Salads in jars

I got a little bit carried away with the effects and filters on this photo. I couldn’t help myself. The Pixlr-O-matic got a BIG upgrade today with so many new layers and frames and fancy filters, I used one of each. I’m only just beginning to add crazy effects to my photos! Hooray!

I decided this morning that I’d get up a bit early and make our lunches. Rather than having the leftovers from the night before, I actually made peanut butter sandwiches and these salads in canning jars. I had seen this craze on pinterest and decided to see if it’s a good way to liven up our lunches. *YAWN* Blech. A brown bag lunch is a brown bag lunch, but at least it’s something different.

I must say, I felt pretty fancy today sitting at my desk eating a salad out of a glass jar. I layered it properly and the lettuce stayed crispy – you put the salad dressing on the bottom, then a layer of a thicker vegetable (I used some chopped cabbage), then the lettuce, and some cut up carrots on the top. And that’s it. You just screw on the lid and you’re good to go. You just put your fork all the way to the bottom so you get some dressing on your tines and then you dig in as per usual. Yum and yum. I’ll make it again and I’ll add more stuff, like sunflower seeds and bean sprouts. I’ll get more veggies in me somehow. I can also do this with fruit salad, too.

Even though you can do the same thing with a boring old plastic container, something about eating out of the glass jar makes it nicer. Mike and I both carried our salad in a jar with us to work today and there were no mishaps or no broken glass pieces, so as long as you’re careful in transport, the glass shouldn’t be a problem at all.

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  1. Lelainia Lloyd says:

    Carol, try a salad with walnut halves, cranberries and blue cheese dressing. (Greens, carrots, mushrooms.) It’s one of my favs-I made that combo at Artfest and LOVE it!

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