Whatcha looking at, Starr?

Oh, I see. Just her most favourite thing in the world. She really does love that ball.

Meanwhile, behind Starr some major sewing action was taking place.

Kalin was working on a beautiful checkerboard quilt. Look how it turned out. Perfect circles.

Cynthia made this lovely square with vintage sheets. After seeing the pretty pastel flowers all mixed together, I feel like I should keep an eye out for pretty old sheets. And carry rubber gloves with me to any thrift shop that has piles of sheets. Amy told us about some place in the US called, “the bins” where you can go through the piles of stuff that other thrift stores don’t sort through (or won’t sort through? I’m not sure how it works.). In any event, it may be worth the risk of coming it touch with scabies. EW! Scabies! Speaking of EW! Cynthia said she found a pillow case with the pillow still in it at one store…EW! Someone’s greasy old head was laying on that thing! Oh well, nothing a little Dettol can’t fix.

Now I cannot WAIT to go vintage sheet shopping! WEWT!

Meanwhile, back at the sewing circle, Amy took a break and read through a quilting book.

And boy howdy, was it hot out there. PHEW! We ironed outside – Cynthia moved the ironing board every now and then to keep us in the shade – and we drank icy iced tea inside while sewing.

Somehow, I did not get a single photo of Lysa – she was really busy sewing a paper pieced owl and she was very focused. But to prove she was there, here’s a photo of her fishy sewing box.

And I sewed some squares for Mike’s t-shirt quilt. Here’s Donner, helping again.

I think it’s going to be a big one – I’ve got a great big bag filled with more t-shirts and t-shirt remnants.

Here’s a few more action shots of people sewing and making beautiful things.

I now officially have a bottle neck of photos to edit, so there will be many photos of the last few days in the near future.

This has been an excellent week. I have had a ton of fun.


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