Labour Day

by Carol Browne on September 2, 2013 · 0 comments

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DSC_0008.jpg I picked up a couple of pumpkins on Saturday. We ate a small one for dinner tonight (roasted - with onions) and I took photos of the white one. The top photo's a little spooky, and the next photo looks like someone wrote on the pumpkin. DSC_0010.jpg Or drew a sleeping face on it. The white one's a keeper until Halloween. Time to move it outside to a shady part of the backyard. Speaking of outside, I picked up a HUGE Chinese Lantern plant and it came with this cheesy scarecrow wearing acid wash jeans. DSC_0046.jpg He'll be finding a new home once I re-pot that plant. It's soon time clean out the garden. The sweet peas are nearly done and there are a few tomatoes that need to ripen up. Next weekend looks like clean up time. It won't take long. I may even plant a few bulbs for spring. Totally where that sad, mildewy zucchini is barely living. And because, why finish anything? DSC_0050.jpg I sewed some teeny 3/4 inch hexies. I'll take them with me on the train. They're light, tiny and come together quickly. I'll just need to make a million of them.

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