Valentines on the ledge

The decorative ledge

I hung up a decorative ledge in the entrance of our house. Our place is a little bit odd that way – when you come into our place, there’s a hall and it’s very skinny, so there’s no where to really put stuff down. Stuff just ends up in the kitchen or in our dining room (like mail) BUT there’s a closet there, so the shoes and jackets get put away nearly every time. Yay. ANYWAY, this ledge is not big enough or strong enough to hold anything substantial, so I use it for decoration only and I like to change it with the seasons/festivities/holidays.

Oh no! I just realized I have skipped Chinese New Year! UPDATE: Chinese New Year is February 22nd, so we’re good. I’ll add some lanterns or something to the ledge for that. PHEW! I love Chinese New Year! And it will be the Year of the Goat. I love goats. Goofy goats. I smell a trip to the petting zoo in our near future.

WAIT, what was I talking about again? Right. Valentine’s Day and our decorative ledge. I picked up some vintage-like Valentines – the kind you punch out with perforated edges, just like I had when I was a kid. Except we’d buy the Valentines at the drug store. I loved buying those big, huge books of corny Valentines and punching out all the cards.

This book of Valentines has reproductions of much older Valentines than I had in elementary school. I love them.

AWWW! Cute!

I decided to put some of these Valentines on some wooden canvases (I think that’s what they’re called) after I painted them with a combination of chalk paint and acrylic. I just did a couple and will add some more, because the decorative ledge is looking a little bare/dull/not as cheerful as I’d like.

My paint job – even with the distressed sanding done to it is very bland. I am missing something, I’m not sure just what it is yet, but I may try to make it more layer-y. Something so it’s more interesting, but not completely sanded off. Maybe I don’t like shabby chic? Nah…this just doesn’t look the way I’d like it to.

I’ll just keep painting.

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