Let me tell you about last night…

…because today we cleaned out the garage and went to the dump. And the recycling station. Even I couldn’t find any inspiration for photography in that scenario. And there will be no shameful, “before and after” photos, either. Why on earth do I feel the need to keep all the boxes I’ve ever received, empty, piled in a corner? Not good. We broke them all down and took them to be recycled into something. Maybe more cardboard boxes? If that’s the case, they had better never darken our door again. Sheesh. Anyway, the garage is much cleaner now and I think after one more run to the dump, we can open the garage door without feeling embarrassed one bit. And I hope we sweep more often so that the dust bunnies are not the actually size of bunnies. I think they were dust bunnies made of spider webs. Oof.

Anyway, yesterday was much more exciting. I met Lelainia and Pen (short for Penelope) at the Esty crafty party in Chinatown at Blim. This was my first visit to Blim – it’s a non-funded art studio and gallery. And they sell cool handmade crafts as well. I must go back. Last night we had our choice of making vintage postcards, a travel journal or a message in a bottle diorama. I went with the travel journal. I decorated the cover. I’ll take a photo of it later.

I glued stuff, chit-chatted, hung out, and then went up on the balcony to take photos of the crowd.

Arial views made for some good tilt-shifting.

Look! A fascinator in tiltshift!

There was a cooperative painting project up on the balcony as well. I didn’t paint anything, though. I just enjoyed the view.

The event was very well attended! It seemed like there were hundreds of people there. We had free popsicle samples, a button making table and a bag full of treats and coupons. I still have to go through them all to see what’s in there. I know I got a great big spool of black ribbon, so that’s cool.

I quickly snapped this as we made our way through Chinatown to get to the car.

It was a lovely evening and I look forward to going again next year.

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