Please don’t disturb the pumpkins

I walked past these pumpkins very quietly today. I didn’t want to disturb the growing pumpkins. Shhh! The pumpkins need a little peace and quiet to keep growing. That patch was full of great big pumpkins – all roped off. I wonder what this farm will do with the big ones?

I took a little trip out to Abbotsford today to go pick some apples. I was going to go to the place I usually go, but won’t mention the name of that place because I discovered they used one of my photos on their website without my permission. So now I will have to start the unpleasant task of telling them to remove my photo from their site. Jerks. I totally blogged about them in the past and everything. Sheesh. Very tacky. A couple of years ago someone from their place of business contacted me about using my photos for their website. I told them I’d be happy to sell them the photos as they would be used for commercial use. I never heard back from them. I did check their site from time to time just in case they did something like that, but it wasn’t until I stumbled upon it today using my google phone that I found my photo on their site. Not. Cool. I’ll let you know how that goes. Ah boo.

Thankfully, there’s another apple farm not far away, and I think it’s much better. There’s no admission fee – you can look around, see their pumpkins, barn animals and apples, and then you pay for the apples you picked at their cute, little store. This lovely farm is called Willow View Farms and they are located right down the road from the University of the Fraser Valley. They have row after row of apples and pears. The trees were dripping with fruit.

Have you ever seen so many pears on a tree before? I never have. Sadly, no partridges, but there was no room for them anywhere – too many pears! I picked about 3 or 4 lbs of pears.

Further down the rows of fruit trees, I found this resourceful family picking the apples off the top of a tree.

I’m not sure if you can tell what’s going on here, but, that’s the mom sitting on the dad’s shoulders while a little girl is reaching up to help. The little boy in the wagon casually observed it all. The family that helps pick apples together, stay together, I guess. I’m sure that’s how the saying goes.

In between taking photos – I nearly took a whole roll of film just in the pear isle with my toy camera, I managed to pick 28.5 lbs of apples. It didn’t seem like that much while I was picking them, honestly. I only filled one bag and I kept thinking I should probably pick more. I guess when I’m not in the grocery store buying fruit, there’s not much sense of scale of how much I was picking. I can’t imagine buying 30 lbs of apples at the SuperStore. How many boxes would that be? Anyway, I’ll take some to work because a bunch of people at the office love apples and I’ll be making some apple sauce, apple cake and apple pie as well. They had lard on sale at the grocery store today! They really did! 2 bars for $5. Pies will be made. Not to mention Thanksgiving is next weekend, so pie will definitely be made.

In addition to the apples and the pears, I picked up a few gourds. And some pumpkins. I will show you those later, because I picked up some specialty pumpkins. So. Cool.

I didn’t go out to the field with those guys to pick out my pumpkin this year. Instead, I picked mine out of the huge bins they had outside their little store. I think you’ll like the ones I picked. I’ll show you those later.

Also, I ate my 5 pieces of fruit today. Pretty much all at the farm, mind you. But those pears were delicious! And crunchy! And the apples tasted so fresh and so tingly, similar to how mint makes your mouth feel cold. It’s good to pick apples at the apple farm.


  1. Lelainia N. Lloyd says:

    Oh Carol that bites about the photo. I had someone do that to me too. They took a personal photo I’d taken at Artfest and made a user icon from it. When I confronted them, they said that they knew the art was off limits on my blog but claimed they didn’t know my photos were art. (WTH?!?!) Anyway, they finally took it down, but it irked me. I now watermark.

    Next weekend is Cranberryfest! I can’t wait!

  2. Cynthia says:

    Oh no! That sucks that they just plain stole your image. I would send them a bill and explain this is why- pay it now thieves!
    But the new apple place looks just as lovely! :))

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