Scratching the surface

The world turns softly...

Poem by Hilda Conkling, Poems for a Little Girl, 1920

I’m not sure what you did tonight, but I scratched words into wet photos with a knitting needle! I didn’t create this photo in photoshop one bit. It’s 100% analog. I have many printed snapshots from the summer because I shot them in film. I took the option of scanning the photos as well, so I’m good. I’ve got the negatives, the photos on a disk and printed, just in case I ever need a copy. Which I most likely won’t ever need. Good thing I have back up upon back up of things I may or may not use again for any reason! YES! LOGIC!

BUT, I did like doing this simple project because:

1) I used photos that I was just going to stick in drawer.
2) I liked looking up poems about apples, water lilies and relaxing on the water.
3) I like how my handwriting turned out. It’s very instagrammy/faux handwriting. But it’s my handwriting! Cross my heart.
4) It’s easy. I just put a wet cloth on the photo and used a knitting needle like a pen. I read about it in the Photocraft book. Speaking of which, my photo transfers did not go well at all – even the ones that seemed to do well. They are all fuzzy and have some kind of haze on them, so you can barely see the image. Back to the drawing board on that project.

I’ll get back to those later. Right now, I have a lovely, analog water lily photo to show you.

Lily pads! Lots of lily pads.

Poem by Ted Hughes – How To Paint A Water Lily

And in other news, remember that pillow I made that looked all sad and flaccid (heh) without stuffing? Well look at it now! It’s OVER stuffed and looking good!

Looking good!

I really like it! All it took was a $4.94 pillow from the local grocery store – the same grocery store where they sell disposable clothes.

I am proud to have that pillow on our couch. Huzzah!

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