Fondue aftermath

Fondue pots

We had a delicious fondue lunch at Chris & Lysa’s today. Mike and I brought piles of cheese for the cheese fondue that turned out pretty well – it did get a bit fussy – not hot enough sometimes, then too hot other times, but still, pretty tasty once we got it sorted. The recipe I found on the internets had 5 whole ingredients in it. So we tried it! And it worked out well. So well, in fact, that I would love to have fondue once a week. Sadly, I could not convince Mike that this would be a good idea. I decided to make hay while the sun was shining and enjoyed veggies, bread and some pepperonis dipped in the apple-y cheesy hot dip.

The blue stuff

I picked up some fondue burner fuel – in the form of a gel patty, but Cynthia brought this bottle of squeezable fuel gel and that worked well. Both made for flames that were pretty hard to see – even when they were on full blast. We had to stay on top of the burners because they would heat the contents of the pots pretty quickly.

Rather than traditional chocolate fondue, we made a caramel fondue with another simple recipe like this. And dipped all sorts of fruit into it. Biggest surprise in taste was dipping the pineapple into caramel. Try it. It’s delicious and not just for apple slices, either. Although, they were tasty, too.

After dinner we chit chatted,

Chit chatting after dinner

drank tea out of cute mugs (They’re greeeeat! Actually!)

Tea in a mug

enjoyed the warm fire, and LEGO hung out with us for a bit.


AND…we received a rhino cookie jar full of treats for the ride home.

Rhino full of treats!

Huzzah! It was a lovely, lovely time. There will be more fondue parties in the future. Heck, I’ve got 2 more gel patties to use up.


  1. Mr Sneer says:

    I have very very many fond fondue memories, of course they’re all a tad grainy and in black and white as I have to reach back into the 70’s to retrieve them. Amazed to see the pots and spikey little skewers making a comeback, Oh please Oh please you must invite me one time for the busting out of the pyro gel and chopping of all variety of edibles, I would be so grateful 1) for the blast down memory lane & 2) for the total joy that hanging out mit der Brownes always is. xoxoxoxox

  2. Lelainia Lloyd says:

    Looks like fun! I have a BRAND NEW fondue pot set (I think it’s electric) still in the box from about 8-10 years ago. We’ve never used it. LOL! Let me know when you have another fondue party!

  3. Lysa says:

    What fun! Thank you for suggesting doing fondue! I’ve always wanted to try but it seemed like to much hassle. Now if I’m ever asks if we fondue I can say, why yes I do! Which we are doing again tonight!

  4. Marlene says:

    Is it at all possible that i can buy that Rhino cookie jar from you? I need it for my boyfriends birthday gift. Please, please, please???

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