bored of the colours. I just used some charm squares I won at the Quilting Bee. I think I’ll make it into a pillow case or a wall hanging. I’m not quite sure just yet.

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