Grocery shopping – I made a night of it.

Real Mexican Hot Sauce

We needed groceries. Mike was otherwise occupied. I decided to make a night of it and do some cross border shopping. I asked around my experienced American shopper pals and decided to go to a large grocery/clothing/furniture/shoe chain. They sell everything there! Including this bottle of hot sauce that cost $1.19. What the heck? I even found Peeps for 50 cents.

In addition to organic milk for $3, and some other healthy choices in food (like avocados and other veggies) I also picked up food we could not live without:

Bacon popcorn!

Bacon popcorn! And colourful fish crackers – made with “natural” rainbow colours. I’m sure they are. Only in America! The most ridiculous food! And it’s only 45 minutes away from where we live! Incredible.

I also couldn’t leave without this:


“Jiffy” cornbread mix. I like how the word, “Jiffy”, is in quotes. I also like the story of how the mix came to be. I guess a neighbour to a single dad took pity on the kid’s lunches – apparently they were crappy, flat biscuits. So the nice neighbour made the mix for the dad and all he had to do was add the eggs and the milk so the kid would have a decent lunch. That’s a nice story. And I believe this box of mix was 79 cents.

Dear Mom – we now live 45 minutes away from Bellis Fair Mall (with no traffic). I’ll have the Kohl’s card ready for you!

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  1. Schnookie says:

    I love the thought that someone would come to America for the wacky foodstuffs. But… but… that’s all the normal stuff — it’s you weird Canadians who have the weird food! ::sobs:: (For the record, I have never seen or heard of bacon popcorn before. WOW.)

    And “Jiffy” cornbread! Yay! I haven’t had that stuff in ages, but I do remember occasionally having it when we were kids.

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