Chinatown during Chinese New Year

Today’s post will mostly revolve around fruit, specifically Chinese fruit. My new buddy, Annie, picked up some frozen durian fruit in her travels. I didn’t take a photo of it because it was just in a package. Besides, the important part of this fruit is not how it looks as much as how it smells. WHOA. Now, I had heard that this fruit actually smelled of POOP, so before the package was opened, I was all, “YES! Please let me try the durian!” because I wanted to say I ate the poop fruit and liked it. A few big fans of the durian assured me it tastes delicious, but smells like doodie. I was so ready to like it. Instead, I learned:

1) Everyone perceives durian differently. Some people love it immediately. Some people just don’t ever love it.
2) Sadly, I don’t like the poo fruit. I really wanted to. But the fruit was just really weird.
3) It didn’t even smell like poo to me. Instead, it smelled like gasoline. Other people in the office commented it smelled like dirty socks, but no turd smell.
4) Durian gives me onion breath.

Tomorrow Annie is bringing in more fruit for us to try – a fruit called, longan. It looks like a miniature version of lychees. I’ll show you and give you a review of that fruit tomorrow. Welcome to the fruit review! I’ll be here all week.

The whole reason why I brought up the poopoo fruit was because in my disappointment, Annie suggested I try some dragon fruit. It’s a fruit I’ve seen, but never eaten. So, off to Chinatown I went!

I have to say, Chinatown was kind of quiet tonight. I think it’s because a lot of the festivities are more with family than out in the open…kind of like going out to find Christmas festivities on Christmas Day. Everyone is home, with their families and friends, not out in the streets.

But there were some produce and meat stores still open…

And I was able to find some dragon fruit for tomorrow. Mike and I will have it for breakfast. I will report into you how it tastes. But for now,

here is how they look. Pink and green and a little scaly. Very dragon-y.

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