Little fish

Crochet fish

Last month, I started thinking about things to make with some the beautiful sari yarn from Trunk Craft Works. At first, I thought I would crochet some flowers, but as I made them, I didn’t like the way they looked when they were finished. They were a bit lumpy and misshapen no matter how much I blocked them. I tried making some buttons, but that was a bit boring. Then I found this cute little fish pattern and tried some of those. CUTE! I like how they turned out. I think I can make another 3 or 4 fish out of the yarn I still have and I’ll have a whole school of fish in no time. I can use them as little decorations, glue a magnet to the back and hang them on the fridge, or sew them on to something like scarf or a little bag. I can also make some little fishing rods with fishing line. CUTE!

I have had some experience snorkeling in the deep blue sea. I have also scared myself when I thought something touched my foot and I screamed into my snorkel and then hoped no one heard me. I just kept swimming and didn’t really put my head up out of the water for bit. I can’t say I’ve seen any fish this colour, but they could be out there. The ocean is a vast place!


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