A bowl of crackers

Late night snack
My bowl of goldfish – my late night snack.

Thanks for the nice comments about my hand quilting! I’ll trust you guys and will stick with it. I’ll also believe my stitches are the right size and I shouldn’t make them any smaller. Mike’s mom told me her grandma used to stitch 6 stitches to the inch. And she used to hand quilt big quilts! It must have taken forever.

I had another late-into-the-evening meeting at work tonight. During this meeting I learned a new phrase – “Certification Inflation”. It’s when people get hired for jobs because they have higher education than required. Some employers like that even though it’s not necessary to do the work. Then it’s tougher for the next person with less education to get the job because the last guy had more certification even though it was not even needed in the first place. I knew this happened in the workplace, I just didn’t realize it had a name. And a corny name at that. This phrase kept going over and over in my mind on the ride home. So much so that I almost missed my stop. Very distracting, that Certification Inflation.

Thank goodness I get to sleep in tomorrow. I will even have time to write a postcard before I go to work tomorrow. I signed up for a postcard swap, so I will do that before any type of inflation sets in.

Stupid inflation.

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