The hubcap birdbath

This is probably the easiest “craft” you could possibly make. It’s barely even a craft because it took only a few steps, including the cleaning.

After the house next door was demolished, there was some fall-out here and there on our side of the property. Besides a bunch of wood (which they’ve moved) I found this VW hubcap by the side of the house. I was going to take it to the recycling station (they take metals) but then realized that I could use that plus an old black, wrought-iron, Gothic candlestick holder to make a birdbath for the front yard.

I’m kind of out of my Gothic stage now. I save all my Goth up for Halloween these days. The month of Halloween, if I’m honest.

Meanwhile, in the front yard…

I hung up this big birdfeeder:

I’m not too sure it will see too much action while the house next door is being built. I’m pretty sure the birds that come to visit will be of the early morning variety. I don’t believe they’ll appreciate the hammering and construction noise during the day. However, the construction workers don’t exactly keep nine to five work hours, so maybe it will become the place for songbirds to visit on a regular basis. We shall see.

I’m planning another pumpkin patch for the front yard again. Only this year it will include gourds. And 3 giant pumpkins.

It was Mike’s suggestion to move the birdfeeder out front so the kitties have something to watch out the windows. The back is a gong show until the house is finished being built. I’m glad about that – no more falling down fence.

I thought a birdbath would be a nice edition to the Kitty Entertainment Centre, and didn’t think that paying $124 for a standard cement birdbath was really a good plan. Ever since I watched the video about the Pop Man in Los Angeles, I can’t get his comment out of my head, “Reusing is better than recycling. You don’t use as much energy reusing something as you do recycling it.” (or something like that).

Here’s how I did it:

1) I scrubbed the found hubcap clean with steel wool in the bathtub.

2) I clipped off the spike in the centre of the candle holder with some wire cutters.

3) I wiped off the top of the candlestick holder.

4) I sanded the edges of the candlestick holder and the most convex part of the hubcap in preparation of the epoxy. I decided to use epoxy because I couldn’t really drill any holes in the hubcap to connect the pieces together.

5) Followed the directions of the metal to metal epoxy. I used clear epoxy.

6) I spread epoxy on the candlestick holder and some on the hubcap for good measure.

7) Placed the hubcap on the candlestick holder and left it alone overnight in the garage.

That’s all it took. I decided to bury the stand in the dirt so it doesn’t tip over. I’ll add some rocks in the hubcap because little birds don’t like their water too deep. Fingers crossed I’ll get some chickadees-bathing-in-the-hubcap photos.


  1. Connie says:

    I love this idea. When we relocate back to New Zealand late next year – this is an idea I shall keep in mind for our birds. Thanks for the instructions

  2. Leah says:

    That is awesome! Good on you. I will be fascinated to see if the wee birds figure out that all the banging is not threatening or not. It is so good of you to think of the kitties’ ammusement.

  3. Viki says:

    In keeping with Art’s comments, you could call it the kitty dish. . . Hope you enjoy your visiting songsters. You are amazing Carol C-B

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