10 minute wonder ice pops!

Fancy pops! This was my first and only batch of the night. I used chocolate almond milk on the top – very tasty – and then some weird concoction called flax milk. It has vanilla flavours to it, but it’s not my favourite beverage. It’s sorta watery and a little weird – very similar to rice milk. Even frozen it’s a bit odd. But, that’s okay! The chocolate made up for it and I love how the line is very clean and straight. I’ll be trying it with all sorts of juices and anything else I can freeze.

Sorry, Andrea, it clearly says on the directions NOT to freeze any artificial sweeteners, so no Diet Coke Popsicles. Ah boo!

Of course I had some help/supervision:

And unfortunately, due to a user error, I broke one of the popsicle sticks. Whoops. When they say not to fill past the fill line, they really mean it. Not even a little bit over the line. OR I don’t even know my own strength. Well, I am rather strong, so I’m sure that didn’t help. But there were extra sticks provided, so we’ll still be be able to have striped frozen treats all summer long.

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  1. Andrea says:

    Ah boo…no Diet Coke pops 🙁 But on the bright side, those look delicious!!!! What other flavours do you have in mind? That looks like a fun little invention!

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