How I spent my afternoon

My afternoon all in jars.

I spent my afternoon today filling up these jars. I know. I felt like I cut up more fruits and veggies than just these, but they all fit nicely in these jars. And the two jars in the back are bigger (1 quart each) than the little ones up front, so that kind of accounts for the where all the chopped foods went.

I have had these pretty jars for ages and decided to use them today. I’m going to get some more and fill them up with more foods! Move over, mason jars, I’ve got little tulip shaped WECK jars!

Adorable pickles.

I feel like such a lifestyle blogger right now.

My favourite farm market is only going to be open for 1 more week! Oh noes! And today they had a nice pile of apples and cucumbers, so I picked up many and made Refrigerator Pickles and Honey Roasted Applesauce. The house smelled great – like baked apples and then hot vinegar. Delicious!

Editor’s note: I am in love with these jars.

I didn’t actually can any of these foods in the jars. It’s not required for the fridge pickles and it makes me a bit nervous to use these little jars for canning because there’s no real way to tell for sure if the food has been vacuum sealed – there’s no “ping!” of the metal lids to let you know it’s all sealed and safe to eat. So for now, it will all live in the fridge.

The two large jars contain pickles, carrots and beets. I think this may have been a mistake because I’m pretty sure now that all of it will taste like pickled beets. Oh well! There are worse things!

Me in the pickle jar!

I can see myself in this pickle jar.


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