A Fall Fern

A Fall Fern

It’s been a banner day. All I seem to be talking about lately is food and clothes, so what the heck? I’ll keep with that for today. Also know that several Interior Design graduates have found work as Junior Interior Designers. Incredible. The Fall is really shaping up.

Today I lucked out and found these brand new green boots at a Dress For Success Event for a very low price. Unsure of how I scooped such an incredible deal (they were clearly BRAND NEW) the person explained to me that companies go under and give them all their unsold inventory. They can’t store it all, and if the items aren’t suitable for job interviews, they sell these items at these fundraisers. Whoa. Such benefit at others’ expense – failed business owners and women who don’t have money for outfits for job interviews. Oh man. Good thing I can help? Yes. Help. Actually, it does help. Thank goodness.

Speaking of green things, we have been enjoying a dilly, sour cream, cucumber salad WITH mint! From our garden! And some lime juice (instead of lemon juice). And many onions. I used this recipe. I made it for dinner again tonight and it is the best.

See? Banner day! And it’s only Thursday. I wonder what Friday will bring?

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