Until I ran out of staples

Bigfoot Crossing

I spent the evening and afternoon with the electric stapler? Is that what it’s called? I also found a powerful, hand stapler that did not depend on electricity. In any event, I pulled out a pile of fabric today that Cynthia and I picked up at the Goodwill in Bellingham last year and covered up an unused bulletin board and made a kitty bed out of a dirty old stool we had in our living room for ages.

This is part of our dining room. This room is sadly neglected. We just never use it for anything except putting mail on the too big dining room table we have in here. One day we’ll get a smaller dining table or even a cool old kitchen table and give this room an upgrade. Maybe one day we’ll even eat dinner in there – well, besides Christmas dinner.

I’ll hang up the Bigfoot poster this week. I couldn’t do it tonight because I didn’t think the neighbours would appreciate me hammering the wall at 11:30 pm.

My other stapler project included this cat space:

Stool kitty bedI didn’t get the fabric as tight as I wanted because I ran out of staples – even the heavy duty ones! I need to stock up and pull the fabric tight  around the edges. The rest of the stool is covered, so if someone wants to use it to rest his or her feet, it just looks like a regular stool from the back. I learned out how to sew a cube today – I feel accomplished! I had a spare pillow insert, so I covered that as well.

Slowly walking

Oscar would NOT stay out of the stool as I was trying to cover it. But once it was all finished, neither cats would go inside. I even put some catnip in it. I wonder if that pillow is too puffy? I could try to flatten it down some.

The closest either got was Donner doing the slow walk toward it. But he didn’t go in.

I still have a ton of this fabric left. I could cover more things with it or make a great backdrop for photos with it.

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