The outside edge

Outside edge

Okay. Stay with me here. Firstly, I tapped out on the cobblestone and tiny squares row of quilting. I could NOT figure it out and somehow, the size was not even correct when I started piecing it all together. This is not unusual for me. Rather than throw the whole thing in the corner and stomp off in a huff, I moved on to the next round. I do realize that this will mess up the fabric squares a lot, but I will make do with it. I will have to get creative with that last row and make it work. One day I will finish a quilt as per the instructions. One day.

I thought for sure the addition of the green and yellow 5 inch squares would just make it look like the Christmas Vomit Quilt, but strangely, it’s works somehow. I really can’t figure that out. I’m going to roll with it.

Did you notice the menorah fabric? I thought that was pretty cool!

In other news, I made some delicious chicken and pea pod stir fry tonight for dinner. Mike’s on his way home from work, so we’ll be eating it soon. It was this recipe – I just omitted the cornstarch. So far it tastes great, but I get a weird aftertaste of bleach – which I think is really the baking soda.

Here’s hoping that taste disappears before we eat it all.

UPDATE: Sadly, Mike asked me if I was trying to poison him with bleach. I assured him I was not.

I will have to make some adjustments to that recipe before I make it again.

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